《CHAUMET's Commitment @ Save The Bees》

Just as precious to CHAUMET are the beautiful, living honey-gatherers themselves, which it supports in conjunction with the Terre d’Abeilles Association’s “Save the Bees”campaign. To carry on the feelings of affection, upon purchase of any item from the CHAUMET Bee My Love collection, CHAUMET will donate a beehive to the “Save the Bees”campaign as an act of goodwill. An ecological commitment and exceptional expertise become one, expressing the same language of jewelry – the language of sentiment.
The Bee My Love Wedding Collection uses a contemporary style of hexagons taken from the idea of a honeycomb to create a simple design that explores timeless concepts of beauty, both subtly and elegantly. The hexagonal motif gives an impression of casual elegance that's stripped of all its artifice. The shapes are lined together in a cavalier, yet perfectly fitted style, much like a loving couple fits perfectly with one another. It is as if to honor the most important woman in your life with a ring as simple and beautiful as your love for her. Conjoining with her wedding ring, the unique ensemble will not only convey the blessings of matrimony and the power of true love, but also epitomize your love for each other.
The wedding collection conveys a euphoric sensation between lovers as it features an 18K white and yellow gold with the options of full ring or half ring diamonds in all nine different styles. With the variety of styles in the collection, countless combinations are available for you to add a personal touch and ensure that your love is truly “one of a kind”.
Embodying all that is Love, the bee and beehive, both key CHAUMET elements, come together in the new “Bee My Love” Wedding Collection from CHAUMET- a signature of every unique love story. CHAUMET’s Bee My Love Wedding Collection reflects the tight-knit values and intimacy of the hive and honeycomb with a lined-up hexagon design giving way to a deceptively simple and unembellished exterior. The hive is home for the bees where they feel safe and content. Bees devote their entire life building the perfect home for themselves and ensuring the family’s well-being, endlessly extracting honey elsewhere without fail or gripe. Likewise, the loyalty and unyielding dedication to your beloved and family are equivalent to the commitment bees have to provide their family with only the finest and the sweetest.

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