A.T By Atsuro Tayama 30th Anniversary @ SS2012 NEO 70's Collection

A.T by Atsuro Tayama SS2012 collection is inspired by Mondrian’s abstract paintings, which were popular in the 70’s, and scenes from holidays in Provence or North Africa that one might see in French New Waves films. A.T’s “NEO’s” by ATSURO TAYAMA is a natural and casual interpretation of mannishness and elegance.
Geometric patterns are rendered in colorful shades such as pink, orange, green and blue. This line plays with colour; a T-shirt in blocks of three vivid colours of pink, orange and mustard yellow, and pleated skirts in basic colour and bright colour combination. Pink or green peek out from the folds of the drapes of the cardigan with a waterfall collar.
Inspired by holidays in Provence in the south of France. This line gives a relaxed and feminine impression by the use of gingham checks in pastel colours, nautical tricolour stripes and all-lace maxi dress. The Tropical and Flora line features exotic tropical floral designs, embroideries in ethnic motifs and Indian cotton with polka dot paneling. Casual pieces include maxi-length dresses and skirts, and handkerchief hem blouses in natural fabrics such as cotton and linen. Colourful shades such as yellow, orange, pink and blue come in varying tones from vivid ethnic to earthy.

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