《BIOTHERM @ Purefect Skin》

BIOTHERM Launched its latest product Purefect Skin for women looking for perfect and pure skin: no shine, no visible pores, no imperfections. 70% of women after 20* suffer from shiny skin, enlarged pores & imperfections. After 30 they are still 60% to be concerned. L.Digitata. A marine algae of the Atlantic coasts produces a powerful purifying antibacterial protection. On the skin, L.Digitata extract, associated with Zinc, is highly effective in targeting the bacteria present at 90% in the most visible imperfections.
 With 8 hours shine control visible reduction of pores and 65% visible reduction of imperfections, 58% anti-bacterial, matigy, hydrate and pure thermal plankton with no shine, no pores and no imperfections. It complete the range to purify the skin for all skin types that are concerned by shine, enlarged pores and imperfections with efficacy results.

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