《Salmon Fishing In The Yemen》

If Salmon fishing in the Yemen is possible, what else we can't possibly achieve in life......with the constant persistent, of course. When money can solve the problems, the problem will not exist anymore. This is the story about a Yemen sheik that felt in love with salmon fishing and would like to benefits his nation in the next generation by bringing the entire experience back to Yemen. Yes! That is right, to have a fresh water salmon lake in Yemen with the help of some expertise from some consulting firm in England. Will this work out fine and according to plans or developing a different kind of love-hate relationship in between human at the end to make the improbable possible? Here's for you to find out. If you are the fan of < The Cider House Rules> and <Chocolate>, this Lasse Hallström's latest work will continue to give you the light romance and hinted love in between human.

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《6 Minutes @ Simon Jablon & Tracy Sedino》

To celebrate the opening of Linda Farrow Gallery, Puyi Optical partnership with Linda Farrow and held an exhibition in Hong Kong recently showcasing all the collections of sunglasses and optical frames from the British brand including the luxurious collections: Linda Farrow Luxe, Linda Farrow Collaborations with the help of International renowned designers such as Matthew Williamson, Alexander Wang, Agent Provocateur, Oscar de la Renta and Kris Van Assche. mylifestylenews met up with the dynamic duo aka the new generation of the brand and the Managing Director Simon Jablon and his wife Tracy Sedino talks us through after the took over.....
Linda Farrow established in 1970 and originally it was a fashion label. We are one of the first to treat sunglasses as fashion. The brand pioneered many of the shapes and styles that remain au courant today. The pursuit of luxury, innovation and cutting edge design continue to mark the brand almost forty years on.

Linda Farrow’s long tradition of innovation has been kept fresh by the use of collaborating with the most exciting designers to date, who brings a new perspective, whilst respecting the values which have made Linda Farrow a by-word for style, exclusivity and excellence, Linda Farrow has never lost sight.

Since we took over in 2003, the changes or the re-launched had been made. We need to understand the world changes fashion quite rapidly and we have to work together with or apply the latest innovation of technology to the design.

After discovering a generous selection of 70s and 80s sunglasses in the family’s warehouse. We began selling this unique back catalogue to exclusive retailers world-wide and the Linda Farrow Vintage brand quickly established a reputation for originality and air, it was then become a sunglass phenomenon.

The constant evolution of the trend creates more options for the market that require more demand in terms of design and production. Nevertheless, the Linda Farrow DNA still remains. It is luxury yet innovative, these inventive pieces pay homage to Linda Farrow’s creative legacy, showcasing its extraordinary ability to mix the past with the present as well as the richness of heritage, design and luxury.

Linda Farrow glasses fits for both Asian and Caucasian, with the demand and the global domination, the luxury craftsmanship and the one-of-a-kind design create even more noise that you would have thought.
People wear glasses to project a certain style of their own and try to make themselves stand out from the other. Gradually, it will become a fashion statement and carrying a unique style of their very own complementing the complete silhouette for their brand.

Linda Farrow Projects collection this is a yearly project where designers from all over the world such as Jeremy Scott, KTZ, Prabal Gurung, Charlotte Olympia and many more to name create fun and unique eyewear for the exclusive brand.

The current collaborations are: Dries Van Noten, Raf Simons, Alexander Wang, The Row, Agent Provocateur and Matthew Williamson. There will be more exciting names to reveal in time to come.

A global recognition and the appreciation of a well craftsmanship eyewear is what we would like to achieve for the brand. Creativity has always been very important to us.

People who wear Linda Farrow glasses shall be having a very strong character of their own. Someone who is very confident and carry an attitude with strong personality and never afraid to try new things and adventurous.

Our most favorite possession is having each other's company. Tracy might pick her bags but course the ultimate choice is still her to make.

Our ideal living lifestyle is to make the best out of it in regardless of what you are doing and enjoy the given present.

mylifestylenews @ Simon Jablon & Tracy Sedino

*Special thanks to Bonvivant & Bellavita Ltd. PR @ the interview arrangement.

《LOEWE @ I LOEWE ME New Fragrance》

I LOEWE ME is new fragrance joins the I Loewe You family for Loewe’s most insolent girl. The new I Loewe me perfume is all about coming-of-age, and recalls the transformation from young innocent girl to mature young woman, full of personality and strength. Loewe leads the I Loewe You girl from 2005 into the year 2012, highlighting her most demanding and rebellious attitude without losing the brand’s core values.
She is an independent woman who knows who she is and what she wants. She oozes self-confidence, she is sure about what she does and how she does it. She is set on achieving her goals and desires, she is unstoppable and enjoys her freedom. She faces every day full of energy, with a vibrant attitude! She determines her decisions and sets her own rules, she does not follow social impositions; she is fearless and eager to take risks. Sometimes insolent, always charismatic and feminine. She is I Loewe Me!
The sensual fragrance created to capture and express energy, happiness and freedom. The top notes full of colors, delicious strawberry, with a hint of fresh cut pear, blackberry that becomes effervescent when it blends with the juicy mandarin orange. The Middle note is soft and feminine sprinkled with heliotrope, combined with magnolia to give a slight hint of peppery color, to reveal the warm and spicy femininity. The base note is sensual and sexy and reinforce the bold sensuality of the fragrance. Raspberry with hints of sandalwood, vanilla and a rebellious breath of musk.

