《The Tourist》

Not so much of the action thriller pack but still there are something worth watching on a school night especially. At least the scenery was attractive but mind you there wasn't any chemistry in between Depp & Jolie. In fact Depp looked half asleep in the movie where Jolie's made up was a little devastating. Like it or not, you tell us!!


《Harry Porter And The Deadly Hallows》

Die hard Potter fans would probably say not exciting enough of this last chaper, part 1 before the conclusion of the entire series. Still there are good good CG and plots leading towards to the end finale. Just be patient and wait!

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《Tron Legacy》

 This film is a total 360 visual excitment inside out, the non stop action and visual thrilling are impeccable, with the addtion of Duft Punk electric music blends in, it brings the movie the high without any doubt. A total enjoyment!
Tron @ 1982

@ picture courtesy of http://www.movieposter.com/