《MCM @ The Glam Rock Collection》

MCM SS2012 intends the intense theme of “Blossom in Munich” and continues the glamorous rock enthusiasm by the Glam Rock collection.The Glam Rock collection represents the meaning of “Glamorous Rock”. Originated in the early 1970s in British, the glamorous and dramatic style leads the fashion trend of a period while the image of the rebel rock artists continuously influencing the fashion trend nowadays. The style and idea of the Glam Rock collection is different from the tradition esthetics and fulfills with the expectation of the unknown challenges.
The Glam Rock collection gently washed down the leather to give a well-worn and delicate texture to the bags. It presents only in warm colors of light brown, black and yellow but not the exaggerate colors which also have the glamorous rock feeling. The storage volume of the bag is increased with the heritage drawstring closure design. Each bag specially comes with leather tassels and the MCM logo on the side is manually embed in by the round shape metallic studs to continuously representing the rock and roll spirit with the feminine design.

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