Dior Presents The Rosa Mutabilis Floral Motif

 Dior Presents its Rosa mutabilis floral motif for Fall 2020 collection, designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri features a series of original looks inspired by Rosa mutabilis, a precious species of rose originating in China, whose color changes over the course of its blooming.

This symbol is transformed into delicate embroidery that appears on must-have accessories, such as the iconic Dior Book Tote bag or emblematically elegant Mitzah scarf, as well as on a selection of shoes – consisting of Walk'n'Dior sneakers, J'Adior pumps, Granville espadrilles and Dway mules.

These irresistible creations provide enchanting and romantic final touches of springlike femininity in a celebration of the beauty of nature.


Versace Presents The Medusa Colours Collection

A Versace Home Collection classic, the Medusa Colours tableware line is designed in 2020 boasting a new colour palette. Characterized by a central Medusa motif, the fine porcelain plates are adorned with heritage gold-tone Barocco borders. Already available in classic red and blue tones, the 2020 collection introduces four new colorways: delicate rose, light celeste blue, marine purple and juniper green. The Medusa plates are available in 30 cm wall and 18 cm bread plate iterations.


Bella Hadid Stars in "The One Woman show“


When campaign star Bella Hadid finds herself alone in our picturesque summer shoot destination, she decides to take things into her own hands.

In this playful video featuring pieces from MICHAEL Michael Kors, Bella takes on a few roles you’ve never seen her in before - Bella as Caterer, as Set Designer, as Security. With the Carmen bag in tow, Bella proves there’s no job too big, or too small, for our stylish star.


OMEGA Introduces The New OMEGA Constellation Gent's Collection

OMEGA’s Constellation has long been a symbol of exquisite precision and timeless style. Now, the next generation of models for men is proudly being launched. The new 41 mm watches reflect a particularly bold and sophisticated spirit, while they also beautifully capture the Constellation’s most famous design traits – such as the iconic claws, and the half-moon facets at either end of the case.

Furthermore, OMEGA has integrated some of its finest and most advanced watchmaking materials into the designs. This includes models in stainless steel, 18K gold, or a combination of both. Additionally, almost all the bezels have been crafted in polished ceramic – replicating the look of the original Constellation Manhattan of 1982, which used shiny sapphire glass. Only one model in the new collection features its own stainless steel bezel, which is enhanced by blackened Roman numerals. For the other models with ceramic bezels, the Roman numerals have been produced in either OMEGA Ceragold™ or Liquidmetal™.

Bevelling along the edges of the case and claws has provided the collection with a more slender look compared to models of the past, and even the crown has been subtly reshaped for added style. Adding to this effect, the hands have been given a slimline update, and the new indexes take their inspiration from the Manhattan skyline, most notably the triangular facets of the Freedom Tower. Most of the new 2020 models will be presented on leather straps with an anti-bacterial rubber lining. A decorative metallic link connects each side of the strap to the case, creating a unique look of its own. Those who prefer an overall metallic look can match their new model with any bracelet in the Constellation 39mm collection, or its full leather strap.

Finally, the caseback features sapphire crystal that offers a view of the OMEGA Master Co-Axial Calibre 8900 / 8901 inside. All watches have been Master Chronometer certified by the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) at the industry’s highest standards of precision, performance and magnetic resistance.


Salvatore Ferragamo Presents “Salvatore, Shoemaker of Dreams” by Luca Guadagnino

Salvatore Ferragamo Presents “Salvatore, Shoemaker of Dreams” - A film by Luca Guadagnino Out of Competition at the 77th Venice Film Festival.  “That has been my life’s work: striving to learn to make shoes that always fit and the refusal to put my name to any that do not fit. Therefore please look behind the story of the small, barefoot, unlettered boy who became a famous shoemaker, and seek the pleasure you will obtain from walking well.” These are the final words - written by the man himself - of the preface to Salvatore Ferragamo’s autobiography, the tale of a pioneer whose creative genius remains as unrivalled as it is timeless still today and who unintentionally bound his story to the world of film. And now his autobiography brings us full circle back to film, with a feature-length documentary directed by Luca Guadagnino and presented at the Venice Film Festival. “We were overjoyed to learn that the film about my father’s life would be presented at the Venice Film Festival,” announced Ferruccio Ferragamo. “It is an honour for me and my entire family that a director of Luca Guadagnino’s calibre would take an interest in our family history, adapting it for the big screen.”

