THOR @ The Dark World

THOR : The Dark World is certainly not the finest film coming from the Marvel Universe and with plenty of bad humor made doesn't seem to be the cup of tea to many but the high-stakes action with predictable expectation are still loved by die hard Marvel fans. The adventure of Thor continue as he battles with straggle to save the earth and all nine realms from his enemy. Being one of the greatest Greek Gods, his power seems with lots of limits and needing helps from normal human beings sound more ridiculous than solving the big problem by himself and his fellow godsends. The movie moved from the ancient fantasy to a more modern sci-fi action pack is rather amusing with uneven plots execution. Hemsworth's charm is simple unable to transform Thor into a character worthy of the viewer's interest or sympthy. The worst thing is with almost zero chemistry with Natalie Portman's Jane Character. It was totally flat and a waste of Partman's talent in such role play. We don't demand much from this film as it is rather to our disadvantage and utterly inconsequential.

Rating : 2/5

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