Qeelin Presents Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection

Qeelin presents the Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection, a pioneering attempt to incorporate the stunning pink opal into Wulu's perfect silhouette. The reinterpreting of the classic Qeelin design not only gives the wearer bouts of positive energy, it also makes each moment the more memorable.

Romance is love realised; it is sweet, dreamy, and an outstanding expression of every beautiful emotion, making it the most beautiful gift for your beloved. Legend has it that Cupid’s arrow is made out of pink opal.

The pink color and dazzling diamonds echo brilliantly with each other, creating a unique aesthetics belonging to none other than Qeelin. This is the perfect gift for confident and charming women everywhere, and Qeelin hopes to be a part of this loving day with this incredible collection.

Qeelin's new Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection features the mysterious and rare pink opal. The balanced colour, warm and delicate textures, along with its ceramic-like luster and the depth of the colour, makes the stone a natural choice to be featured on a delicate piece of jewellery.

This collection includes necklaces and bracelets, with both sides of the chain embellished with a diamond, cultivating a perfect example of Qeelin’s craftsmanship in dainty and exquisite designs. Pink opal is also known as the magic stone of love and the spiritual stone of wealth. It is said that wearing this gem can make people realise their dreams and connect with each other, making it a staple in attracting good relationships.

May the Petite Wulu Pink Opal Collection accompany you every step of the way and bring encouragement and positive energy. In the name of love, sincerity and affection should be protected.

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