Not only does the documentary trace Ferragamo’s artistic journey, but it tells the story behind the man through the two deeply interwoven worlds that he inhabited: Italy and America. It follows Salvatore from his birthplace in the Southern Italian region of Campania to the United States, from apprentice shoemaker in Naples to owner of the Hollywood Boot Shop in California, to his decision to return to Italy, to live and work in Florence, mastering his craft and rising to success as a businessman. All this in the span of one life marked by genius and intuition, the very traits that helped him overcome the difficulties he faced. The project began in 2017 when Luca Guadagnino, inspired by his reading of the shoemaker and Italian entrepreneur’s autobiography, reached out to the Ferragamo family, who opened the doors of the fashion brand’s archives to him, giving him access to interviews, family anecdotes and other information, as well as the final, precious words of Wanda Miletti, Salvatore’s wife. For three years, Fondazione Salvatore Ferragamo and Museo Salvatore Ferragamo worked with the director and screenwriter Dana Thomas, sharing historical expertise and in-depth knowledge. The tape recordings of Salvatore reading aloud some of the chapters of his autobiography, which were restored for the occasion, and the radio interviews he gave in Australia also proved invaluable for their research. “What is genius? How does a system begin, be it film or fashion? And how does an intense obsession with the constant search for new ideas and creation meld with tradition and family values? The life of Salvatore Ferragamo (1898-1960), a leading player and observer of the 20th century, is the answer to these questions.” 


SAINT LAURENT Rive Droite x Havaianas

 Havaianas and Saint Laurent have created a new flip-flop, with a leopard print and black straps. This special Brazilian flip flop turned into a timeless print available exclusively at Saint Laurent Rive Droite. All exclusively available at Saint Laurent Rive Droite saintlaurentrivedroite.com


廣企FANTASY- 幻想得到的優美(II)

廣企FANTASY- 幻想得到的優美II



一起進或一起退    沒法一起是失去

ETRO 2020WE ARE ALL ONE」的秋冬廣告是一篇致敬與熱愛和諧大自然的讚美詩。這個人與大自然間的深邃連繫一直是ETRO的品牌文化與價值。此深刻理念啟發了過往多個ETRO品牌故事,包括1997年的The Nature of Things2008年的Etropicalia2010年的Blossoming2016年的State of Nature2017年的Sky is the Limit以及2019年的Natura Manifesta等。品牌1997年推出的名為「Animen」的秋冬廣告亦是從此角度出發,透過不同動物之間親切愉快的對話,展現出靈動的自然世界。全新廣告以基本的純色為背景,由攝影師Dario Catellani掌鏡,九位人類主角包括ETRO創始人Gimmo Etro、意大利名模Mariacarla BosconoFernando CabralMaty Fall Diba、捷克超模兼女演員Eva Herzigova、法國演員David Kammenos、荷蘭名模Felice Nova NoordhoffParker Van Noord及可愛小女孩Olivia Catellani ETRO以人類和動物作為共同的主角,描繪了一幅幅反映出團結與分享的溫馨畫面,生動的相片反映了品牌對人與自然界互相尊重的新時代的期盼與渴望。共同參與拍攝活動的還有衆多的動物朋友,包括天鵝Mario、蝸牛Anita、小鴨AnnaAdamo、小羊Camila、蟾蜍Rino及孔雀Gianni。人類從不孤單,因我們與大自然及動物可和睦地共同居住在這顆美麗的星球上,藉此提醒人們,我們也是動物世界的一部分。


