KIEHL'S X Haze 2013 Limited Edition

KIEHL'S brings holiday cheer to life with big, bright and colorful gift options that capture the magic of the season. With limited-edition artwork adorning Kiehl’s products, shopping bags and gift boxes, patrons will delight in original designs by New York City artist, Eric Haze for Kiehl’s. Following the success of previous worldwide holiday partnerships with celebrated artists such as Kaws, Jeff Koons and Kenny Scharf, Kiehl’s announces its 5th Annual Limited Edition Holiday Collection in collaboration with NYC-based artist Eric Haze. “Haze” has been creating artistic imagery on a variety of mediums for over 30 years and is best known for designs that span the art, graphic design and fashion arenas. First recognized for his contributions to the early 1980’s NYC graffiti art scene, Haze’s work is iconic, including custom album artwork and logos for The Beastie Boys, L.L. Cool J and MTV. He has created limited edition sneakers for Nike and New Balance and has an established clothing line of street wear, with a flagship store in Tokyo, Japan. The Kiehl’s x Haze partnership is the designer’s first time working on skincare packaging.
“This holiday, we’re thrilled to feature original artwork by New York City Graffiti Artist, Eric Haze. His designs are bright and unique, and celebrate the vibrancy of New York. At Kiehl’s, we take pride in our heritage, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than to collaborate with one of New York’s finest,” said Maria Gustafson, Vice President, Global Creative, Kiehl’s Since 1851“Haze’s work alternating K letters and stars in cheerful colors will be featured beyond product labels to include gift sets, shopping bags, and gift boxes so patrons from all over the world can enjoy the complete Haze holiday experience from Kiehl’s.” The limited edition Kiehl's X Haze collection includes the Ultra Facial Cream and Calendula herbal Extrat Toner.

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