JAQUET DROZ Presents Limited Series To Celebrate 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year

These new compositions ring in the New Year under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Ox. There are some traditions that Jaquet Droz always observes; one of the most treasured being a tribute to the Chinese zodiac. The connection to China has been a part of the brand’s DNA for centuries. The Jaquet-Droz family began fostering relations with the imperial court as early as 1774. Over a decade, the Jaquet-Droz family exported over 600 pieces to China, much to the fascination of the Qianlong Emperor and the imperial court mandarins, who could not get enough of their mechanical automaton watches. This qualified Jaquet Droz as the first watchmaking brand imported into the Forbidden City. Numerous Jaquet Droz automatons and pocket watches are still preserved to this day in the imperial Palace Museum.

Nearly 250 years later, the Maison is still headquartered in La Chaux-de-Fonds and is honored to be carrying on this longtime Sino-Swiss friendship with a tribute to the zodiac sign for the 2021 Chinese New Year: the ox. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor chose the animals in the 12-year zodiac cycle based on a race. The ox is portrayed carrying a rat on its back, which is ultimately how the rat won the race.

Since then, the ox has represented attributes like perseverance and reliability - the same values that unite China and Jaquet Droz. The ox has a reputation for staying the course in the face of adversity, powering through and remaining rational. With strong calm and persistence, children born under the sign of the ox are known for their honest and hard work. For women, the ox symbolizes perseverance and the importance of education and keeping the family together. Each animal of the zodiac is traditionally connected with an element. This year it is metal. Combined with the ox, metal serves to heighten its qualities as well as its ability to do everything in its power to attain goals and achieve dreams.

Jaquet Droz believes gold is the only metal worthy of the ox. There are three pieces in red gold and one in white gold. The Maison selected two distinctive artisanal techniques to represent the new zodiac sign. First, miniature painting, which appears on two 35 mm x 41 mm timepieces with a majestically peaceful ox against a background of mist-covered mountains. A handpainted and softly serene pastoral scene. This pair of Petite Heure Minute watches provide an ample canvas for micro-painting, both in a 35 mm ladies’ version with a gem-set bezel and lugs, and a 41 mm version without gems. As for the case-back, the first one’s oscillating weight is personalized with a red gold appliqué. The second one has an 18-karat open-worked rotor that is hand-engraved.

The other two feature relief engraving, an artisanal technique cherished by Jaquet Droz. This method is used to create an ox that literally seems to be coming out of the dial as it calmly saunters on to the pitch-black onyx face towards a gold plum tree with red ruby blossoms. The plum tree symbolizes the harmony between humans and nature, the earth and the sky. Rubies stand for bravery and victory, values close to the ox's heart. The stunning raised tableau is made possible by hand-engraved gold appliqué on these two 41 mm Petite Heure Minutes hour rings. One is crafted in red gold and the other in white gold with a gem-set bezel and lugs. Like on the dials, the Ateliers d’Art also engraved the oscillating weights with the head of an ox on an onyx background.

Each of these four handcrafted compositions are exclusively being released in a series of eight. A continuation of the age-old Sino-Swiss friendship and the Art of Astonishment that has lasted over 250 years.


H&M 2021 Chinese New Year Campaign Celebrates The Unique Beauty From Retro Collaborative Prints

H&M unveils its 2021 Chinese New Year Campaign, ushering in the New year with a group of unique talents who shine in their own ways and bring a uniquely different 2021 Chinese New Year campaign. 

Taking inspirations from various beautiful stories of homecoming during the most important Chinese celebrations of the year, the new campaign film embodies an advocating the heart-warming power of diversity and inclusiveness in a new way, echoing the authentic H&M’s brand DNA.

In the campaign, the talents from different backgrounds, age group and lifestyles share the same and common belief in having self-confidence in their own ways, truly conveying the message of everyone's right to be unique without being defined by the expectations of others, marking a perfect highlight for the campaign.

Offering a wide range of fashionable and festive appeals and accessories for women, men, teens and kids, the H&M 2021 Chinese New Year collection's key collaborative prints recalls the childhood memories by bringing the signature logos and prints into the fashion world: “The Laughing Cow”, “Powerpuff Girl” and “Chupa Chups” etc., portraying the New Year looks in a retro way - bright, refreshing and festive colors help to create a playful and eye-catching versatile style.


