《MBT Opens @ The Elements Mall》

MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) opens its first store in Hong Kong by showcasing their latest FW2011 collection together with Han Chin's debut "catwalk" show recently. MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) was born in 1996 when they discovered that natural instability has some amazing health benefits.


They made this discovery by observing the wonderfully agile Masai people walking barefoot on natural, uneven ground. Seeing these people in action made them realize that the human body is simply not designed to walk or stand on the hard, flat surfaces of modern society. Thus, they set out to develop a new kind of footwear, one that would mimic walking on soft, uneven ground. The results have been dramatic and revolutionary. Enthusiastic users testify that wearing MBTs noticeably increase their well-being.

《Vintage Finds @ Marshmallow》

This Japanese owned store carries lots of up and coming Japanese vintage designers’ brands.Others good finds includes some Chanel vintage jackets, Henry Holland and even Mexican Designer Alexandre Quesada. Most of the items are one off and one design as they prefer their customer who wear their designs uniquely and brings out their own personal character. Be prepared to pay a little bit more than your normal shopping expenses, If you really find something you do like and can't help but must have, after all, it is only money!!

Address: Shop G5, Bartlock Centre,
3 Yiu Wa Street, Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2836 6367

《GUCCI @ First Children's Eyewear 》

Gucci is pleased to announce the debut of its first sunglasses line for kids. Designed by Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini, these sunglasses reflect the House’s commitment to impeccable quality married with contemporary design. Boys and girls from the age of 7 may personalize their style with this must-have accessory.These models are made of exclusive three-layer acetate personalised by the Gucci web that decorates the initial breadth of the temples, next to the Gucci logo. Shaded lenses complete both the boys’ aviator drop style as well as the girls’ round style.
The distinctive element of the new collection is a teddy bear subtly designed inside the ends of the temples. The profile of the golden teddy bear is also on the lily-white glasses case personalised with the embossed double G. Boys and girls may express their style in a variety of colors: in addition to the classic pairing of white, black and red, the boys can play with light blue and orange, bright yellow and black or military green and violet. The girls can choose from a rainbow of shades: from white, black, red, blue, green to the combinations with violet, cherry, pink and orange.


《Smile 2 Gather @ Invisalign》

Over 1.5 million patients are smiling with confidence thanks to Invisalign. Without brackets or wires, Invisalign takes a modern approach to teeth straightening and is virtually invisible to the clear way with a healthy smile. An introduction event was held recently to help patients fits into their lifestyle and ensuring the treatment doesn't hold you back. It is virtually invisible and hygienic alternative to braces that let you keep smiling during the treatment and the hygienic benefits of straighter teeth at the same time. Further info can be found at http://www.invisalign.com.hk/

《Vintage Finds @ Hamstead》

Hamstead opened nearly a year now on Yiu Wa Street and their country cottage vintage like deco of the shop didn’t let us down, the brands that they carry varies from one and many good finds are from euro vintage stores especially in France and England. The French label Manoush is one of our favourites as the details of the 1920’s look completely shown in the collection, a real good vintage indeed. Prince range from HK$500 to HK$20,000 and some of the vintages are not for sales. Mind you asking!! 

Address: 28 Yiu Wa Street Causeway Bay, Hong Kong                              
Tel: +852 2702 0038

《dunhill CUSTOM New Signature Fragrance》

dunhill CUSTOM is the new signature fragrance is the first initiative from dunhill to appeal to the connoisseur and features breakthrough innovation with a cap that can be customised. The scent is expertly balanced with distinctively subtle notes of wood and spice that, just like well cut clothes, make it feel tailor-made. With over 100 years of experience in the world of luxury, Alfred Dunhill's history is sprinkled with exquisite products made to the specification of its most discerning patrons.  This experience and heritage is upheld by the dunhill Bespoke (Custom) tailoring service and now with its new signature fragrance. 
The Scent is Distinctive and expertly balanced, dunhill Custom reflects dunhill’s own brand philosophy of stylish, masculine, sophistication and understated luxury built on tradition.The crisp freshness of quintessentially English Pippin apple, in the top note makes it timeless and classic. This harmonises perfectly with the intrigue and subtle sparkle of Spicy Black Pepper at its heart. Finally, the unquestionably masculine base of warm Cedarwood and incense creates an elegantly, assertive fragrance. The attention to detail applied, as if the fragrance is perfectly tailored to the individual, sets its wearer apart with sophistication and elegance. 


《PELLE BORSA x Annie Lau》

PELLE BORSA announces their new face sweet heart idol Annie Lau as their latest spoke person. An event was held recently introducing Lau's collaboration with the brand latest design Very J. series tote bag as one of their FW2011 collection. PELLE BORSA is a Japanese brand that uses Italian made leather with exquisite craftsmanship by skilled Japanese craftsmen producing timeless leather collection.