《6 Minutes @ Benjamin Lange》

High end luxury jewelry Welllendorff with their "Wahre Werte" philosophy~ the Genuine Values, produces one of the world best finest jewelries generation after generation. Coming to the 4th generation now and still going strong for their niche yet demanding market. Their aspiring plans includes expanding their business adventure in Asia for the years to come by introducing the refine German skillful work to jewelry connoisseurs and wider audiences. mylifestylenews spoke to Benjamin Lange, Asia Pacific Regional General Manager, the man who lead his Asia team going to a new business dimension and dedicated his love and passion to his work as much as his family, shared his delightful profession with us over a delectable lunch on a cold yet sunny winter afternoon.

We are looking at opening new boutiques in Asia recently and to build more awareness for the brand. Yet there are still a few things needs to get done. All and all, it has to be something in common between the brand and the new boutique representative, with the sophistication of the know-how about high end jewelries, of course. Hopefully it won't be too to unveil the new boutiques.

I am a connoisseur and I love the joy of having the opportunity to represent a high end jewelry brand.

PR exercise events and brand education are very important to build the brand awareness, consumers need to understand the brand history in order for them to appreciate what they purchase and collect. Constant educations  can surely help them to understand the mastero of Germany's skill and technology that we excel in our jewelry production.

Staying in contact with the current market, not mass market is essential for us to build our brand especially to a new market like Asia. We are focusing on high end luxury and niche market while presenting our jewelries.

We had a collaboration with the German luxury car brand - Maybach. It was a car project in 2005 where we installed a 18K yellow gold inlays and precious stone for its interior. It was called The 'Wellendorff Individualisation" that offered particular discerning owners the opportunity to further refine the Maybach interior according to their own individual tastes. Our artisans meticulously handcraft the unique decorative inlays ranging from the exquisite decorative strips embedded in the interior wood trim to monograms and individual coats of arms picked out in gold and diamonds. It was one of the cream de la cream for such a luxurious production.

You have to have fun for what you do and you will do best. Do it with full passion and run it in details. Further to that, a common trust with good communication and good partners, it will help you to achieve for what you want to do without much pressure.

There are challenges in a couple of fields to work on in terms of marketing campaign, advertisement strategies, future events with creative planning for us to reach out to wider audiences. They are all in good hands.

It is a luxury to be able to work with people that I like, people that I can trust and having trust in me for what I am doing. There, I can adapt some good vibes to apply the job that I am doing and of course without fun, the job will not be a job that I would want to be in.

You can't change other people's thoughts but yours to adapt to what is given. Customer's feedback and satisfaction are essential to us in order for us to grow and understand what they want.

Family is my favorite pastimes for now beside travelling and I do a bit of photography as well. It certainly deserve a second chance no matter what you do by spending the most precious time with them. There are always wonders and also full of surprises each day in life.

My ideal living lifestyle is by doing the right thing at the right time for what is given. Every stages of life need to be different and changes as you grow, it is best to live now and regret later.

mylifestylenews @ Benjamin Lange wearing  the latest collection of Wellendorff rings.

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