《Tonino Lamborghini @ Mobile L700》

In celebration of the 65th birthday of the world’s best known tastemaker, Mr. Tonino Lamborghini, the world’s first L700 Limited Edition touch-screen cellular phone have been launched, which is limited to 650 pieces in the worldwide smart phone market, offering an irresistible, luxurious must-have for city slickers. It also steps to a new milestone after the success of the cutting-edge steel and diamond collections that celebrated the 30th anniversary of its “Fashion & Accessories” brand last year.
A crystal of painstaking development by this iconic trendsetter, this brand new L700 Limited Edition touch-screen cellular phone prides itself in authentic Swiss craftsmanship, and highlights sapphire treatment, a cutting-edge 3.7inch capacitive touch panel. Android 2.3.4 operation system is also a bold manifesto of Tonino Lamborghini’s fierceness, assures a swift and smooth cellular phone experience. Silver and black colors clash for a thrilling statement of style. Besides this, the latest L700 Limited Edition cellular phone unites all matchless qualities of the awe-inspiring Spyder collection – flawless craftsmanship, which means meticulous polishing by hand to bring out the most thrilling metallic touches of 316L fine stainless steel, it is also made with DLC (Diamond-Like Coating) polishing skills, thereby rendering the silky smooth fine steel casing resistant to knocks and scratches.
The high-quality genuine leather and rubber sections on the case highlight the sleek silhouette of the phone and reflect the ahead-of-trend aesthetics of this modern icon. Last but not least is the prominent 3D Tonino Lamborghini logo both on the front and the back of the phone is just as prestigious as the well-crafted signature of Mr. Tonino Lamborghini with the unique serial number which makes this phone a compelling collectible. The latest L700 Limited Edition cellular phone also comes with Spyder’s exclusive SOS mode and a universal charger that puts the world right under your feet.

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