名為#ValentinoEmpathy 2020 秋冬廣企由Valentino 創作總監Pierpaolo Piccioli 構思和策劃,作為品牌對現時全球在抗疫期間保持社交距離這種新生活體驗的一次反思。 Piccioli 一直希望透過他的作品表達多元共融的夢想世界,他深信雖然我們在疫情當下難以交流接觸,但畢竟人類擁有豐富的情感,仍可透過同理心而互通心意,與社會上各人互相扶持,變得更團結、更堅強。這股把人連接在一起的力量,正推動我們迎向積極正面的變革。 同時,以秉承和延續Valentino 的品牌價值,頌揚不分國界、不受地域或觀念限制的一體化精神。在#ValentinoEmpathy 特別項目中登場的主角,一同共襄善舉的品牌摯友分別有國際級的演員Gwyneth PaltrowFrances Mc DormandLaura DernRossy de Palma舒淇、唐嫣等。模特兒界有Naomi CampbellChristy Turlington、劉雯等以及延伸到歌手Mustafa the PoetGhali、媒體創作人Janet Mock 及作家Rula Jebreal 等強大陣容傾力為這廣企演出。

除了那套新衣未會穿    你也算是完全

此廣企計劃在主角們於這段艱難時期與至親好友共處的地方拍攝,每位嘉賓都以Valentino 2020/21 秋冬系列的造型亮相。每一幀硬照由相中主角身邊的至親好友掌鏡拍攝,以人物肖像的演繹手法,記錄彼此在這困難時刻所分享和經歷的點滴,而照片上亦會標示每一位「掌鏡人」與相中人的關係。 每位在廣告中亮相的名人將捐出拍攝酬金,將100 萬歐元的善款撥捐位於義大利全國抗疫樞紐羅馬的Lazzaro Spallanzani 醫院,品牌亦計畫與該醫院合作開展中、長期項目,以應對不同階段的疫情大流行。我們更理應時刻去建立以愛和團結為主的社會,越過悲劇和艱苦,好讓我們比以往任何時候都更加感受到團結的力量,渴望彼此聯繫、同心前行、團結一致、逆境自強、樂觀面對,繼續發放正能量。





FURLA Presents Chinese Valentine’s Day Collection

FURLA presents the new Chinese Valentine’s Day Collection, celebrating love and promise. Dressed in a passionate red color celebrating the burning sensation of love, the new FURLA Chinese Valentine’s Day Edition Collection that flaunts FURLA’s distinctive Italian style is uniquely adorned with zicrons in two tones beautifully arranged in a heart shape to tell of love. The classically chic crossbody bag can be worn either across the body or over the shoulder. A versatile fit for all occasions from day to night, they are ideal for conveying everlasting love.


TIFFANY Presents Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection

Tiffany & Co. brings you the Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection – inspired by the force of nature, the collection is a celebration of diamond artistry for its designs are intricately crafted with a unique combination of diamond cuts and setting techniques that accentuate texture and contrast while its fluid design embodies elegance, poise and style. Inspired by patterns found in nature, both rhythmic and symmetrical or fluid and organic, the Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants, all crafted with distinguished and multifaceted designs. The elegant simplicity in the designs of the jewelry show beautiful scenes of nature whether the naturalistic petals of leaves on the pendant or the streamlined floral motifs of the dazzling earrings.

Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection is intricately crafted with a unique combination of diamond cuts and setting techniques that accentuates the fire and brilliance of Tiffany diamonds. The collection features a stunning array of diamond shapes including pear, round brilliant and marquise diamonds that create a dazzling play of light, providing texture, contrast and a distinctly romantic sensibility. The fluid, random movement of nature is evoked through the variation in the stone shapes and sizes while mixed cuts sit alongside delicate pave work, making these pieces romantic, but modern. Crafted with a unique combination of cuts, superlative stones and brilliant design, the Tiffany Victoria® Vine Collection features supremely feminine designs as captivating as nature’s most inspired creations, and timeless designs of unparalleled elegance and grace, making it as appropriate for day as it is for evening.