Blancpain Presents 2021 Valentine's Day Limited Edition Watch

Blancpain Presents 2021 Valentine's Day Limited Edition Watch to celebrate a declaration of eternity. Just as it has been each year since 2001, February 14th is the perfect occasion for a special encounter between Blancpain and women. For its 21st Valentine's Day special series, the Manufacture thus offers a heavenly interpretation of its Villeret Women Date model in a 28-piece limited edition. Dedicated to celebrating lovers, this new model is all about airy lightness. The white mother-of-pearl dial is an invitation to soar above the clouds, where Cupid playfully hides from the gaze of those he has struck with his arrow. The source of every desire is symbolised by the seconds hand, sweeping a crimson-red heart matching the watch's alligator leather strap along in its dance. The openworked hour and minute hands accentuate the refinement of this timepiece, enhanced by the precious touches of a diamond-set chapter ring and bezel.

Blancpain sees women as both muses and captains. The Manufacture draws inspiration from their inherent delicacy to compose soft and sparkling creations, piloted by mechanisms reflecting the boldness of their nature. The very soul of this lyrical watch, housed in a 33.2 mm red gold case, resides in a self-winding Haute Horlogerie movement: Blancpain calibre 1151. Derived from the famous 1150, it is endowed with a silicon balance-spring and a four-day power reserve, as well as a date display. Because beauty is first and foremost an inner quality, a sapphire caseback reveals the finely decorated intricate workings that voluptuously mark off time. The magical ties between Blancpain and women have been faithfully woven since 1930, when the Maison created the first self-winding ladies' wristwatch. This fusional relationship was further consolidated three years later when a woman, Betty Fiechter, took the helm of the company, thus becoming the first to head a watchmaking Manufacture. The ensuing years saw a succession of feminine horological creations representing open declarations of Blancpain's love for women. The "Valentine's Day 2021" watch is a new token of eternity. The understated elegance of its design, reflecting the very essence of Blancpain style, ensures that this gem-set timepiece joins the ranks of truly ageless models. The temptation to offer such a priceless gift to the love of your life is all the greater in that this model comes in a limited edition of just 28.

FURLA 2021 Chinese New Year ‘SUPER COW’ Capsule Collection

FURLA introduces Chinese New Year Capsule Collection 2021 packed with love and blessings in honour of the coming Year of the Ox. Animated and captivating, Super Cow invites you to start a new and get prepared for a year full of adventures and excitement.

The Chinese New Year Capsule Collection features signature styles of the brand – Metropolis mini crossbody in round shape, mini crossbody in renowned rectangular shape and micro crossbody, completed with a special-edition cardholder and keyring. The joyful spirit of ‘Super Cow’ penetrates this collection in monochrome. The timeless cow print with festive red accents covers Ares calfskin leather to celebrate the brand-new start. The classic gold closure from Metropolis collection transforms into a lovely ox nose as the emblem of refreshed vigour. The sculpturally shaped cow ears and horns add a playful touch to this new year’s look.

To set the mood for the Chinese New Year, FURLA has unveiled a series of conceptual videos with festive challenges as the theme. From Italy, the origins of Furla, Super Cow sets out for an adventurous journey across multiple cities, before Super Cow brings Furla Chinese New Year Capsule Collection 2021, as well as her love and anticipation for the Year of the Ox, to other countries. At the end of this heart-warming, adventurous story, Super Cow takes the mascot of the capsule collection to the sky, sending good fortune and peace to the world.


Crowne Plaza Festival City -The Opulence Weekend Picnic Pantry

Minus the traditional Scotch eggs, boring sausage rolls, egg pies and even cream filled scones, yet you still can’t resist some of the family-friendly picnic food. From lavish quality barbeque meat and seafood plus a walk-in picnic pantry with artisanal picnic desserts carefully crafted to suit the theme, filling up your picnic basket and enjoy the outdoor on a perfect sunny winter’s day in Dubai on the spacious lawn of semi-shaded benches overlooking Dubai Creek. The weekend splendor of Picnic Pantry in Crowne Plaza Festival City is an opulence of joy to eat, drink and socialize (with required distancing) to start your lazy-easy-breezy weekend. mylifestylenews writes.

The word picnic derives from the French word pique-nique meaning it relates to eating and socializing outdoors with friends and family on a sunny day at the park or beach is what you will be mainly doing. The Dubai brunch scene is going full steam ahead with new options popping up every other week and there aren’t many F&B establishments that have the proper concept or set up that caters for a true picnic experience with the right ambience and spirit.

Yes, the usual brunch where you are spoilt for choice by an enormous buffet sounds perfectly fine if you are not up for any new ideas, but what if you had the option of filling up your own picnic basket with colorful goodies of your choice, as many times as you want and bring it back to your soft cushioned mat well placed on the lawn or outdoor benches to enjoy your spread of outdoor picnic fun. And that is not it, a complimentary pool access where you can enjoy by running back and forth to the pantry to salivate your food craving handsomely as a value-added bonus.

