Zegna Iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker Takes Another Step Forward

Zegna iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker makes progressive strides forward with a contemporary new spectrum of colours and materials, now including a #UseTheExistingTM version. Reducing Zegna’s ecological footprint, this #UseTheExistingTM sneaker is the next step in Zegna’s legacy of sustainability and continual evolution. 
Encompassing the brand’s green vision for the future, the two leading paths of Zegna’s #UseTheExistingTM project are applied within this updated and new version of the Triple Stitch Sneaker featuring a soft wool upper made from recovered 14MILMIL14 fibres, threads, and fabrics from all phases of the production process.

#UseTheExistingTM is the brand evolutionary commitment and a guiding principle that encompasses all our efforts to upcycle the production process and that actually permeates all the brand’s collections. Launched by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori with the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Winter 2019 Collection, and developed with the expertise and innovation of Zegna Group’s textile division, #UseTheExistingTM represents Zegna's concrete pledge to reduce the final waste down to zero.

The new #UseTheExistingTM model joins Zegna’s global bestselling Triple Stitch sneaker collection. Designed for modern mindsets and multifaceted lifestyles, this sneaker is an enduring icon that combines style and versatility with a remarkably flexible and lightweight construction.

The newly envisioned #UseTheExistingTM wool version of the Triple Stitch Sneaker is available amongst a selection of elevated materials including soft suede, grained calf leather, deerskin and canvas, finished with signature elasticated straps, forming the iconic XXX logo, so it can conveniently slip on and off with ease. Effortlessly won with both tailored and casual outfits, this modern shoe is the definition of versatility and made for every moment.




For this new edition of the festival of Hyères, Tom Van Der Borght presented his new collection "Time for love". The clothing becomes a living metaphor of the connection between humans.

After winning the 35th edition of the Hyères festival, Tom sought to make a transition between his two collections! Last year, his universe was the essence of his inspiration, a kind of "take it or leave it".

For this new season, Tom is less frontal and invites us to enter his universe while making it wearable through pieces with more ready to wear cuts. In the collection, you will see a lot of pearls, likes earrings attached to the clothes, patched peaches on the green and purple look.

On one hand we find his love for sportwear and on the other hand his love for delicate materials and details. To keep this sense of details, Tom has collaborated with Maison Lesage, Hubert Barrere, House of Paloma and Maison Michel. 

Tom creates an important hat collection to share a message: the hats are an answer to the Covid situation. Rather than covering the mouth, the eyes are covered. For instance, you can find the iconic double hat on look 14 which was a first in terms of realization for Maison Michel.

Tom is considering sustainability as a responsibility that we have to take, it is something that has to come from the inside. Tom is not working on seasons and gender. He will not decide who will wear his clothes. So he prefers to create a lasting piece that you will wear for a long time.

New luxury is the future of luxury.


SANDRO Homme & Femme AW2021 Collection

Sandro’s menswear design studio creates the right  clothes for real wardrobes, pieces that are minimalist but  beautiful, no showing off or screaming for attention. It always come downs to balance. The right coat, the right shirt, the right trousers, the right  sweater. It’s simple. It’s more than just fashion.

This is definitely a retro look. Straight from the 60s, a car coat in Italian leather or an ecru hand knitted tank top are a reminder of the brand’s fondness for vintage. The wool and cashmere knits are soft. The aviator jackets and mixed wool overshirts are far from skimpy with their generous, loose fits.

Slightly dropped shoulders give comfort and ease. This retro style comes from a desire to step back into our childhood wardrobes, what we wore and what we saw our elders wear. There is also something dressy about the look. For a moment there we thought formal clothes might have become obsolete, but this season the studio was happy to bring some tailoring back.

Suits in Japanese and Italian fabrics are available in a variety of styles, with two buttons, single breasted or double breasted, no more. Houndstooth and micro checks spread across zipped jackets and coats with raglan sleeves.

This is not conceptual design. Instead, Sandro wants to reinvent classic pieces from the male wardrobe, always finding new variations, in the size of a pocket, a rounder shoulder or a smaller collar. A taste for authenticity and attention to details that are always useful and always justified.

For the Sandro woman, things must be well made. Aware of the world around her, she lives firmly in reality. Above all, she wants long lasting, timeless pieces that will adapt to her nomadic spirit. However, that’s not all.  She wants a wardrobe that combines the Parisian  bourgeois codes of her childhood with dashes of 1970s travel.

