FENDI @ The Exclusive Bag Bugs Video

 FENDI’s universe has been invaded by the Bag Bugs, a special collection of small and colorful “meteorite-like” fur lucky charms that will be launched for this holiday season. The ultimate evolution of these pieces are celebrated through a dedicated viral invasion video in a fun, innovated digital art form, where each Bag Bug is animated, with their unique facial expressions and materials from The Funny, The Snob, The Angry, The Savage, The Crazy and  The Playful.
 This geometric inspired capsule series has become a true collector’s item, offering a seasonal game of precious materials that highlights the undeniable Fendi savoir faire and craftsmanship.
The family gets larger for the  holiday season in a selection of fox, mink and shaved mink fur to leather and in array of color block palettes of dark blue, orange, green, pink, black, red, and white.
Be prepared for the Bag Bugs viral invasion! 

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