ROGER VIVIER 2021 Chinese New Year's Pick

ROGER VIVIER Celebrates 2021 Chinese Lunar New Year by bringing in passion with a curated assortment from its SS2021 collection by Creative Director Gherardo Felloni. Red is a symbol for prosperity and success, and is also the signature color of Roger Vivier. To celebrate the new year of the Ox, Roger Vivier presents a special edition of Viv’ Skate sneakers, featuring a red and white colorway. The sneakers get an added touch of luxury with the Maison’s signature crystal buckle, composed of 32 sparkling red crystals, all assembled by hand. Matching this special motif is the Miss Vivier Pocket Phone Holder, hand crafted in a rich, red shade of leather, with the RV crystal logo and a miniature Broche buckle.


MICHAEL KORS 2021 Lunar New Year Campaign

Michael Kors 2021 Lunar New Year campaign celebrates the spirit of togetherness and spending time with the ones you love. With fewer people traveling home for the holiday, this year’s campaign focuses on bringing a sense of home to you, wherever you are celebrating.

Drawing inspiration from classic Chinese cinema, the vibrant stills and video vignettes capture those cherished moments and age-old traditions that make Lunar New Year so special gathering around the dinner table with family and friends, sharing your favorite foods, and enjoying a cup of tea & sweets after the meal.

The 2021 Capsule Collection features a luxe selection of the brand’s most-loved bags, including the SoHo shoulder bag, exclusively offered in a new, special edition Red or Black Tweed. Gift this bag to a loved one, and then, as per tradition, slip one of the brand’s logo-embossed red money envelopes inside.



Bell & Ross Presents New Chrono BR 05

Bell & Ross Presents New Chrono BR 05 is a leading benchmark in the aviation watch landscape with its iconic square models inspired by flight instruments, Bell & Ross is extending its new BR 05 collection designed for urban explorers. Unquestioningly faithful to the brand’s watchwords of legibility, functionality, reliability and precision on which Bell & Ross has built its prestigious reputation, the BR 05 collection is now being enriched with a chronograph of style and technical complexity fit perfectly in a resolutely urban setting.

A new icon by Bell & Ross, the BR 05 is now equipped with a chronograph movement – a mechanical complication perfectly adapted to the pace of urban life. Invented to measure and control short time periods, this function is a loyal ally for those who wear it in their quest to master the fleeting nature of time. The BR 05 chronograph is the latest jewel of masculinity from Bell & Ross: full of character with carefully executed finishes, this sculptural and seductive instrument is chic and powerful, exuding strength and elegance. The finishes on the BR 05 chronograph leave nothing to chance: the satin-polished surfaces are perfectly flat and the polished bevels enhance the volumes they contain. Perfection hides in the details, as the saying goes.

The BR 05 chronograph's identity is also built on a multitude of small technical and aesthetic details which truly elevate it. The new BR 05 chronograph belongs to the family of watches with an integrated bracelet, featuring the same design where the case and bracelet are fused into one cohesive piece. "The case and bracelet form one unit" explains Bruno Belamich, the brand's Creative Director. " This type of design harks back to a category of watches which appeared in the 1970s and when infused with Bell & Ross' signature identity, the resulting graphic style is both striking and modern."

The angle of the attachment to the bracelet has been carefully designed to follow the contours of the wrist, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit all day long, in any situation. The pushers, crown-guard and crown form a single piece which is perfectly incorporated into the volume of the case. By blending fluidity and robustness, the continuity of the lines of this piece becomes a part of its identity.

The angle of the attachment to the bracelet has been carefully designed to follow the contours of the wrist, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit all day long, in any situation. The pushers, crown-guard and crown form a single piece which is perfectly incorporated into the volume of the case. By blending fluidity and robustness, the continuity of the lines of this piece becomes a part of its identity.

Another signature of its personality, the dial on the BR 05 chronograph ensures optimal legibility thanks to its graphics and its contrasts. Mid-way between round and square, another subtle reference to the 1970s, the shape of its two snailed counters (chronograph minute counter at 9 o'clock and small seconds at 3 o'clock), gives the new BR05 a neo-retro look which in no way diminishes its modernity. Available in navy blue or jet black, the dials give each piece an urban, sporty style.


