The Counselor

It was fun, dirty and smart. <The Counselor> raises expectations with its brilliant casts and it hasn't failed us from their phenomenal acting. This suspense double crossing thriller made sin become a choice and made the movie even more thrilling. Cameron Diaz stole the limelight not only each of her appearance was sharp and trendy and yet her poker-straight face and unexpected creepy move will eat your heart out without you even ready for it. The story may have a little twist and turn which created some complication for not being easy understood but the script were immensely well written and every main lead character really stood out. Director Ridley Scott and screen writer Cormac McCarthy had turned this film on a cynical examination of crime that portrays illegal behaviour in a foul way where the characters and the setting deserves. Law breaking, crime, relationship, human brutality, the greed are are highlighted in this film. The scripts are heavy, the scenes are tension. It is wacky and you can't help but to be drawn into the character especially the counselor role played by Michael Fassbender who was steadily cool and well acted. As the story develops, do not expect to have a clean comfort ending and yes there will be blood.

Rating : 3.5/5

Ender's Game

Finding "The One" from a group of elite kids with hidden talent to fight against the alien race Formics who have attacked earth to be the heroic is timely. Intensive space camp training are needed in preparation for the next attack and to be sent to the real battlefield ( more like a video game control in demand). Evidently, a shy yet brilliant boy with good and pure heart were chosen as the one to join in the war games and lead his fellow in-mates into an epic battle that will determine the future of earth and save the human race. This award winning best selling novel epic adventure made it to the giant screen with a lot of fun floats through anti-gravity room. impressive production set ideed . "You must understand your enemy to defeat him and then love him", the message was clear and world peace adhere, eventually the games get real and the battleship was over, it makes everyone happy. There is a strong story in Ender's Game to be found out from this big budget adaptation and the space opera is rather bracing. Despite the drawback, the film is still visually spectacular and tightly paced.

Rating : 3.5/5

THOR @ The Dark World

THOR : The Dark World is certainly not the finest film coming from the Marvel Universe and with plenty of bad humor made doesn't seem to be the cup of tea to many but the high-stakes action with predictable expectation are still loved by die hard Marvel fans. The adventure of Thor continue as he battles with straggle to save the earth and all nine realms from his enemy. Being one of the greatest Greek Gods, his power seems with lots of limits and needing helps from normal human beings sound more ridiculous than solving the big problem by himself and his fellow godsends. The movie moved from the ancient fantasy to a more modern sci-fi action pack is rather amusing with uneven plots execution. Hemsworth's charm is simple unable to transform Thor into a character worthy of the viewer's interest or sympthy. The worst thing is with almost zero chemistry with Natalie Portman's Jane Character. It was totally flat and a waste of Partman's talent in such role play. We don't demand much from this film as it is rather to our disadvantage and utterly inconsequential.

Rating : 2/5


6 Minutes @ Michael Doulton

Royal Doulton, a global household name in fine china and iconic lifestyle production over 198 years. The brand has earned itself the reputation for excellence, innovation, creativity, quality and distinctive design since 1815. Michael Doulton, the 6th generation descendant from the family told mylifestylenews the <Michael Doulton> 2013 Tour's releases in Hong Kong recently......

John Doulton, my great great great grandfasther who founded the Royal Doulton Company in 1815 and I am now the  sixth generation descendant from the family.

I spent most of my  young adult life in Australia and since 1976, I had held the role of International Brand Ambassador travelling the world, launching new ranges, talking to collectors and hosting in-store presentations and special events.

In 1980, my role with the company expanded and I became the Honorary President of the newly formed Royal Doulton International Collectors Club until this very day.

Today, the Royal Doulton International Collectors Club includes thousands of loyal members throughout the world. I try schedule my appearances in various media platform from print to electronic media as well as store visits like today to meet the collectors of Royal Doulton.

My yearly international tour traditionally includes stops in the United Kingdom, the United
States, Canada and Australia. 

I have vowed to stay actively involved in the business, something my father always wanted. As the company ambassador and Honorary Club President, I have had the distinct pleasure of meeting thousands of loyal consumers and collectors. 