SACAI SS2020 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

SACAI SS2020 Collection

One Nation Under a Groove

The words of George Clinton and Funkadelic deliver a message of harmony and unity.

Translated by designer Chitose Abe to her SS2020 collection.

A response to the disharmony in our world today and here unifying different wardrobe elements to make one harmonious, hybrid piece, while continuing her career-long quest to re-imagine what’s possible with silhouette.

Chiffon lavalliere blouse / pants / trench all incorporated into one dress. Coat / skirt / dress shirt, all joined as one, with a new, elegant harmony.

The map of the world and a motif inspired by cartography extends the theme - as embroidery on trenches, prints on dresses and playful, 3D fringe on knits and lady-like tweed, in forms reminiscent of the seven continents, with a spectrum of colour, from bright through to monochrome.

Rope belts and fastenings pull looks together, while making a new silhouette.

The cord inspired by climbing rope, playing with the notion - held deeply and with hope and optimism that humanity ultimately rises to a higher place.


BOBBI BROWN Introduces Cranberry CRUSH Collection


Dress your look in love with this limited-edition collection celebrating Cranberry, our most loved lip shade, with special packaging featuring a playful heart design. Cranberry Crush Collection boosts your look from lips to cheeks with an array of berry toned makeup products that give you a flushed, flirtatious glow just in time for the holiday.



Five sumptuous shades of our moisturizing Luxe Lip Color formula are pressed into one compact brick for easy color customization apply shades individually, layer for the perfect pout, or swirl through all shades for a custom blend. Includes a lip brush.


Loaded with color yet conditioned with moisture, our Crushed Lip Color is packed with lip loving ingredients like Vitamins E and C for comfortably hydrated Cranberry stained lips all day long.


Achieve a lit from within glow with the luminous, yet soft sheen of this brightening brick. The best selling cranberry color mixed with red, copper, and pink tones gives cheeks a warm flush. Plus, the Face Blender Brush provides a soft, airbrushed finish to the Brightening Brick.


BALLY Introduces A-Z Illustrated Alphabets

Bally introduces A-Z, a comprehensive and illustrated alphabet honoring the unexpected anecdotes and unique tales that have shaped the Swiss luxury house’s brand codes and DNA since 1851 to present day. These new compositional letters go back to basics, highlighting Bally’s commitment to the art of creation, and traces the brand’s heritage, whether a tender origin story between founder Carl Franz Bally and his wife Cecyle, or “C”, to the handmade wonder of the Bally Scribe men’s dress shoe, or “S”, which takes over 240 artisanal techniques to complete. The Bally A-Z graphic series pays homage to the brand’s spirit of collaboration with renowned artists like Bernard Villemot and Emil Cardinaux, presenting a visual language that’s crafted by five celebrated creatives from around the world. Notable, Brooklyn-based illustrator Abbey Lossing, Swiss duo Nina Wehrle and Evelyne Laube of “It’s Raining Elephants,” Baltimore - based George Wylesol, American-born visual artist Bryce Wymer and Dutch cartoonist Lennard Kok explore Bally stories through the alphabet in their distinct and respective styles. They illustrate standout themes that characterize the Bally A-Z, including the brand’s deep reverence for nature, alpine environments and its eye for the essential. Signature products also feature, including the iconic Bally Stripe and the newer 1851 Hardware. As Bally approaches its 170th anniversary in 2021, the Bally A-Z is all-encompassing and purposefully constructed.


OMEGA Presents OMEGA’s 321-Powered Moonwatch

 51 years ago, the astronauts of Apollo 11 were taking the first ever human footsteps onto the moon. Inside the crew’s OMEGA Speedmaster watches, was the now-famous Calibre 321, a movement that not only became legendary that day, but also returned for every lunar landing in history. This year, OMEGA has expertly recreated the Calibre 321 in its 2nd generation form, and included it in a very special timepiece known as the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Stainless Steel. While this exciting news was released earlier in 2020, OMEGA is proud to announce that the watch is now ready to wear on Earth.

