《A Simple Life 桃姐》

Despite this film had received numerous recognitions and reviews from many other film fests especially best actress that crowned Dennie Yip. There are still something is missing to complete the entire film. Pretentiously unpretentious acting may be the word for it. Don't get us wrong, we all love Yip's acting ever since her films in the 90's as well as her singing, somehow the more you put in, it may contaminate what your already had. We can't deny that Ann Hui's direction does always come close to everyone's heart especially her sentimentalism for seeing through what women wants. Hui does what she does best. Besides, many of the supporting roles and cameo appearance are the big compliment and surprises. Thanks to all the film makers' friends of Hui that putting this together and making it a plesant wonder. We were told there could be a prequel is in the plan due to the positive response, we shall awaits another Hui's surprise.

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