Wherever I go, it’s rewarding to see and hear first-hand how the company started by my great, great, great grandfather continues to bring joy to so many people’s lives.

This year’s tour is centered around 100 years of HN figures. The limited edition HN icons   collection celebrates the centenary of Royal Doulton figures and represents the most iconic   sculpture of the past 100 years including Darling, the very first figure to be given an HN number.

Laura is the latest beautiful sculpture to join an exclusive group of figurines that are only available from retailers holding events hosted by Michael Doulton. This Figure of the year 2013 depicts a demure young woman wearing a flowing V neck dress tied with a pretty satin sash over a camisole and lacy petticoat. The embossed floral motifs forming a lacy decorative border to the camisole are highlighted in platinum and this prestigious metal is also used for Laura’s stylish choker necklace. 

The Petite Figure of the Year 2013 Donna has become a favorite with many figurine fans. Initially the series recreated in miniature size some of the most popular early Figures of the Year, but now totally new subjects, such as this year’s exquisite figurine, Donna, are being created for the collection. 

Catherine is the 23rd Figure of the Year, and, like her predecessors, her elegant style ensures she holds the centre stage.  And the figurine is perfect as a gift for a variety of occasions taking place throughout the year, to mark significant anniversaries or simply to express friendship or love.

The Limited Edition HN Icons celebrates the centenary of Royal Doulton figurines and representing the most iconic sculptures for the past ten decades. The miniature figurines honour the role and creativity of the Royal Doulton’s leading sculptors.  

The icons series also reflects the HN figurine collection’s diversity of subject and breath of style ranging from pretty ladies and character studies to prestige subjects. Each figure is approximately 12cm tall and carries a gold limited edition back stamp. Each will be gift boxed with a limited edition certificate and a booklet showing all 10 figures. 
"Where ever I go, it’s rewarding to see and hear first-hand how the company started by my great, great, great grandfather continues to bring joy to so many people’s lives." Michael Doulton.
Michael having his autograph for his fans
mylifsetylenews @ Michael Doulton

MCM @ Beyond Snowdome

MCM celebrates the winter holiday season on a ski-sloped voyage adventure with the second collaborative masterwork with the art whiz double act, Craig & Karl. After a highly-successful SS2013 “Eyes on the Horizon” debut, MCM continues their momentous pop-luxe Limited Edition anthology unveiling an unforgettable tour-de-style entitled “Beyond Snowdome.” In a spectacular art-meets-fashion second act, the latest new venture casts a spotlight on the visual arts, fêting the brand’s promise of passion, creativity and modernity.
 Reminiscent of snow-capped mountains, après-ski ambiances and frothing hot chocolates with marshmallow glaciers, the mastermind-duo introduce playful eyes gazing through ski goggles, featuring lyrical snowflakes that cascade over fine leather to create a chilled, down tone façade upon a canvas of Visetos noir.
Stamping Craig & Karl’s good-humoured trademark of style, crisp colours and arctic prints reflect on memories of wintertime, while abstract dots and patterns provide characteristic depth and lucidity to the design. Featuring glacial blues, iced teals, Santa reds and frosted-fuchsias chilled to perfection, the latest new collection creates a romantic, cosy image of the season. Gazing toward seasons past, the mesmerising eyes look beyond the snowdomes of seasons yet to come.
The second edition of the edgy collaboration is designed by Craig & Karl, two artists living in two cities on the horizon, under one snowdome. Evolving from ocean-laden sandscapes, to snow-clad hilltops, the collection has metamorphosed into a svelte, coordinated snowboard-chic look that teases the imagination. This is the third collaboration in a series of glam-pop exclusives between MCM and Craig Redman, and the second edition of the Craig & Karl duet.
For the first time cooperation of MCM and I.T, MCM set up a Beyond Snowdome collection pop up station in I.T Hysan One from November 29th, 2013 to February 16th, 2014, and this collection will be pre-launch exclusively in I.T Hysan One from today for a week. Starting from December 6th, it will be available in MCM flagship store and boutiques in Hong Kong.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Introduces @ Duometre Spherotourbillon Blue