The non-limited timepiece offers a genuine connection to space history, as well as a movement that has long been cherished and sought-after by watch collectors and aficionados around the world. The 39.70 mm case has been crafted in stainless steel, and is influenced by another piece of Speedmaster space heritage - the 3rd generation style that was worn during America’s first space walk in 1965. The design also includes a bezel ring in polished black ceramic [ZrO2] with a tachymeter scale in white enamel, as well as the iconic “Dot over Ninety”. Gracing the black step dial are the familiar Moonwatch hands, along with a vintage OMEGA logo.

Through the sapphire crystal caseback, owners will be able to admire the Calibre 321 itself. It took two years of extensive research and reconstruction to bring this movement back to life, including the use of tomography (a digital scanning method) to see inside the true OMEGA Speedmaster worn by astronaut Eugene “Gene” Cernan during the Apollo 17 mission in 1972. Each of today’s new movements has been recreated to the authentic specifications of the original, and assembled within OMEGA’s dedicated Calibre 321 workshop. There’s perhaps no better way for watch fans to celebrate humankind’s most famous achievements beyond Earth.


CHAUMET Summer Sparkles

CHAUMET enlarges its Jeux de Liens collection with two new brightly-coloured pendants: a refreshing swimming pool blue and a glistening jet black to add to its collection of talismanic, for a vibrant summer season. A contemporary reinterpretation of the sentimental jewel, since 1977 the Liens collection has been celebrating the bonds between people and uniting those who love each other. In graphic and colourful variations, the Jeux de Liens creations provide an optimistic palette to combine in a light and fresh manner according to one’s desires: the crossed links light up with the bright hues of coloured gemstones, the glow of polished gold, or the sparkle of diamonds.

Through the addition of two rose gold versions of the pendant, Chaumet extends the sense of playfulness with colourful pieces imbued with meaning. Joining the lacquer and gemstone versions are styles in agate and onyx, each evokes the soothing blue of a lagoon, while the second, a token of strength and stability, bears mysterious witness to dark and sultry star-speckled summer nights. By mixing and matching, these Jeux de Liens creations can be worn alone or in multiple, as precious lucky charms to keep all summer long.


DIESEL Introduces Virus-Fighting Denim

DIESEL introduces an ultra-innovative denim treatment that physically halts 99% of any viral activity. Developed in partnership with Swedish firm Polygiene, the innovative ViralOff® application - of which DIESEL retains a 100% exclusive on denim - will be implemented across a selection of the brand’s Spring/Summer 2021 denim styles, aiming at a greater range of products moving forward.  ViralOff® is the result of Polygiene’s extensive efforts in garment protection, which began with the SARS epidemic in the early 2000’s. DIESEL will apply the treatment to a selection of denim models during the final production stages. The technology is “always on,” and has the capacity to disable over 99% of viral activity within two hours of contact between pathogens and fabric. ViralOff® has shown efficacy against a comprehensive range of viruses, including COVID-19. It works by interacting with key proteins, inhibiting the virus from attaching to textile fibers.

Additionally, ViralOff® offers an extra sustainability benefit: the treatment lasts for the lifetime of the garment, and with lower wash cycle counts, the garment life is extended, and water and energy use are reduced. As part of its “For Successful Living” philosophy, Diesel remains deeply committed to researching and finding progressive solutions for its customers to live life at its best, from comfort to style, from ergonomics and trends to health and safety. Polygiene ViralOff® represents an especially critical response in protecting customers. Safety and public responsibility have never been more important, and DIESEL prides itself on innovating and adapting to the world’s evolving situations quickly and responsibly. Our customer’s health and safety is at the forefronts for the brand, which is evaluating even more measures in this field.