《The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus》

Fun and magical, ambitious and truly inpirational with endless imagination. Great CG take you to the infinity world of fantasy. Best Christmas past time of the year.

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Not really to what we all were expected. Having the previous legendary actresses' appearance more like a cameo role, that wasn't enough, the audience want more for sure. Great try though. A bit of a disappointment from Marshall since his well received <Chicago> film.

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《Sherlock Holmes》

It is fun and great action and good CG. Robert Downey Jr. does have a sense of humor in him beside playing some "not so serious" roles in his previous film. His chemistry with Jude Law does add lots of live in the movie. Not a bad Christmas's past time for this year.

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The Master of 3D James Cameron brought us in to another world of "blue" immagination (his real world perhaps) to witness the impossible in life. Many fantastic original charactors created and the visual effect that drawn many followers to copy his style of filming in a low budget way awhich wasn't really so well worth to watch.  But Avatar the sequal(s)- for sure we are waiting.

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《The Road》

This adaptation science fiction thriller pack takes you to a journey of the love relation in between a father and his son. Viggo Mortensen outstanding performance in this film were simply too good, you may find a little depress throughout the entire film as it was very gray and you may feel isolated. Nonetheless, it is one of the must see film of the year.

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