The set up is a mix of picnic tables and benches and bean bags/cushions with mats on the lawn and plenty of umbrellas to shield you from the Dubai sun, should you need to, although some vitamin D is always good.

The concept is simple and straight forward and prior reservation is essential and preferred for proper flow control as well as to secure your preferred spot on the picnic lawn adorned with food carts, sandwiches, wraps, sushi and dessert pantry as well as barbeque and smoke grill station, kid’s corner and more….You can also opt for a picnic with soft drinks, or include the alcohol package with beers, wines and various summer cocktails (Gin Fizz would thirst your quench) from the well stocked outdoor bar. Refreshments were aplenty and while they were from the house pouring menu list, pleasing nonetheless.

PORK STOP station

True BBQ flavours

You are set up with some starters that are brought to your table – fat chips, guacamole corn chips and breads with some homemade spreads – then you proceed to pick up/choose your food from the multiple food stations – ‘your pantry’ – and then have a picnic! The food presentation is beautifully packaged and convenient and then others cooked and plated in takeaway boxes in small portions and you can always go back for more. Sounds like Christmas brunches or celebrations had just been extended but with your spring outfit on.

Fresh breads and homemade spreads delivered in picnic basket

To begin with you are not aware of how extensive the offerings are, as you get to choose from gulf prawns, Norwegian salmon, lamb kofta, chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob, cheese kasekrainer sausages, pork ribs, crispy pork belly, organic Cumberland sausages, braised red cabbage, beef brisket, king fish, rib eye and much more.

While the day was a bit windier than expected, the sun was shining and we felt like we were having a picnic with not a care in the world. The meats from the smoker were delicious, tender and juicy and packed with flavour. The live BBQ was spot on, the big smoker produced a great flavour in everything that came out of the big beast and the pork section had some sensational crispy pork belly and save some room for dessert. Regret not!

Norwegian salmon

With more than 25 items to choose from, the larder fridge had so many choices and such a sensible way to ensure you tried many things by encapsulating a menu item in a seal tight jar that had a few mouthfuls, but not too much that you ran out of our room, so excellently thought through. It is packed with so many jars of tasty goodies: cheeses, pates, salads, sandwiches, assorted sushi, hummus, olives, muhamara, yogurts, fruit salad and then a selection of 10 desserts in a jar. Covering panna cotta, oreo cheesecake, chocolate mousse, lemon meringue tart, salted caramel rice and the list goes on. Absolutely bottomless!

We could go on, but it is well executed and we sampled just about everything in bite size portions to ensure we got a good cross section of all that was on offer. The service is friendly, spot on and cheerful, but of course the idea is that you avail yourself of all the stations and go to the stations when you are in need of more sustenance, but the staff are on hand to assist at any point in time. We left feeling very replete and could not possibly have eaten another mouthful. For a picnic culinary triumph and a weekend outdoor event to remember, this is a winner to everyone!

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

Picnic Pantry - Crowne Plaza Festival City Dubai

Dubai Festival City

P.O. Box 45777

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 701 2222

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

BALLY Launches 2021 Lunar New Year Campaign and Limited-Edition Gifting Capsule

BALLY celebrates the arrival of the golden ox with a Lunar New Year campaign and a limited- edition gifting selection of shoes, bags, accessories and ready-to-wear for women and men.

Entitled “Journey of the Traveling Ox”, a whimsical film by Italian artist and filmmaker Virgilio Villoresi follows the New Year protagonist from cut-out cityscapes that blend modern and traditional architecture to majestic mountain tops in nature while encountering everyday revelers, companions from the animal world, as well as Bally’s signature designs.

The Lunar New Year capsule collection includes new exclusive styles for her, including Swarovski - studded Bally Janelle buckles, glittering across bags, like the top-handle Jorah or the Jayda clutch, and the Brinelle sneakers or Jessye pumps in pale pink hues.

For him, the classic Bally Stripe presents on full leather bags, like the multi - functional Rhudi backpack or Redo bum bag, covered with transparent Megatron nylon and Bally Red details.

Contemporary wallets further echo these versatile elements, while Tmall styles see the Bote pouch and Berik bi - fold wallet, also with the Bally Stripe, a double-sided leather belt, mesh-overlay sneakers and a graphic ox sweatshirt.


