Simonetta Ravizza @ SS2012 Metro-Tribal Collection

Simonetta Ravizza @ SS2012 Metro-Tribal Collection are themed black Africa and metropolis meet in a new metro-tribal style. In a collection where leather, suede and fabrics acquire an increasingly stronger role, each outfit becomes the crossroads of far distant latitudes and opposite cultures.Tops are Urban, edgy-cut tank tops, small jackets, micro bolero and mini trench coats. Suede and leather. Brick red and turquoise. Fuchsia and orange. Bottom are: Miniskirts, micro dresses, maxi, and textured cotton trousers with Wax prints : fabrics from Togo and Benin that women in the Black Continent adore and strive for.
Besides being a true Sub-Saharan luxury item, this kind of fabric has a deep symbolic value for the women’s emancipation and many of them have become rich and cultivated by selling it. To such a point that they have been nicknamed “mama benz”, i.e. the only ones who can afford to drive around in a Mercedes. Furs become a colourful and ironic quotation: the sable tank top, the mini orange mink, the fox vest. Accessories inclue groundhog tails accessorise the fringed suede bags, platforms made of wax fabric and wooden jewellery.

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