M.A.C SS2013 @ Trend Presentation

M.A.C SS2013 Trend Presentation worked alongside between New York, London, Milan and Paris, wrap-up on this season’s biggest makeup directions and consolidates their authority by bringing editors increasingly inspirational angles on trend: Ryuko Lau, M.A.C Pro Team Senior Artist, presents the biggest directions, key colours and need-to-know techniques of the season.
EASE + EDGE become one in SS2013, a season when the key beauty notion is one of simplicity with a forward thinking freshness to it. Minimalism- in its truest unequivocal expression of a singular idea. There’s a delicacy to beauty this season that speaks to the way women really want to look in the here and now, a time when subtle, fresh and confident feel more appropriate than hard, sexy or powerful. 
Minimalis in its truest unequivocal expression  of a singular idea is the most relevant approach. It’s to be found in the purity of a perfectly pared back skin (SIG-NATURE).  A languid wash of colour (NU-ANCE) that takes in shades of highly pigmented pastels from turquoise and lemon to silver and translucently dark metallics. A monochromatic Bedouin bronze, blurred on the eyes and bone structure(PURI-TAN). An easy graphicism of purist colour blocked on lids or lips (SCI-CHEDELIC).
The idea of fluidity and a move away from hard lines is the key for this season. Seamlessly humid finishes and cream colours prevail, with radiant  complexion and balanced brows ( brows are still news, but dominate the face less than last season) forming the cornerstone to every look. 
It’s about telling the story of contemporary femininity. One detail at a time, wrapping it up into an organic whole that turns away from the retro and pastiche towards a vision that is effortlessly yet uncompromisingly, modern.

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