Arnold & Son Presents Eight-Pieces Limited Series of Perpetual Moon "Year of The Ox" Watches

In honour of the traditional Chinese zodiacal calendar’s new year, Arnold & Son has produced an eight-piece limited series of its high-precision moon-phases model decorated with a buffalo. The year of the Metal Buffalo begins on 12 February 2021 and symbolises appeasement, dialogue and soil fertility. It is thus a powerful and docile animal that is represented on the dial of the Perpetual Moon “Year of the Ox”. The year of the Metal Buffalo has been the inspiration behind a scintillating production of the Perpetual Moon. Arnold & Son dreamed up a powerful animal, an immense moon, refined production drawing on the Manufacture’s know how, and the variety of motifs offered by the mineral kingdom. Yellow gold and specular haematite dominate by day, and at night the scene lights up.

Arnold & Son have installed their large moon in the night-sky that forms the dial of this exceptional time-piece. In a large aperture, a disc turns to show us the age of the heavenly body, the appearance of its crescent and its light. This moon is crafted in mother-of-pearl, its shadows are hand-painted and it is coated with Super-LumiNova. In the daylight, it is almost white. In the dark, it lights up from within and takes on a new aspect, with details emerging. Further along on this disc, the constellation has been created using the same methods.

Arnold & Son continue to make the most of the infinitely varying textures nature has to offer. After obsidian and aventurine quartz, it is specular haematite that has been selected for making the dial of this Perpetual Moon. This variety of haematite is in laminated form, with layers that are naturally smooth and shiny. As with all haematites, due to its iron composition there are silvery flakes in its totally black mass. These glittering specks have also been incorporated into the doublefaced alligator-skin strap, the outer face of which is black, flake-speckled and embellished with stitching in veritable platinum (Pt950) thread.

But the unique and exclusive signature of this limited series is the buffalo with immense horns standing, imposingly, at 6 o’clock. It is a miniature gold sculpture featuring the animal in a majestic posture. In the background is a scenery of multi-storey pagodas, hand-painted with gold powder. Their windows have also been painted with Super LumiNova. Thus at night-time, these temples are lit up from the interior and the Perpetual Moon takes on an inhabited aspect.

Like all the movements used by Arnold & Son, the calibre A&S1512 was entirely developed, produced, assembled, decorated, adjusted and cased up in the brand’s Manufacture in La Chaux-de-Fonds. This calibre is based on a large barrel with an oscillation frequency of 3 Hz, giving a 90-hour power reserve. Last but not least, the moon-phase display of this movement will remain accurate for 122 years before deviating by one day from the actual appearance of the moon in the night-sky.

DUNHILL 2021 Chinese New Year's Pick

DUNHILL introduces the Spring Swallows capsule collection to celebrate 2021 Lunar New Year. Inspired by the design on a Namiki table lighter discovered in the House archive, the swallos were chosen for their representation of good fortune, wealth and love.

Often found in pairs, these devoted birds signal the start of spring and in Chinese culture, symbolized a positive step into the new year.

Applying this beautiful archive imagery to a curated selection of casual wear, sneakers and leather goods, the motifs are brought to life using a layered digital printing technique on leather and embroidery on ready-to-wear. Creating a luxurious sense of depth and texture, these methods enhance the collection with a richer and more contemporary feels.


ROGER VIVIER 2021 Chinese New Year's Pick

ROGER VIVIER Celebrates 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year by bringing in passion with a curated assortment from its SS2021 collection by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni. Red is a symbol for prosperity and success, and is also the signature color of Roger Vivier. To celebrate the new year of the Ox, Roger Vivier presents a special edition of Viv’ Skate sneakers, featuring a red and white colorway. The sneakers get an added touch of luxury with the Maison’s signature crystal buckle, composed of 32 sparkling red crystals, all assembled by hand. Matching this special motif is the Miss Vivier Pocket Phone Holder, hand crafted in a rich, red shade of leather, with the RV crystal logo and a miniature Broche buckle.


MICHAEL KORS 2021 Lunar New Year Campaign

Michael Kors 2021 Lunar New Year campaign celebrates the spirit of togetherness and spending time with the ones you love. With fewer people traveling home for the holiday, this year’s campaign focuses on bringing a sense of home to you, wherever you are celebrating.

Drawing inspiration from classic Chinese cinema, the vibrant stills and video vignettes capture those cherished moments and age-old traditions that make Lunar New Year so special gathering around the dinner table with family and friends, sharing your favorite foods, and enjoying a cup of tea & sweets after the meal.

The 2021 Capsule Collection features a luxe selection of the brand’s most-loved bags, including the SoHo shoulder bag, exclusively offered in a new, special edition Red or Black Tweed. Gift this bag to a loved one, and then, as per tradition, slip one of the brand’s logo-embossed red money envelopes inside.