Jaeger-LeCoultre introduces the Duometre Spherotourbillon Blue with 180 years of complications, 180 years of invention, 180 years of passion. The spirit instilled and nurtured by Antoine LeCoultre, along with generations of watchmakers, is still writing new chapters in the Jaeger-LeCoultre legend. Over the past decade, the Manufacture Jaeger-LeCoultre, a reference in Swiss fine watchmaking, building on a longstanding tradition of inventiveness and unique expertise, has displayed exceptional creativity and achieved technical performances that have enabled it to develop some of the most noteworthy complications of the early 21st century. The Duometre Spherotourbillon is a truly original model uniting peerless technical performance, elegance and a spectacular complication, thereby meeting the expectations of the most demanding connoisseurs and collectors. Uniting the talent of watchmakers and jewellers, the Grande Complication is now treated to a new execution stemming from patient craftsmanship: the Duometre Spherotourbillon Blue. High Watchmaking meets High Jewellery Featuring a white gold case majestically crowned with baguette-cut diamonds, the Duometre Spherotourbillon Blue plays with light and shade to set the sophisticated complication off to its best advantage. The eye is captivated by the fascinating rotation of the Spherotourbillon and the opening on the case side at 9 o’clock allows one to admire this graceful movement in its entire beauty. The revolutionary Dual-Wing concept is reflected on the dial by the presence of two separate zones and the arrangement of baguette-cut diamonds accentuates the duality. To the left sits the opening revealing the secrets of the Spherotourbillon surrounded with an incredible fan-shaped array of precious stones in a fascinating Art Deco spirit. To the right is the main, highly readable dial indicating local time and the date, subtly placed on a lower level. An additional 24-hour subdial occupying the upper part of the watch serves to display the time in another time-zone, while the small seconds appear in the lower part of the dial. The shimmering blue aventurine stone paved inside and outside the subdials enhances the contrast and highlights the watchmaking functions. Using the Dual-Wing concept enabled the Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers to create the first precision-adjusted tourbillon. A push-piece at 2 o’clock illuminated by diamonds serves to bring the small seconds hand positioned beneath the tourbillon back to zero, according to the flyback principle. One special feature of this flyback system is that it does not halt the operation of the regulating organ. When the small seconds hand is reset to zero, it begins running again instantly, and thus the watch maintains optimal precision.

Celebrating Christmas @ Acqua Di Parma

Celebrating Christmas Acqua Di Parma in ten elegant boxes, each designed to excite and delight. The beautiful packaging of the iconic Acqua di Parma hat box has a unique design, is entirely hand made, and is decorated with a ribbon bearing a the discrete logo. Each box is created to surprise its recipient, unveiling a careful selection of some of the  most exclusive Acqua di Parma products, from the Colonias to Le Nobili. Four different boxes, all designed with utmost care and dedicated to the lovers of the Acqua di Parma Colonias. Each is an expression of a way of being and of conceiving men’s elegance, always in accordance with the truest Italian style. The boxes of Colonia, Colonia Intensa, and Colonia Assoluta are characterised by the iconic Acqua di Parma yellow packaging. A new addition for this year is the Colonia Essenza gift box, with sophisticated and elegant black packaging.

Vivienne Westwood Designs Limited Knot Wraps @ LUSH Urging A Change of Gift Wrapping Habit