Elegance is subversive. She loves traditional British tailoring, tweeds, wool, corduroy,  cable knits and argyle patterns. She favours beautiful materials, smart finishes and perfect cuts,  all done with flair. She exudes androgenous charm in her collection of cashmere and enjoys more  than anything playing with the large and sensible lace or pleated collars on her white tops.

The timeless cut of her long dresses will never go out of fashion. She wears beautiful basic shirts, with  stripes or patterns, and scarves that could have been passed down to her from her grandmother. However, propriety stops at the hem, where on her feet the Sandro woman prefers a pair of solid boots to posh leather loafers.

Armed with these essentials, this urban woman will play with accessories and contrasts to make  her look her own. She will wear tailored pieces with something handmade or brought back from  her travels. The Sandro woman sees herself as Jimi Hendrix or Mick Jagger, travelling the world  and shunning convention. She plays with floral prints and crochet details straight out of the  seventies. She slips in some peace and love  and other symbols of her free spirit with her pastel  jacquard knits. She wears a patchwork of brooches, picked up here and there, on her jacket, like  amulets that never leave her side. This urban woman always likes to play with masculine codes, trying a boxy coat or distressed jeans. More than ever before, she shakes up her bourgeois 
wardrobe with souvenirs of her travels.


DIESEL Presents GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Title Holders Advertising Campaign

DIESEL presents a brand new campaign with a whole new kind of supermodel: GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title holders. In partnership with the feat-featuring group, DIESEL has cast an array of fresh talent, ranging from those with extraordinary physiques to others with rare yet impressive achievements. Through this collaboration, DIESEL explores provocation and fun, highlighting anti-conformism and turning it into an antidote against the status quo. In this campaign, DIESEL demonstrates: successful living is personal to everyone, and it comes in all forms, promoting joy via unexpected discovery and to emphasize that every single one of us, regardless of our skills and selves, is extraordinary.

Nine record holders and their stories are highlighted: Nick Stoeberl of California (US), with the world’s longest tongue at 10.1 centimeters; Maci Currin (US), with the world’s longest legs (female) at 135.27 centimeters (left) and 134.3 centimeters (right); Samantha Ramsdell (US), with the world’s largest mouth gape (female) at 6.52 centimeters; Joseph Grisamore (US), with the world’s tallest hair spike at 129.4 centimeters; Gary Duschl (US), with the longest gum wrapper chain at 32,555,68 meters; Jason Barnes (US), with the most drumbeats in one minute using a drumstick prosthetic at 2,400; Edward Niño Hernandez (Colombia), the shortest man living (mobile) at 72.1 centimetres tall; Maria José Cristerna (Mexico), with the most body modifications on a female at 49 modifications; James Brown (UK) with the largest collection of vacuum cleaners consisting of 322 models.

The visuals and videos produced highlight their record breaking achievements by showcasing their uniqueness, talents and stories. Of course, they are all wearing DIESEL, but the visual focus is on what makes each person incredible.


Bell & Ross Presents The BR 05 DIAMOND

Bell & Ross has entered the urban landscape by presenting the new version of BR 05 and has worked to highlight the precious side of this Urban Instrument......the BR 05 has turned into a precious gem: the BR 05 DIAMOND. As a new line, the possibilities are endless and the design of the BR 05 opens up an immense scope for creativity. Reflecting the finest Haute Horlogerie craftsmanship, this timepiece mirrors the architectural modern design of the brand’s latest urban collection. The lines of its 40-mm case combine round and square, the basic geometric shapes which form the identity of Bell & Ross. For the BR 05 DIAMOND, the bezel of the steel case is set with 172 diamonds, equivalent to a weight of 0.88 carats. For optimum legibility, the black sunray dial contrasts perfectly with the applique white numerals and metal skeletonised hour and minute hands, all filled with Super-LumiNova®. The 11 diamonds (0.08 ct) replace the indexes, while the small date takes its place at 3 o’clock. One dial but three possibilities to wear. For a sporty chic touch, the black rubber strap is perfect, while the satin-polished steel bracelet will provide its wearer an elegant look. Last but not least, a luxury version made of steel, and set with 218 diamonds - weighting 2.84 ct – will complete the range.

