《6 Minutes @ Tricia Chan》

Model/Socialite Tricia Chan or better off well-known as pop singer/actor Edison Chan's beloved sister, who is now one of Hong Kong A-list socialites attending major fashion and lifestyle events talks to mylifestylenews on her love in fashion and how she keeps herself in good shape.

Fashion to me is a trend but it will fate out sooner or later. I don't really follow the fashion trend and I think it is tacky. I try to stick to my own personal's comfort style.

I love to wear fashionable and chic clothings in bright and striking colors, purple, shocking pink or fushia pink are the top of my list. I like to wear clothes that fits right my body.

Furla SS2012 collection are fun, colorful, chic. The bags have big compartment, it is extremely practical and wearable for a good mix and match outfit for summer.

Vintage style collection is another favorites of mine. I adore sexy dresses that embodied the body's silhouette, sexy is certainly the key word for me and is my kind of style when comes to picking up an evening dress.

Women like bags and shoes, that is because we just do. It simply make women look more sophisticated, modern and fashionable.

I try to maintain my body shape by doing Hot Yoga. Apparently, I am into jogging and running even I am only a beginner. I just love to sweat and like the idea of getting rid of your body's toxin. It is what I am pretty much getting into now.

My ideal living lifestyle is to get more exercise and sweat it all out although it may sounds like the new year resolution but I guess without a healthy life and living in a healthy lifestyle, you won't be able to enjoy what is given.


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