 Vivienne Westwood designed a limited edition 100% Organic cotton Climate Knot-Wrap this Christmas to be sold in all Lush Handmade Cosmetic Stores Worldwide, with all profits going to support the Climate Revolution and the many charities and NGO’s that work towards this cause. Inspired by the Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’, a knot-wrap, can be used as a stylish alternative to gift wrap, worn as a headscarf or fetching neckerchief or framed as a piece of art. The Knot-Wraps are available in camel or light pink and are printed with two Climate Revolution images designed by Vivienne Westwood.  The black-eyed unsmiling face the Face of War is Westwood’s symbol for the fight against climate change and environmental degradation.  They are printed on fine organic cotton and woven by a British-based artisan.
 Since 2005, Lush Cosmetics, have sold pieces of vintage fabric and material created from waste plastic. This limited edition Knot-Wrap designed by Vivienne Westwood is one of the many ways you can help reduce the 227,000 miles of Christmas paper the UK throws away each year enough to go round the world nine times. After unwrapping a gift the recipient passes this precious fabric on: to wrap another present, to wrap themselves in or in the Japanese tradition handing the Knot-Wrap back to the giver to be used again. Speaking about her collaboration with Lush, Vivienne Westwood said: “I always say, buy less and buy better quality so that what you buy will last. These Climate Revolution Knot-Wraps can replace wrapping paper and will last a lifetime. More importantly, when you buy them you join an uprising: the Climate Revolution that we need if we are to have a future that we can survive and thrive in.
Mo Constantine, founder of Lush Cosmetics said: “Christmas is about giving, not about wrapping, packaging and waste. We’re delighted that Vivienne has designed this Climate Revolution knot-wrap for us. We’ve been encouraging our customers to use fabric as packaging for years – half of our products don’t even need packaging – they come ‘naked’. So this is an exciting collaboration – two iconic British brands coming together, at Christmas, and asking the high street to consider their waste.”

Celebrities in Max Mara Coats Collection

Max Mara signature coat collection has always been one of the most sough-after items among international celebrities and socialites. The coats are classic, timeless and indispensable in women's wardrobe.
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, and American socialite Kim Kardashian are also the loyal fans of the brand often in Max Mara coats.
Former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld wore a Max Mara FW13 camel coat to attend the Paris Fashion WeekBritish singer Paloma Faith wore a Max Mara embroidered coat in black at Milan Fashion Week.

Photos courtesy of SGPItalia & Getty Images


LOEWE @ 2013 Gift Season Window Displays

LOEWE revisits the high-octane glamour introduced by José Pérez de Rozas, who served as the brands’s creative director for 33 years from 1945. During the 1940s and 1950s, with many people in Spain suffering financial hardship, Pérez de Rozas decorated the windows of Loewe’s flagship stores in Madrid and Barcelona with a lavish and romantic theatricality worthy of the most magical Hollywood musical to entertain passers-by at Christmas.
 This festive season Loewe’s windows all over the world styled in the spirit of Pérez de Roza’s glamorous aesthetic. These displays is presented just as his were in the 1940s, with an arched frame outlined in gold. This arched frame will form a key feature in Loewe’s communication tools this winter. The ruched curtain will be another element in the windows, its meaning unmistakeable: ‘Show time!’
In recent years, one of Loewe’s most popular new product lines has been its leather animals. These were invented almost by accident by one of the craftsmen in the Loewe atelier, when, with a few clever stitches, he transformed a piece of leftover leather into a little bear. Soon after, Loewe made these bears available to customers, along with dogs, bulls, giraffes, polar bears and elephants, all constructed from leather using a similar technique. The panda is the latest addition to this line-up of leather animals, which will have a starring role in Loewe’s communications for the season.
The windows also underline Loewe’s Spanish character and heritage by using two motifs that have featured in its recent collections: polka dots, which will decorate both the frame and the backdrops of the store windows, and ornate baroque elements in the set dressing. Probably the biggest nod to the legacy of Pérez de Rozas in this year’s displays comes in the shape of animals pandas and elephants, to be precise, which will feature in Loewe’s windows interacting with key leather and silk items for the gift season. Pérez de Rozas loved to feature animal sculptures in his masterpieces, usually covered with glittering studs.
The colours of Loewe’s gift season collection : peach, duck-egg blue, and black and white are all taken from the season’s three main leather animals: the bull, the elephant and the panda respectively. The ‘Amazona’ also available in these colours, with a metal padlock shaped like the corresponding animal.
 Also available this season are the ‘Cruz’ bag, designed in collaboration with the famous actresses Penelope and Mónica Cruz; Angora scarves in polka dots; the ‘Sofia’, ‘Inés’, ‘Lorca’, ‘Toledo’ and ‘Amazona’ bags in a wide range of colours; racoon-fur collars from Loewe’s ‘Mantón de Manila’ collection; and Palma wallets and Andalus scarves for men.