To set the bezel, which offers a large setting surface, Bell & Ross opted for the circle alternative. A total of three concentric circles of diamonds around the opening. On the other hand, in the articulation links, the setting is linear. Both the circle and the straight line give a clean and graphic look to the setting. The timepiece adorns a BR-CAL.321. mechanism, wound by a 360° oscillating weight. The sapphire glass case-back reveals the beating heart of this movement. The BR 05 DIAMOND combines technicity, elegance and sophistication in an integrated design. It will appeal not only to art lovers, aesthetes, watch collectors, but also to men and women looking for singularity.


CMP Introduces Meet At CMP Brunch

Brunching seems to have become a favourite pastime for those that love to get out and about on the first day of the weekend and let loose. Dubai is not short of options and while the choices vary from the sublime to the ridiculous, we thought we would err on the side of caution and try a brunch that is not over the top, but presents food you can eat and has that ubiquitous free flow of beverages at an affordable price. mylifestylenews writes.

Al fresco dining is an absolute weekend ritual when Dubai’s winter gradually hits in the month of December and The Pointe waterfront has become a good to go to destination for food lovers and now for brunch lovers! CMP has digressed from their usual focus of high quality meats and wines for dinner and added a Friday brunch to their repertoire, which they have called Meet at CMP BrunchOnly on Fridays do you get such value for money with this brunch, starting at AED250 with soft drinks or AED350 with an open bar includes house beverages and then raising the bar at AED450 for those that love Grey Goose and Prosecco. These prices are free flow including a three course meal. Don’t come expecting a huge buffet, as CMP wants to focus on delivering great value, cooked a la minute quality meals that they always strive for.

How it works: choice of one appetizer, choice of any two from the grill plus one choice of a side and one choice of a sauce and then one choice of dessert….and this is the offer value per person. Should you want to go that extra mile, then you may add on freshly shucked Dibba Bay oysters served with a selection of mignonettes for either ½ dozen or a full dozen. As brunches go, quality food and free flowing beverages together with the DJ spinning groovy music adds luminous vibe, CMP ticks all the boxes. The Meet At CMP Brunch action mainly happens downstairs with floor to ceiling windows drawing natural light flooding in from the outside terrace and directly overlooking the waterfront.

Blessing – a unique name of our server and he was quite attentive and with his recommendations of the signature dishes worked a treat and had we not been told to order the beets and cauliflower, we would have passed on some great food that is a must try. A couple of signature dishes are not to be missed including some vegetarian dishes and the food was served in the usual sequence, freshly cooked and no issues about food temperature and how long the food has been sitting on a buffet, so a la carte brunches are the only way to ensure hot food is served at its optimum temperature and well controlled especially in quality.

The beverages offered were quite enjoyable and delightful, although the spirits were a little too weak and you may need to ask for doubles which they gladly obliged. The aforementioned cocktails were a huge hit and blends in well with the cozy ambience.

To set the ball rolling we were served 
Bloody Mary, Vodka with Cranberry Juice, Gin & Tonic and tequila infused with chili Fire-Cracker Margaritas. These drinks are the perfect way to kick start a brunch, with the unique concoction of the margarita certainly had stimulated our taste buds and we were loving it.

<Dibba Bay Oysters>
These oysters are #3 in size and identified by its white and gold-flecked shell and meaty texture. Not big but just right for an appetizer and to whet the taste buds – delicious.

<Short-Rib Benedict>
While you may be familiar with the usual Benedict on egg, this variation with braised short-rib, cheddar biscuit topped with a runny poached egg is a winner.

<Fillet Carpaccio>
Thinly sliced quality beef tenderloin carpaccio with a piquancy to die for and leaves you wanting more.

<Smoked Beets>
Never underestimate a good fresh humble salad that can be a triumph of flavours, well tossed with the homemade arugula pesto as a great base ingredient accompanied by roasted cherry tomato and chickpeas to delight you with the juicy palate. Simply refreshing!

One of the keys for brunching is the sharing of food, hence you get a choice of two mains per person, as they are presented on a wooden board in the middle of the table for sharing everything like a mini buffet platter and if you are a table of four, then you get eight items from the grill and everyone can have a fair chance to sample a little bit of this and a little bit of that!

