《Wyndham & Jazz @ Life Full of Flavour》

George Wyndham became the father of Australian Shiraz when he planted the country’s first commercial shiraz vineyard in 1830. It was here, in his vineyard and house that is now a Heritage Listed National Trust Treasure, that he dedicated his life to creating full-flavoured wines.This proud legacy of innovation and dedication endures at Wyndham Estate, where knowledge and experience is built upon by each generation of winemakers. A wider range of distinctively full-flavoured wines are crafted today. Still, Shiraz remains the signature variety of Wyndham Estate - the birthplace of Australian Shiraz.
2012 marks the new mileage for Wyndham Estate, the new red image of the brand added an extra sophistication to its wine, just like the slogan <Life Full of Flavour>. An Wyndham & jazz event was held recently in Hong Kong showcasing the Wynsdham Estate Bin 555 Shiraz Sparkling, Bin 555 Shiraz, George Wyndham Founders Reserve Shiraz, George Wyndham Shiraz Granache, Shiraz Cabernet and Wyndham Estate Black Cluster Shiraz with canape and savoury served.

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