Dior Cruise 2021度假系列頌揚藝匠

Dior Cruise 2021度假系列頌揚藝匠



湖海洗我胸襟     河山飄我影蹤

意大利南部著名度假勝地兼歷史旅遊區PUGLIA普利亞大激發和引領 Dior大媽設計師Maria Grazia Chiuri 2021度假系列時裝展的創作靈感,Maria 大媽說:「在這非常時期,我希望展現共同努力的新形式。雖然距離帶來不便,但以不同角度看待日常生活可為我們帶來力量和想像力。」生於斯長於斯,這地方對她來說別具意義,為Dior 2021的度假系列設計領先出擊,打響頭炮,再次發揮創意想像,與衆多藝術領域表表者和單位合作,推廣意大利傳統藝術和工藝,探索文化和承傳傳統的起源。



就讓浮名   輕拋劍外
人類學家 Ernesto De Martino曾為 Germano Celant Georges Didi-Huberman 等作家帶來啟發和影響,有關當地傳統的著作當地的不同藝術傳續至今,如怪誕非常及宗教色彩濃厚兼帶有儀式塔蘭圖拉毒蛛舞蹈症 (Tarantism) 等奇聞異事,在此塑造了實在的烏托邦,是對世界的全新解讀。同時,在 2021 年度假系列時裝秀中,Maria 大媽 在她情有獨鍾的意大利亦希望向光雕藝術致意,與藝術家 Marinella Senatore合作,透過亮麗迷人的燈飾,為公眾廣場及歷史遺跡襯托出別具特色的面貌。這場表演採取閉門方式進行,體現了由藝術與工藝交織而成的奇幻之美。此燈飾更是剛剛過去的聖誕節Dior在全球指定城市首要的櫥窗設計和燈飾佈置,當中包括本邦Pavilion 商場主入口的亮麗耀眼的聖誕燈飾佈置。



雲彩揮去卻不去      贏得一身清風
Dior 2021的度假系列設計不少得經典 Bar Jacket 外套,多款外套運用源自 Le Costantine Foundation 的布料,以試驗性的方式演繹傳統工藝。半身裙的背面編織上「Amando e Cantando」字樣,意即「愛和歌唱」,亦是此地的獨特格言。藝術家 Pietro Ruffo 構思了麥穗滿佈的田野,呈現夏日景致,呼應 Christian Dior 先生設計的經典花卉刺繡 Miss Dior 連身裙。輕盈的棉質連身裙、恤衫和短褲演繹了原始大自然的設計概念。Pietro Ruffo Giovanni Battista Ferrari 1638 年出版的《De Florum Cultura》一書內的插畫為靈感,創作了五幅以花卉為題的畫作,並配以「Les parfums sont les sentiments des fleurs」譯作香水是花卉的感受等詩意格言,由此組成了具象徵意義的設計作品。恤衫和短褲演繹了原始大自然的設計概念,裝飾著花朵和蝴蝶的連身裙點綴由 Marilena Sparasci 保留下來的寶貴傳統 Tombolo 刺繡,絕對是品味高雅的珍藏。這些都是普利亞大區豐富傳統的象徵,為無限的創意提供源源不絕的創作靈感。


光雕藝術更促成了一款用於多色頸巾、形象化的主題圖案,而鏤空及刺繡裝飾亦與之呼應。藝術家 Marinella Senatore 把這些閃亮的裝飾重新演繹,她的作品以頌揚參與式藝術為主。此系列所重視的集體智慧典範,糅合了規律與傳統、音樂與舞蹈的非凡力量,演繹超越自身的方式。襯托由 La Notte della Taranta 基金會贊助、經 Sharon Eyal 精心編排的激情舞蹈節奏,配以 Paolo Buonvino 高深的音樂造詣,令現場精彩絕倫的表演燃點起不可抗拒的魅力。從編織藝術到「光雕藝術」耀眼的燈光裝置,再由不可或缺的舞蹈演出,以至儀式音樂的力量,House of Dior 在向大自然和該地區的獨特景觀致以崇高敬意的同時,也在積極地支持這種多元而無價的文化,這地方一直以來都牽動 Maria 大媽內心深處,她亦堅持她有她獨行,不必相送的態度,促成此系列通力合作的成果,頌讚回憶、價值、文化及精湛工藝的未來。


Simone Rocha x H&M New Collaboration In 2021

H&M announces the new collaboration with Irish designer Simone Rocha recently. Continuing a long tradition of acclaimed designer collaborations, H&M is thrilled to announce a new collaboration with the London-based fashion designer Simone Rocha. The Simone Rocha x H&M collection will include Rocha’s signature womenswear, alongside menswear and childrenswear. This marks the first time that Rocha has offered a wardrobe for the entire family. Each category combines a full wardrobe; special occasionwear, including tulle dresses and tailoring, alongside knits, shirting, outerwear such as trenches, casual t-shirts, accessories, including Rocha’s signature sparkling jewellery and pearl-embellished footwear.

Rocha is the first Irish designer to undertake such a collaboration with H&M. This collection, like all her work, celebrates her personal inter-ethnic heritage and the myriad inspirations which have defined the growth of her label, from the traditions and crafts of Hong Kong through to the greats of art history. The Simone Rocha x H&M collection considers the many silhouettes, fabrications, embellishments shapes and influences that have defined the Simone Rocha world, offering new twists on signatures and paying homage to key collections that have defined the Simone Rocha brand story. We see glimmers of Tudor courtiers, of wild florals, of portraits and photographs, of dolls and playthings. There is tartan, beading, florals, pinks, reds, and bespoke fabrications, developed in house, especially for this collaboration.

