《CHAUMET @ The Art Of Tiara Making》

CHAUMET opened its new boutique in ifc Mall and kicked off with a 6-day “The Art of Tiara Making” exhibition in the atrium of the ifc Mall, showcasing the House’s skilled art of tiara making along with exquisite tiara designs of the brand recently. “The Art of Tiara Making” exhibition showcased an exquisite collection of over 20 signature tiara pieces which epitomize CHAUMET’s rich history in the special art of crafting tiaras.
For over 232 years, CHAUMET has manufactured jewels in the House’s workshop at Place Vendôme, Paris. These highly trained craftsmen design, cut and set stones for thousands of hours to create precious, unique jewels. Making tiaras became the ultimate CHAUMET skill and the specialty of the House; more than 2,000 tiaras have been made by CHAUMET since 1780.
The pieces encapsulate CHAUMET’s High Jewellery excellence and “savoir-faire” that have been handed down from one workshop master to another over the past 2 centuries. This know-how has continued to thrive through decades and centuries, and remains a strong expertise in the House. Today, a special order requires 500 to 1,500 hours of work to make a tiara. This precise craftsmanship is carried out exclusively at the CHAUMET high jewellery workshop located in 12 Place Vendome in Paris.
Throughout history, the expertise of CHAUMET has been associated with the highest levels of power, starting with one of the jeweller’s most famous and powerful customer, Napoleon Bonaparte. The tiara, symbol of power in imperial Rome, aroused his interest and hence on the day of his coronation on December 2nd in 1804, Empress Josephine was adorned in a stunning tiara designed by CHAUMET. After that, CHAUMET became the official jeweller to Emperor Napoleon the first, and shortly afterwards became the official jeweller of Josephine, Marie-Louise, Queen Victoria and the King of France.
CHAUMET also launched the new Josephine Aigrette Collection to celebrate the aigrette’s aesthetic with a tiara, a bracelet and two rings, all crowned by a graceful drop to evoke this sassy jewel. The diamond – set wedding band and engagement ring are presented in grey or pink gold. They can be worn individually or beautifully combined.

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