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Thomas Pink presented award-winning documentary photographer Jocelyn Bain Hogg with hislimited edition art book that celebrates the essence of “British Entertainment” through his lens and held a mini exhibition in Hong Kong recently. The eclectic list of people photographed include Princes Harry and William, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, Pearly Kings and Queens, Kevin Spacey, just to name a few. mylifestylenews met up with Jocelyn to find out what he does while he presses the shutter......
It is all started as a class system from the 18th century where everyone living in a different kind of lifestyle and different class, just like the Jane Austin was in those years. People came from the upper class to the general public that does equally share a common life but in different class system. I looked at it with no preconceive idea, with no pre-judgement and all class shall be equal.

If I have any mission statement as a photographer, it is to open a window inti our so-called "first world" society, From whatever class or background, whether villains or castle dwellers, we are all the same under the skin and essentially, the photographers should tell the story.

I shot more than 800 rolls of films in the public and private events inn order to compile this to a book.

The book is a volatile heady mix of social gatherings of unlikely social bed fellows. It touches on what one might call the “contemporary season” featuring the more quirky, undiscovered occasions as well as calendar classics.

The visual journey is given context with a passage from psychotherapist Lucy Beresford who explores our love of entertaining and being entertained. A calendar of captions by Alice Waugh (granddaughter of the iconic British writer Evelyn Waugh) dates each event, its historical background, and offers Pink style etiquette tips to guide the reader through various forms of British entertainment in the 21st century.

We wanted a visual history of those occasions that show the British off so well and which tell insiders and onlookers alike so much about who we are today. Heroic stamina, an ability to disappear behind a camera and an innate understanding of our tribal habits were required to fulfill our dreams.

Thomas Pink published the book that comes at a time when the world’s eyes are on Britain.  In a year of Royals, runners and rowers putting on some of the finest shows on the planet, 2012 is THE year to celebrate British entertainment.

I began my career as a unit photographer on movie sets after studing Documentary Photogrpahy at Newport Art College. I shot publicity for the BBC, photogrpahed fashion and now works on documentary projects and commercial and editorial assignments.

I learned early on that camera was my passport, The metal box that covers your face grants psychological invisibility and gives you a reason to be anywhere.

Being a photographer grants a passport to explore different worlds outside of one’s own experience. For the first time in my career, I have photographed my own people from my own background. At once a joyous, revelatory and life affirming journey seizing moments that look to capture a spirit and show the humanity of the players at these very British occasions.

With each new journey with the camera, I learned not only how to to take pictures but also the essential humanistic tenets of photojournalism. Do not judge your subjects but be interested by them. Allow them to "speak" through the pictures, never ever put yourself or your bias first.

I have witness so much with my passport to other worlds and it is always a new experience.

From Palestine to Paris and documenting the British criminal underworld. I've captured the celebrity world from Hollywood to Cannes, followed the difficulties faced by today's youth in Britian and shot rock'n'roll and hedonism in Ibiza.

While completing this project, I rediscovered a contancy of spirit and remembered my own sense of pride and belonging. And I got to go back to school and wish my old headmaster a happy 80th birthday.

If I were not a photographer, I will be possibly doing acting/directing in films.

My most favorite possession is my 1940's watch.

My most extravagance is to have a 18 years old malt whiskey with me when I need it.

My ideal lifestyle is to be able to live in southern part of France and Italy someday.

My current stare of mind is I have still having a terrible jet lag.

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