《The Grey》

The poster may be larger than life and you may suspect this time who is Liam Neeson to fight against with for survival but "IT"?! Don't get carried away or judge the book by its cover as it may takes you to different level of surprise. "Live or die on this day" as what the movie slogan say you may need to have the strength of love to live, that could be truth especially when you survived from a planed crash and landed on an extreme location with nothing around you but snow......and other threats that attack. You may find this film familiar from the old survival movie that based on a true story ~ <Alive> but nonetheless, this time you don't need to eat the real human's flesh, even in the film, this line were used. <The Grey> may not be the best survival film but it creates a good suspense factor for what's next to come. Have a great journey with Neeson may not be a bad idea either. At least he is capable is taking care of you, will he?!


《6 Minutes @ Tricia Chan》

Model/Socialite Tricia Chan or better off well-known as pop singer/actor Edison Chan's beloved sister, who is now one of Hong Kong A-list socialites attending major fashion and lifestyle events talks to mylifestylenews on her love in fashion and how she keeps herself in good shape.

Fashion to me is a trend but it will fate out sooner or later. I don't really follow the fashion trend and I think it is tacky. I try to stick to my own personal's comfort style.

I love to wear fashionable and chic clothings in bright and striking colors, purple, shocking pink or fushia pink are the top of my list. I like to wear clothes that fits right my body.

Furla SS2012 collection are fun, colorful, chic. The bags have big compartment, it is extremely practical and wearable for a good mix and match outfit for summer.

Vintage style collection is another favorites of mine. I adore sexy dresses that embodied the body's silhouette, sexy is certainly the key word for me and is my kind of style when comes to picking up an evening dress.

Women like bags and shoes, that is because we just do. It simply make women look more sophisticated, modern and fashionable.

I try to maintain my body shape by doing Hot Yoga. Apparently, I am into jogging and running even I am only a beginner. I just love to sweat and like the idea of getting rid of your body's toxin. It is what I am pretty much getting into now.

My ideal living lifestyle is to get more exercise and sweat it all out although it may sounds like the new year resolution but I guess without a healthy life and living in a healthy lifestyle, you won't be able to enjoy what is given.


《HUDSON Jeans @ SS2012》

HUDSON jeans has arrived in Hong Kong ifc mall.......finally and brought along its latest SS2012 jeans collection for denim lover. Traditional British design concepts inserted within American Jeans technology can be found in the lastest SS2012 HUDSON jeans collection. HUDSON Nico Rise Super Skinny color jeans second skin denim is a light super-strech fabric that hugs your curves down to the last inch. With a special blend of fibers, this baby has more strecth and resillence than ever before in these delicious colors. It comes in watermelon, lemon, tangerine, chery and lavender colors.
The laser print embrace the new technology of denim laser printing using a laser beam directly on the surface of the dnim attains the unique effect, This technology is being perfected to replace the more abrasive dying techniques, saving in average 97.5% of water used in a regular stone wash.
HUDSON also introduced a subtle sheen lends sparkle Metallic jeans, each pair is hand sprayed with a special finish that gives the metallic look without compromising comfort or softness. They'are fun and easy to wear all day long, but this brilliant look especially shines at night.
HUDSON jeans product is to make you feel good by empowering you to feel like you can do what you are supposed to do with your life and achieve anything you set out to do. It defines the best product as highest fashion with top quality and impeccable fit.

《TOM FORD Eyewear @ SS2012》

TOM FORD's SS2012 Eyewear Collection is a clever combination between the high design content of the TF175 Nico and the cross detail in a innovative flat profile , create the Geometrics trends. Its iconic styles carrying the Tom Ford DNA and conveys glamour, exclusivity, seductive appeal. It is and extremely distinctive accessory in line with the Jet Set look withw wide range of glamorous colors to enhance the femininity. The traditional color combined to more glamorous one: games of multicolor transparences and bicolor fronts with gradient lenses for an elegant look.

《Ermanno Scervino @ SS2012》

Ermanno Scervino SS2012 Men collection classic themes take on new forms in shades of sky-blue, becoming peculiarly modern. They blend into a backdrop of new cotton/linen/silk mixes, see-through raffia frame, and cotton/steel knitted fabric yielding a deliberately wrinkled effect that is never two dimensional. The Ermanno Scervino man will wear unlined and unstructured tailored suits and jackets with minimalist Prince of Wales check or houndstooth prints or a play of stripes, in a variety of new soft summer fabrics that naturally follow the shape of the body.
These trade off with cotton shirts brightened by invisible steel wires or with cardigans in cotton, linen, hemp, or raffia, in which the hints of red and light blue carve out the shapes. And between seasons, the pullovers morph into super-light quilted technical jackets that close with a zipper as an alternative to trench coats and military-inspired pea coats. He will wear pants with a soft yet fitted cut, even high-waisted, in shaded degradé colors; more formal versions are present with a silk crease with necktie-inspired micro designs. Wool crêpe for tuxedos in blue and white with lapels in silk faille, both single and double breasted, to be worn over cotton and cotton/silk pure white shirts closed by white bow ties. 
The women collection takes us on a voyage across the India of Rajasthan and of the Maharajas. On distinctions between sporty and couture melt away in this new collection, one that offers daring combinations of different materials and different worlds. Graphic fishnet or cotton lace, a weave which evokes Vienna straw yields a style with essential volumes of sartorial structure.

《COVA @ Properous Golden Egg Collection》

To celebrate Easter, COVA specially launches the Prosperous Golden Egg Collection which highlights the gold and silver colors decorated chocolate eggs, which represents wealth and fortune, giving the collection a glamorous touch. COVA chooses the best cocoa blends, and pays attention to details in the production of their chocolates in order to assure the best peculiarities and to deliver the most prestigious enjoyment for customers.
The production procedures are done with high precision. From handpicking the cocoa beans, production, and all the way to wrapping the chocolate eggs, the procedures are completed in Milan by the top-notch chocolatiers, aiming to deliver a chocolate experience unique to their prestigious customers. The beautifully decorated Easter chocolate eggs are then shipped to Hong Kong from Milan by air. By the way, where's the Bunny?