《HOGAN @ "FUTURE ROOTS” Photo Exhibition》

HOGAN’s “FUTURE ROOTS” is a project engaged by the world’s most respected creative figures. “FUTURE ROOTS” is a gallery of photographic portraits that celebrates, through the passion and genius of international architects and designers, the vision of a future that plants its roots in the values and traditions of the past, its constant source of inspiration. FUTURE ROOTS” is a path to excellence: without relinquishing the best of yesterday, it modernizes, transforms, reinterprets, projecting it into innovative images, structures and products that remain contemporary due to a perfect balance between past and future.
 This balance is the essence of each style and development, and represents the driving source for the future of our culture. The catalogue is a preview of 18 portraits, all part of the original oeuvre that will be launched in Milan during the Design Week in April 2012.
The project is supported by brilliant creative minds who are successful and charming characters in their respective fields. In the portraits, they are either placed in their working environment or next to objects that reflect their personalities and characters. These elegant people enjoy a refined yet spontaneous lifestyle and live in world capitals that lead cultural and artistic development.
 They were chosen by Hogan because they embody the reality and the future of innovation, and, while remaining faithful to their roots, enrich but never distort that reality, which is the key idea behind “FUTURE ROOTS”.

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