<Angus NY Striploin>
Despite the texture of the grain-fed Angus striploin which may not be as tender as expected, but it was well char-grilled and the taste is quite flavoursome,
<Brisket Burger>
Moving on to another grilled selection by picking this Hikory smoked brisket burger well paired with the crunchy purple slaw. It is delicious and a classic take on the burger with every ingredient resonating on the tongue.
<Chicken Brochettes>
The tender and juicy chicken thighs are well marinated with Moroccan spice and served on a skewer. A smoky flavour defines the delightful palate and we only wished that the portion was larger.
<Grilled Prawns>
Two large size of U10 prawns thoroughly marinated with five spice, cayenne, garlic and oregano utterly resulted in a scrumptious smoky barbeque flavour that will truly delight your taste buds.

<Peri-Peri Cauliflower Steak>
This vegetable of all vegetables could be turned into an absolute zinger of a dish. It is rich and ‘meaty’ and full of smoky flavour. A must order!
<Mac &Cheese>
This may well be among the best side dishes of choice from the brunch menu that come with the melted crusty cheesy top slushing down the serving dish with the warm and nice moist savory macaroni underneath. Sinfully yours!

<Grilled Pineapple>
The humble lightly burnt pineapple is worthy of inclusion and while simply done, it is full of flavour and the perfect foil to all the rich meats we had eaten and topped with the citrusy passion fruit over a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.
<Crème Brulée>
A classic execution of this much-loved dessert, that was not too heavy with the egg and cream and we easily made short work of this sweet thing!

Overall, the brunch was quite an enjoyable experience and you can’t argue about the value. The question you have to ask yourself is do you want one of those enormous all you can eat buffets that results in you eating way beyond your limits or do you want to enjoy what you have ordered and revel in enjoying food cooked to order. We opted for the latter and while some of the portions were on the small side, the quality is there and the variety is enough. You may easily spend double the price in some other salubrious places and still not be satisfied by the value and quality given, as the food may look good but not taste good, but here the taste buds are well catered for you and CMP does not miss a beat in the kitchen.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

B04 East Marina,

The Ponite Palm - Jumeriah

Dubai, Unite Arab Emirates

Tel: +971 4 580 7983


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This is not a collaboration… The coming together of Fendi and Versace, two iconic fashion houses, or more rightly, two iconoclastic groups of people, has led to this unique moment in fashion.

Both a celebration of Italian fashion and a to-hell-with-it disruption of the established order of things, Fendace is Fashion with a capital F – and a capital V. Together they stand for Freedom, Fun and Virtuosity.

Crossing the ‘party lines’ of luxury conglomerates – inspired purely by friendship and mutual professional respect – the double signature of Fendace is a swap, with roles exchanged.

For the first time, Donatella Versace and Silvia Venturini Fendi have stepped away from their respective family houses to be inspired by the other’s vision, while Kim Jones – by now an old hand at inhabiting and reinventing other peoples’ houses – points the way.

Here, Jones and Venturini-Fendi take on the design of women’s and menswear respectively, displaying their exceptional vision of Versace while Versace takes on the design of all, displaying her inimitable interpretation of Fendi.

With the archives fully opened to both, a unique cross-fertilisation occurs, with elements transposed from each house; at heart remains a deep admiration for the codes and cultures of both, together with a mutual encouragement for the designers to be themselves.

Needless to say, the results could only be achieved with fundamental respect and reciprocal trust. Ultimately, Fendace is about the need for sincerity in fashion today rather than strategy.

Inspired by the mid-to-late nineties period of the storied house, VERSACE BY FENDI explores an idea of duality, most pointedly seen in a melding of the Fendi Monogram with the Versace Greek Key motif.

Here, garments metamorphose, many revealed to be reversible with hidden codes and the exquisite craftsmanship of the Fendi atelier on display, such as in chainmail made leather. Here a multigenerational approach is embraced throughout.

FENDI BY VERSACE takes a more punk rock stance with Donatella Versace declaring contamination and disruption to be key. Versace safety pins proliferate, puncturing Fendi signs and symbols.

Chain mail is married with lace and crystal-encrusted F’s in an interpretation of the Monogram. While silk faille mimics denim and shearlings are shaved, making the world of Fendi that little bit more youthfully rebellious.

"Friends, idols, mentors… It’s the beauty of togetherness". - Kim Jones, Artistic Director Fendi Couture and Womenswear

"It’s a first in the history of fashion: two designers having a true creative dialogue that stems from respect and friendship. It led to us swapping roles to create these two collections". - Donatella Versace, Chief Creative Officer Versace