In forming this collection, Rocha spent time reflecting on her brand’s archive, combing her past collections and carefully reworking favourites into dynamic new propositions that feel right for today. The collection, which will be released in Causeway Bay Fashion Walk H&M Flagship Store and online on March 11, 2021, also celebrates a decade of the Simone Rocha label – a great achievement for an independent London-based brand. Rocha’s label is acclaimed for the strength of its vision – and a consistency that runs throughout each new garment, allowing wearers of the brand to mix and match pieces across seasons. This collection is informed with a similar desire to create hard-working pieces to be loved, cherished and worn again and again. It is an invitation into the Simone Rocha world, extended to all.

“I am so thrilled to be working with H&M on this very special collection. It truly is a celebration of the signatures of my brand, and the influences that have shaped me. As a designer, and as a customer, I’ve been such a fan of the H&M collaboration concept. Margiela, Alber Elbaz, Comme des Garcons – it’s such an amazing list of alumni to be a part of.” Simone Rocha 

“Simone Rocha has been on the H&M wish-list for some time. This collaboration offers a new audience the chance to own a very special piece of design history. All of us at H&M have been so inspired to work with a female designer who spends so much time thinking about contemporary femininity, and womanhood, and who is so committed to excellence in craft and design, from the process of developing special fabrications, to pushing silhouettes, shapes and embellishments. Every garment within this collection is unique, special and the result of years of work and meticulous research.” Ann-Sofie Johansson, H&M.


ATELIER M - Mediterranean Dining With An Asian Influence At Dubai Marina

Dining at Dubai Marina you can easily be spoilt by the variety of choices, on top of the art of flavours to inspire from its international cuisines, some restaurants offer the dramatic marina view encircled by Jumeriah Beach Residence (JBR) high rise in the neighbourhood. mylifestylenews writes.

Located on the top floor of the eponymous Pier 7 with fabulous views over the marina, Atelier M is a well-known gem in the heart of Dubai Marina in the JBR locale. Adjacent to Dubai Marina Mall, it offers easy access via the connecting bridge from the mall or the main entrance via the waterfront of its own building. With an atmosphere of bliss and love, the interior has a nod to art deco in some details and neutral in others. But, al-fresco dining with a curved outdoor terrace overlooking the quay is one of the highlights to dine in Pier 7, especially in Dubai’s mild winter. Weather permitting and Dubai always seems to have great weather for such a beautiful evening filled with light crisp air to embrace, the outdoor 180 degree dining terrace which affords the best seats in the house and the uninterrupted view to mesmerize is simply irresistible.

It is easy to be overawed by jaw dropping skyscrapers in Dubai and much of the restaurant dining scene takes place inside many of these monoliths. Being one of the most sought after dining precincts in Dubai, the vertical dining concept of Pier 7 offers multiple levels of international restaurants from exotic Arabic and Asian to European inspired dining to tantalize your taste buds. This dining establishment in Pier 7 goes for a more upmarket clientele and Atelier M requires a smart casual dress code. Fair enough, for an evening to remember or to some by celebrating special occasions, feels-good-looks-good accompanied by specially crafted atelier menu that inspires. Yet, it is not the formal fine dining atmosphere that defines your upright sitting position with elbows off that dining table setting ambience, it is rather a relaxed surrounding adorned by white linen clothed tables with an overweight brass style table lamp, that go along with comfortable white rattan outdoor cushion chairs.

While the interior setting is heightened by hanging chandeliers and small glass pillars, the spacious main dining has a well-equipped bar. There is barely any diner who would choose a seat in door despite the open kitchen possibly driving part of your attention. By walking up the wooden spiral staircase, it will lead you to the next level where the art deco inspired cigar lounge and pool tables are available for interaction. The round bar takes centre stage while trendy house music is played. To explore further, take the “private lift” to the rooftop level to discover the sassy secret open air roof top bar that is ideal for pre- or post-dinner drinks.

While location is really important to some and with its chic and stylish ambience, design and décor to impress, but the basics have to work – service and food. The letter M in the restaurant name came from the CEO & chef founder Mohammed Islam and L’inspiration du chef is aimed to deliver different styles of cooking to be creative and inspired. Atelier M’s menu is quite extensive yet straight forward and precise for what-you-see-is-what-you-get concept dining. Italian/French with an Asian twist, so a menu to suit a variety of tastes. Even so, that doesn’t lower our expectations for what lies ahead. While there were the usual suspects, we decided to mix things up a bit and target some items to see what was really special and started with four appetizers.

