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Turning 50 may be a disaster for many others, but for Kuala Lumpur based Veteran Fashion designer, Eric Choong still never say never. Mylifestylenews went beyond the border and met up with the designer to find out more beyond what fashion means to the Fashion Guru. Choong talked about his believe, happiness, life, and death......

Fashion is like a 2nd skin to me. It depends on what you wear, you can project different personalities, especially so when it comes to evening wear.

My latest collection is inspired by the recent films “Clash of the Titans” and “Immortals” and its pantheon of Greek deities. All those handsome gorgeous men and beautiful women, embroiled in drama after drama of love, passion and vengeance, from Heaven to Earth to Hell and back – what’s not to love? The collection draws from the fascinating stories of Greek goddesses and each piece conveys their unique personality. 

Women of today have generally been identified with the expressive personalities and mythical powers of the Greek goddesses. I wanted to extend the goddess metaphor beyond their spiritual and romantic lives to their dresses, from the sensual and alluring to the strong and serene.

ERIC CHOONG's Fashion style is artful extravagance, whilst maintaining an understated elegance whereas my own style is rather Classic, simple and comfortable.

I would love to collaborate with any luxury boutique hotels in designing their rooms, interior and furnishings.

Beside designing clothes,  I would also like to design accessories, including shoes and re-usable tote bags produced from recycled fabrics. I would also like to take up the challenge in designing movie costumes.

I would love to have my label to be carried globally and recognised for its worth, that would be my ultimate goal for my career advancement..

My advise for the young, up and coming designers is when you have a strong passion for fashion design, persevere when the going gets tough as ultimately you will find satisfaction and fulfillment beyond words. Integrity is always important. Remember to be humble and compassionate when you reach the pinnacle. Never stop learning.

My  Favorite pastimes currently is volunteering my time to charity work at the Kechara Buddhist Organization.
My ideal of perfect happiness is to help people and making them happy. Seeing smiles on their faces and knowing I’ve managed to help them in some way brings me incomparable joy.
My greatest fear is not being able to help someone in need.

My greatest regret is that life is too short.

My mother is the living person that I admire the most

The trait that most deplore in me is probably my stubbornness. I disapprove of those who are selfish and constantly love showing off.

My greatest extravagance is while I am on the road travelling.

My favorite journey is the discovery of my spiritual self.

The most overrated virtue is honesty. I am weary of people who claim that they’re “just being honest” when they say indiscreet or unkind things. Honesty is too often used as an excuse.

I lie when there is a need to in order to help those who are suffering.

The thing I dislike most about my appearance is : I wish I was taller!

The talent that I would  like to have is :I would like to be able to sing beautifully.

If I could change one thing about yourself/family is I wish that my father would see and accept me for who I am.

If I could choose to come back as, I would love to be a rich and famous; beautiful and intelligent woman.

My favorite possession would be a pair of chopsticks which was given to me by my grandmother when I was a child. I am still using it now as I believe it has brought me good health.

My favorite occupation is still being a Fashion designer

I have no qualms about living anywhere, as long as I am happy and doing what I love there.

The quality that I like most in people around you is sincerity.

I value the loyalty and honesty in my friends?

My favorite real-life hero is my spiritual guide, Tsem Tulku Rinpoche. My favorite fictional heroes are the pair of lovers Liang Shanbo (梁山伯) and Zhu Yingtai (祝英台) from the story of the Butterfly Lovers, Liang Zhu (梁祝)

I dislike the fact that there are only 24 hours in a day! Sometimes I wish I had 48 hours instead.

I would  like to die in the Kechara World Peace Centre in Malaysia.

My favorite motto is Dharma is a way of life.

My current  state of mind is working towards the path of happiness

My ideal living lifestyle is to live a simple, comfortable and happy life.

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