《Gianvito Rossi Opens @ Hong Kong》

Gianvito Rossi opened its first boutique in Hong Kong being part of its international sxpansion plans. The Italian brand launched an important project that opens boutiques in strategic markets for long-term business development. Hong Kong is its first directly managed boutique in Asia and arrives after the successful inauguration of directly owned boutiques in Milan, where the brand's first concept store opened in the historic Palazzo Bagatti Valsecchi, and in Paris in the famous 1° arrondissement area on Rue du Mont Thabor. The new boutique at No. 10 On Lan Street, Central, Hong Kong, was created to present the collection in an attractive, feminine, inviting setting.
The collection was designed for women around the world who want an attractive product: it addresses a niche market that appreciates the quality and aesthetics of a style with an independent vision compared to the luxury sector that focuses on selling large quantities and ignores a desire for uniqueness. Sensuous powder pink alternates with nuances and rocker details in the new boutique designed by Patricia Urquiola. From the street, a slightly projecting powder pink display window filters in transparency the view inside.
The long and narrow boutique seems larger thanks to the light powder pink panels, some perforated and others solid, that are staggered against the wall on the left, hiding the irregularity of the wall and creating a motif with screens and shadows that is a theme of the project. Black leather chairs and metal tables provide a striking, dark contrast with the soft ambiance of the store. An orangey-pink runner-like carpet travels through the boutique and softly muffles the sound of footsteps. The wall on the right, made of glossy powder pink back-painted glass, is interrupted horizontally by a long shelf that sits atop two lion heads at both ends, a distinctive detail of all Gianvito Rossi stores. Polished and opaque shades of pink and black, oak parquet flooring, glass and metal transform the space into a contemporary boudoir where the luxurious shoes harmoniously blend with the warm, refined look of the store.
Each furnishing and decorator object was designed to perfectly reflect the quality, artisan craftsmanship, and exclusiveness of Italian style of which the brand is an ambassador around the world.The Gianvito Rossi brand is sold in its own boutiques and also in leading international department stores and a select network of multi-brand stores.The SS2012 collection is an invitation to seduction. Close-knit patterns like a spider's web. Sinuous, sensuous snakeskin. Footwear like dangerous, mesmerizing creatures. The designer expresses his predilection for sleek style and opts for light silhouettes, straight heels and hidden details. The surface are airy and covered with crisscrossing straps.
Color is saturated and strong. Mint turquoise, poppy red and salmon vie for the stage with black, nude beige and iridescent glimmers for evening. Python leather, suede,satin and patent leather are the material that create this season's mood. Shapes are pure: a simple sandal is the point of departure for this exercise in creativity. Narrow straps of black or lacquer red patent leather are closely knit like a spider's web. Airy loops and bows adorn crisscross snakeskin straps. The wild soul of python is tamed by style.

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