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ANDREW GN AW2021 Collection

"During these long months of waiting and suspended time, I’ve been looking into the roots of my House and of my own work.

I reviewed some themes I‘ve always loved, Chinoiserie, Exotism, Tribal, Rococco,… to innovate them with today’s eyes.

I streamlined and simplified the shapes, removing unnecessary details, in order to instill a feel of elegance at ease.

Still staying very true to myself and to my motto of enduring beauty, designing beautifully crafted garments, which I call “heritage pieces”, to be kept for many years and eventually handed down to the next generation.

The Chinoiserie silk was inspired by a fragment of an English Regency lacquered screen, entirely redesigned by our Studio, with delicate golden shades. The Brocades are an interpretation of a motif from an early XVIIIth century Queen Ann cabinet. Exotism comes in our emerald-green “Snow Leopard” print, with a wink to “Le Rêve” by Douanier Rousseau.

Tribal and Rococco inspirations are everywhere in the crystal and cabochon embroideries. We’ve designed a new rendition of one of my famous Renaissance metal buckles to complement simple fluid crepe dresses. Many other House codes such as pearltrims and passementeries have also been used.

In terms of colors, this collection features a bold palette : a bright Vermillion, a strong Fuchsia Pink called “Pivoine”, a Golden Yellow called “Peking”, as well as Emerald Green, Lilac, mixing with neutrals such as Khaki and Camel.

I named this collection “HOPE and GLORY”. While listening to the songs of Dame Vera Lynn who recently passed away, I heard this strikingly powerful and moving anthem, to inspire us to remain strong and looking forward." - Andrew Gn

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