《Maurice Lacroix @ The French Job》

“The French Job”is the new collaboration of Maurice Lacroix to look for a team to follow diver Sébastien Murat’s freediving world record attempt of more than 703 feet beneath the sealevel over two weeks in June. The team will comprise four bloggers, who will cover the activities on the ground in English, German, Russian and Chinese, a video-blogger, a Wordpress expert, a personal assistant and a pool boy, and their job will be to report on Séb’s mission internationally. In addition to the thrill of Séb “The Sub” ’s world record attempt, the team will enjoy French savoir-vivre in a luxury villa in Juan-Les-Pins on the French Côte d’Azur. Men and women of at least 20 years of age, holding a valid passport and suitably qualified for the position sought may apply to become team members online via Facebook. Applicants who receive the most votes from their fans will have the best chance to be one of the lucky participants. Further information and applications on www.facebook.com/mauricelacroixwatches and www.the-french-job.com
Sébastien Murat is one of the best free divers in the world, from Neuchâtel in Switzerland, limits have never been an issue. He has dramatically changed free deep-sea diving, adopting the empty-lungs technique that marine mammals use for diving. In June 2012, Séb has his sights on a world record diving depth of 703 feet; deeper than anyone has gone before and requiring more than eight minutes without oxygen. In order to achieve this unbelievable target, he studied the diving procedures developed by wales, dolphins and seals.
His discovery: all these marine mammals dive to great depths with their lungs empty and in so doing avoid the danger of dangerously distending their lungs with diminishing pressure. With years of training, Séb applied this technique and in this way adapted perfectly to the conditions deep under the sea. Séb is studying physiology at the Universityof Adelaide, in Australia and at the same time, as a professional SCUBA diving instructor, passes on his knowledge to interested students.

《BALLY @ Trilogy of Heritage Movies》

Bally created a gentle trilogy of mini-movies that whether viewed individually or together, tell a refined tale of this luxury leather goods house and its uniquely Swiss heritage. The movies were beautifully produced with exceptional production values, each movie was shot on location in Switzerland and explores a different theme of Bally’s history including: the brand’s connection to its homeland, an unwavering desire for craftsmanship excellence and an exclusive peek at Bally’s hidden treasures.

The first movies <Swiss By Nature> explores the unrivalled synergy that exists between this proudly Swiss brand and the natural grace of Switzerland, both past and present.
<Hands of the Artisan> showcasing the Bally’s talented craftsmen and women who ensure that timeless traditions and exacting standards continue to be upheld.
The third movie <Treasures of the Archive> let you step inside Bally’s lovingly maintained archive to discover secrets and treasures stored for over 160 years, including original shoes from the 19th century, vintage logo stamps and original advertising posters. For details, visit:

Roger Vivier @ Jewels ForThe Feet ~ A QUEEN FOREVER

In celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, Bruno Frisoni, Creative Director of Maison Roger Vivier, was inspired by the original shoe designed of M. Vivier for the Coronation of HM Queen Elizabeth II, to create ‘A Queen Forever’. This once-in-a-life-time, jewel-like shoe is suitably diamond-incrusted and hand-crafted in close collaboration with The East India Company, whose rich history is linked both to diamonds and royalty. The Coronation proved to be a momentous date for Roger Vivier as he took his place in history by designing the footwear worn by the young Queen on this historic occasion.  In fine, kidskin gold leather, inlaid with rubies to both heel and upper decorative motif, it echoed the fleur-de-lys that decorates the St Edward Crown and the Imperial State Crown worn by Her Majesty on this day. The heel was elevated and Roger Vivier created a hidden platform within...
Sixty years on and the Roger Vivier ‘A Queen Forever’ jewel for the foot is realised with the iconic fleur-de-lys motif encrusted with over 4000 brilliant cut diamonds, its intricate setting designed by The East India Company and hand-crafted by its team of expert artisans, using diamonds supplied by Gitanjali, leading Indian diamantaire. The East India Company, with its renewed focus on design-driven luxury, was a natural choice: the original British Trading Company, The East India Company was responsible for the acquisition of the legendary Indian diamond, the Koh–I-Noor, which was presented in 1850 to Queen Victoria, the newly proclaimed Empress of India, and the only British monarch, other than Queen Elizabeth II, to have celebrated 60 years on the throne.
Hand stitched in Paris by the‘petites mains’, it sparkles brightly from its vertiginous perch, set high against a backdrop of black satin and heralded by a glorious plumage of jet feathers. Enveloped in precious diamonds, ‘A Queen Forever’ is a unique celebration of a very precious time in the history of the Roger Vivier Maison made possible by this special collaboration with The East India Company. The shoe will be available to view upon private appointment at Roger Vivier London and will be then exhibited at the diamond“Brilliant Exhibition”, part of the prestigious Masterpiece Fair in London, from June 28th to July 4th 2012.


《PULP Opens @ Wyndham Street Central》

Cafe Deco Group opened a new trendy bar and lounge called PULP on Wyndham Street that adds some glitz and glamour to a sophisticated night out. Spanning two floors totaling 4,000 square feet of space, Pulp’s stylishly designed bar is splashed with a vibrant mix of elegant hues. Upstairs on the first floor, there is a relaxing, lounge atmosphere suitable for any type of occasion. A party of five can choose to sit on U-shaped booths and unwind the night with their favorite cocktail. For those who want to satisfy their nicotine cravings, a charming patio connected to the area allows the guests to observe Central’s buzzing throng of bars. 
With an industrial club atmosphere, the resident DJ’s lively beats will get everyone moving on the dance floor until the wee hours of the morning. Guests may also sink into comfortable couches outfitted in rich electric blue leather, sitting against dark wood-paneled walls. The well-stocked bar also features a selection of Champagne and Champagne Rose, Magnum and Jeroboam, as well as the finest red and white wines, imported spirits, specialty beers and international ales. Designed to impress through its décor, music, cocktails and parties, Pulp sets the gold standard in Hong Kong’s pulsating nightlife. Be it a small, medium or large gathering, Pulp surely brings an unforgettable night out.