<A5 White Asparagus> 
This is definitely a WOW dish! The description sounds simple, but this dish is anything but simple, due largely in part to the quality of the ingredients and the perfect execution in the cooking and assemblage. Japanese grade 9 (the higher the grade, the more precious and rare) white asparagus is used, which is younger, softer, juicier and more crispy. Served with seasonal Japanese river snow white mushroom (a fungi sort) accompanied by a runny temperature controlled organic poached egg and truffle mousse, topped with Gold Osetra caviar and a touch of a trio puree - green bean, mango and beetroot. Beautifully presented and this dish could not be faulted with such fresh flavours that danced on the tongue. An utter delight!

<Wagyu Tartare> 
Once again, top Grade 5 Wagyu sirloin that has been perfectly marinated and seasoned and is accompanied with mandarin compote, topped with an egg and Gold Osetra caviar, garnished with a parmesan tuile. Once all the ingredients have been mixed together, you end up with a beautifully seasoned dish that has the perfect meld of flavours. The touch of mango puree really finished off the presentation with a tropical hint on the palate. Despite the parmesan tuile was a little too thick and hard (would have been better if thinner and more crumbly) yet, this dish still scored beautifully.

<Grilled Octopus> 
 Served with charred cherry tomato, fingerling potatoes and lemon confit, the dish was only lukewarm when it arrived at the table, but it had a nice smoky flavour, however, it lacked the finesse of the other appetizers, as the octopus was rubbery and a lack lustre presentation. It was a little led down after what we just had from the previous two most delish appetizers.

<Wagyu Gyoza> 
The quality of Wagyu striploin was excellent and well marinated with sautéed Kimchi and served with spicy ponzu on the side, but the execution was a bit touristy and soggy – the wrapping of the Gyoza could have been properly pan-fried on one side with a rather lightly burnt effect and the other size soft and moist but not soggy. Not entirely impressed!

<Black Onyx Ribeye>
We settled on three main courses to savour a range of cooking styles and looked forward to more surprises from the kitchen. The Black Onyx Ribeye is another triumph of a dish. Top quality Japanese marbled beef was served with glaze roasted Kabocha with a dash of truffle sauce and well-diced mouth full of roasty toasty potatoes. The meat was simply divine and the potatoes were the fluffiest and lightest you could possibly have. A dish like this did not need any additional sides, as you just want to savour every morsel of the beef and the potatoes. A must order!

<Roasted Lamb Shank>
Accompanied with yummy crispy saffron risotto and lamb juice, the salted bush lamb was perfectly cooked and falling apart easily. A heartwarming dish!
<Roasted Baby Chicken>
Quite a generous portion! This baby chicken is cooked with a miso glazed breast roulard and legs – a French bird – and was tender, flavoursome, juicy and a standout flavour (French chickens can have such a distinctive flavour), plus the tasty roasted capsicum and mushroom was a perfect accompaniment.

<Lotus Milk Cake>
We are always quite replete by the time the dessert menu comes out, but we couldn’t resist trying two creations by choosing the Lotus Milk Cake as a start which delivered quite a delicious airy tres leches sponge cake as a base, onto which is added lotus Chantilly cream and pailette feuillantines. A harmony and delightful finish!

<White Chocolate Opalys>
The White Chocolate Opalys has a solid and tasty coconut parfait base, with jasmine gelato and dolce powder. Perfectly executed in lightness and flavours and ended a memorable meal without the heaviness of some desserts.

Overall, the evening was a success in terms of the culinary journey, although there is some mixed messaging with the service, as they seem to be aiming for fine dining, but miss some of the touches. Our table service was generally very switched on, with only the occasional lapse. It was also strange that the bread-and-butter knives were not preset and then due to the design were difficult to set in just the right place on the plate when the bread was served. Ronald looked after us for most of the evening and was quite knowledgeable and attentive.

Our table on the terrace was one of the best in the house and gave us another perspective of the sights of Dubai (and Dubai Marina) and we stayed for much longer than we anticipated, due to all the elements coming together. While there were a few items on the menu which did not hit the same high mark as the others, there is some culinary magic to be had here, which is a testament to sourcing the right ingredients and handling them carefully, but simply, in the kitchen and letting the flavours speak for themselves of their intrinsic qualities. Cooking with the passion for the perfect taste with elements that inspire, chef Islam and his culinary team have added creativity and marked it with their own style. To some dining at Pier 7 may sound touristy but Atelier M is truly another destination dining that you must book a table at!

Tried & Tested:

Location: 5/5

Design & Decor: 4/5

Food & Beverage: 4.5/5

Service: 4/5

Value For Money: 4/5

Experience: 4/5 


Floor 7/7M, Pier 7

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 04 450 7766

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.