sisley@ Phyto Cernes Eclat & So Intense Mascara

sisley all-in-one skincare and make-up formula in a new format to be used every day and carry with you everywhere for a beautiful, bright eye contour. Introducing the Phyto Cernes Eclat to To erase the signs of fatigue and rediscover fresh, rested eyes. Undereye puffiness and dark circles are the first signs of fatigue to be reflected on the face. They can appear very early and sometimes portray poor health or a hectic lifestyle: stress, lack of sleep, etc. In addition, the eye contour skin is ultra fragile, very thin as well as using 22 different muscles. It can also suffer from a circulatory and lymphatic deficiency, which becomes worse over time...
 Dark circles are linked to a deficiency in the blood microcirculation which causes blood pigments to accumulate in the connective tissue, resulting in a particularly unattractive dull, dark colour. Puffiness is the result of venous and lymphatic insufficiency, combined with tissue slackening. Small “fatty cushions” accumulate and end up settling in. Nothing works anymore, the years appear to have suddenly accumulated. As the eye contour deserves to be ultra pampered, Carrot extract, which is rich in trace elements, amino acids (revitalising) and sugars (moisturising), is combined with soothing and softening natural Alpha bisabolol (obtained from Candeia) and vegetable Glycerine for maximum comfort and softness.
 It is easy to apply, supple and great coverage, the Phyto-Cernes Éclat formula contains
ultra-pure coated pigments which benefit from a patented double coating based
on amino acids. The result is a perfect affinity between the product and skin, improved make-up hold, ultra-luminous shades capable of effectively concealing and unifying bluish areas.
The So Intense Thickening and Strengthening Mascara has a groundbreaking formula whose unique skincare benefits improve the length and thickness of bare lashes in only 4 weeks. Based on a combination of a tripeptide (peptide composed of 3 amino acids) and Vitamin H or biotin, renowned for the treatment of hair loss, it binds to the lash for a dual action: It stimulates the multiplication of keratinocytes in the lash root to visibly increase the length and thickness of lashes and It improves lash anchorage in the dermis to slow down lash loss during make-up removal. Lashes are less weak and more intense, they are strengthened and more securely held.

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