《Grown Ups》

Fun, lots laughters and this time even more family oriented. Having all his close pals around, Sandler certainly had done one of the biggest reunion of all time that he had put into his film. A good family watch-together film.

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《Toy Story 3》

Stunning! Stunning!!Stunning!!! This finale fo the 3 films really rounded-up the best for all kinds. The story was simply so human and flawless CD and lots of laughters from the kids with no doubts. A not to be missed and probably one of the best 3D animated film so far. We will miss you Woody and of course your other pals.

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This remade from the famous TV series won many die hard fans vote to continute with its action cum humor that made it to the big screen. The new A TEAM seems having the chemistry among the others brought out the best from each charactor. Not bad for a summer blast.

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《Sex & The City 2》

Fans of fashion will never say no to this sequel although the four girls are gradually entering to their menopause age, but who cares, that is not the issue. What we all want is the style of their living and the lifestyle that almost everyone has been dreaming for. Story good or bad is no longer who the audiences care, they would love to see more fashion, labels, travelling tips, endless champagne and perhaps a little more flesh and sex...Don't you agree?

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Katherine Heigl has always been funny and has won many audience' heart for being so approachable in her movie roles. As ever, the male actor in her movies mainly are just someone who second her to make her role much more unique and outstanding. This film with no exception like the ending twist.

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《The Last Station》

Christopher Plummer and Helen Mirren are simply brilliant. This is very well written and directed movie by Michel Hoffman, there are a lot of good well written lines that full of humors. Not forgetting James Mcavoy for his great supporting role. This film could have your tears, laughter and also could eat your heart out if you watch closely and put yourself into the characters they played. One of the best films in years.

《The Good Heart》

One heart for another, be it a good one or a bad one. This is probably one of Brain Cox's best in his acting life playing a grumpy and bad temper bar owner who is waiting for some donors to give him a heart to live on, until he met Dano who was saved from his suicide attempt. Two men exchange views and cross path in their lives and eventually did Cox get his new heart and change him to a new person? The shocking ending really has you sit up tight to find out the truth.