<HUGO in 3D> perhaps is one of the best 3D movies that worth spending the money for, not even <Avatar> which was a little overrated. This film is tailored made so well to fit in all the 3D requested elements although there are still flaws of CG interrupted. But boy, the art direction and visual effect keep on bring the pleasant surprises and you just can't have enough time for your eyes to repose for a minute or two. For 11 Oscar nominations and most of the designated awards had gone their hands including the Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography and others, the film says it all. This film may not be the best of Martin Scorsese but we all know that this film was made and dedicated for his children, with his passion and kindred spirit for making this happen, the triumphant had already succeeded what he had done and contributed in this film. You may need to have the kidult's feelings and emotions to enjoy further with or without your kids, it is simply a great adventure movie of the year.

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