CORNELIANI SS2012 reinventing a look without upsetting the rules of elegance for men, by suggesting how a wardrobe can be refreshed with ever lighter and more deconstructed suits. Created with the aid of tradition and technology, abaca – the star of the next S/S collection – is a new vegetable fibre which water resistant, extremely thin, and elastic. Also known as Manila hemp, this plant grows without the intervention of humans and symbolizes a more environmentally correct kind of fashion. To emphasise the desire for nature and escape, the models walk on the sand of an imaginary desert across the fashion show’s set.
Convinced that suits must reflect elegance which pays special attention to details and the charm of tradition, Sergio Corneliani, the brand’s creative director, suggests a style balanced between the hectic city life and a dreamlike, out-of-this-world holiday represented by the magic of the desert, echoed in the comfort of forms and colours: white, beige and sand. The proposals for the urban style are more decisive – but never strict or stiff – and always carefully crafted. Steel grey and black are the predominant colours.The keywords are confidence and comfort, the new rules of contemporary elegance, with attention to detail as the only touch of ironic eccentricity.

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