《M.A.C @ SS2012 Makeup Trend Presentation》

M.A.C's SS2012 Trend presentation consolidates their authority increasingly inspirational angels on trend by James Molly, M.A.C Regional Director of Make-up Artistry presenting the biggest directions, key colours and need-to-know techniques of the season. "We really break down trends in details looking at the exact nuances and techniques and details that editors need to know to reinvent their makeup stories every season," explains Molly.
After last season's toughness and androgyny, SS2012 heralds the revival of an altogether more feminine and sensual approach to makeup. Molly presents the four keys trends of this season. They are: NEO-N with dynamic, urban, neoprene shades get a contemporary rethink, as pure-pigment eyes and lips go effortlessly edgy thanks to a new ease and lack of aggression to their application NEO-N.
The ORE-INSPIRED are beautifully buffed, burnished metallic accenting lips, cheeks and eyes make for the most modern way to reference the idea of a summer tan ORE-INSPIRED.
The ATH-ELITE highlight the skin that radiates a sportive, ultra-luminous freshness and health tunes into the season's chic, athletic vibe ATH-ELITE. and the NOUV-EAU are with languorous colour washes pick up on the soft side of the season, as tints that run from delicate peach through to blurred espresso form the most relevant way to wear subtle colour and definition NOUV-EAU.

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