LOEWE @ The Puzzle Bag

LOEWE presents the first completely new Puzzle bag designed by Jonathan Anderson for the brand. With its innovative cuboid shape and unique tactile qualities, the Puzzle is extraordinarily soft and foldable till it’s flat. The new bag encapsulates untried ideas about form, construction and materiality, all while making a bold statement that is sure to make it LOEWE’s latest icon.

Mirroring LOEWE’s multi-faceted identity and the way various recombined elements make up the landscape of the brand today, the Puzzle appears to be composed of geometric fragments of leather that have been sliced and repositioned. Anderson explains the irregular, simultaneously minimal and complex design: “I set out to find a new way of building a bag, fundamentally questioning its structure. It was about deconstructing a conventional bag to create a flat object with a tridimensional function.”

Consequently, the new bag’s cuts determine how it folds, while strategic exterior seams dictate its modern shape. Softness creates structure, highlighting the natural qualities of leather. No concessions were made in terms of functionality, either, as is evident in the Puzzle’s adjustable strap, distinctive hardware and interior pocket.

As conceptual and intelligent as it is straightforward and desirable, the Puzzle exemplifies how, at LOEWE, expert craftsmanship and innovative design come together to create reconsidered standards for modern life. Original form, extreme tactility and maximum utility.

The Puzzle, which is available in two sizes and a range of colours, leathers and skins including Oro suede, coral calf and chocolate croc.

KIEHL'S Introduces The Latest “Store of the Future” Design Concept

KIEHL'S introduces the latest “Store of the Future” design concept in Kiehl’s shop located in Elements. The concept has combined contemporary design with classic furnishings that have been applied in Kiehl’s shops throughout its 163 years of operation, illustrating Kiehl’s emphasis on scientific research and traditional values. The new face of Kiehl’s shop in Elements, stages "Store of the Future" concept, its every detail can symbolize Kiehl's tradition of innovation and continue to be in line with the brand philosophy. 

You will find a twist in Kiehl’s signature pharmacy design that is different from the simplistic American style, the wooden medicine cabinet is now replaced by modernized metallic cabinet; the display rack below the cashier showcases a variety of bottle packaging in different eras. In addition to retaining a vintage crystal chandelier in the center of the store, it is furnished with new design lightings, allowing an eclectic mix of new and traditional design to strike a perfect balance. Kiehl’s has always possessed the courage to reform and persistence to respect the tradition, this explains exactly the future development of the brand. Despite the change in design, Kiehl’s still believes in trial before purchasing, guests are encouraged to try and understand the products first, and with the help of Kiehl’s team of professions, they can select the most suitable products for themselves.

BVLGARI @ OCTO All Blacks Special Edition

BVLGARI and the All Blacks New Zealand rugby team pay homage to their 130th anniversary with a new special edition watch celebrating more than a century of joint victories, passions and shared values. Several bonds unite Bulgari with the All Blacks team besides their joint anniversary. As emphasised by Jean-Christophe Babin, Bulgari Chief Executive Officer, the two names are synonymous with perfection, each on its own “playing field” and this new joint watchmaking collaboration is filled with mutual values: “I am extremely happy to present the new OCTO All Blacks timepiece: a creation that further consolidates a successful partnership with the legendary All Blacks team. Bulgari OCTO All Blacks embodies the core values of two brands that are part of the global elite, both universally recognized for their strong passion, commitment, teamwork, success and power in their respective field. Design, performance and sporting spirit reach their highest expression in this special edition masterpiece of technical sophistication and aesthetic ref inement.”

The OCTO All Blacks asserts itself as a concentrated blend of mechanical and aesthetic power. Presented in a rugby ball-shaped box, the watch retains the original characteristics of the OCTO. The 110 facets case is covered in a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) coating. The case-back of the watch, which is water resistant to 100 metres, reveals the movement through a smoky sapphire crystal adorned with the All Blacks’ emblem: a silver fern. The mechanical self-winding 28-jewel calibre BVL 193 measures the time with great accuracy at the rate of 28,800 vph (4 Hz) and offers a 50-hour power reserve. It also provides a date function displayed through a window at 3 o’clock that goes virtually unnoticed as indeed do the polished and brushed black hour-markers on a front dial that asserts the full force of its personality with a bewitching Maori mask or Mana, tattooed on its background.


DE BEERS New Advertising Campaign Features New Face Andreea Diaconu

DE BEERS new brand advertising campaign features new face Andreea Diaconu who is chosen for her natural beauty and elegant charm. Andreea was photographed for the campaign by Mary McCartney, continuing the collaboration between De Beers and Mary which began with the on-going “Moments in Light” programme that celebrates and shines a light on talented women. The new campaign coincides with the launch of the new De Beers Aria Collection featuring High Jewellery, Collection designs and watches.

Francois Delage, CEO De Beers Diamond Jewellers explains, “We are thrilled to work with Mary and Andreea to create these unique campaign images. Both are perfect choices to illustrate our unique style of femininity, effortless natural beauty. It is an important step as we continue to build our brand and showcase “The Jeweller of Light” in a elegant and contemporary way. Working with Mary was a natural choice as she is able to truly capture the essence of women in her photography. From the beginning Mary shared our vision for this campaign and she has created unique portraits that reflect the spirit of the brand perfectly.”

Mary McCartney commented  “It’s always great to get the chance to work with an iconic luxury brand. What I found most rewarding about the experience was really collaborating creatively with them. It gave the shoot a real focus and energy that I think you can see in the shots.” The new photography will run alongside the still life brand campaign shot by Richard Foster.

Jaeger-LeCoultre @ The New Master Calender

The new Master Calendar of Jaeger-LeCoultre is distinguished by the virtues and indeed the very face of astronomy. Endowed with all the attributes that have forged the success of this line, it is also imbued with a seductive appeal exercising its own laws of gravity, thanks to the choice of meteorite stone to compose its dial. Whether it comes to fragments from asteroids or of even more impalpable origins in the comets wandering through the solar system, meteorites lend themselves to all manner of inner fantasies. Their ages, estimated at millions or hundreds of millions of years, defy our imagination. Their rarity is equally fascinating, since very few of them actually manage to reach the surface of the earth. Known as “shooting stars” when they light up summer nights, or “bolides” when they are large or bright enough to be seen by day, meteorites leave a characteristic luminous trail when entering the atmosphere. Once they have landed on or been buried several centimetres into the earth, meteorites often remain unnoticed, if not by the experienced eyes of those who make a profession of gathering them. Meteorite hunters distinguish between those they have actually seen falling and those that are lucky finds. Connoisseurs have long considered Antarctica as a sort of Eldorado, since the ice cap fosters a concentration of these stones that rise to the surface when blue ice is eroded by katabatic (down-slope) winds.

This continent is however now the exclusive preserve of scientific meteorite hunters and any commercial exploitation is prohibited. Revealing the beauty of a celestial fragment On this new watch, the strange and fascinating meteorite stone used for the dial shakes up the traditionally pure, understated aesthetic of the Master Calendar. Composed of a single block of meteorite discovered and officially registered in Sweden, it comes from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. However, its iron content makes this material difficult to work with. To get an aesthetically perfect dial, this block of meteorite is cut into several thin plates in a process involving countless precautions, until the exact plate corresponding to the demands imposed by Jaeger-LeCoultre is achieved. Still in its rough state at this stage, the meteorite must undergo several preparatory phases before revealing the structure of its stone that features a unique pattern shown by each cut. At the end of a lengthy and delicate procedure, it can at last express the beauty that it has stored up across several million years. The experience is unutterably moving, as if a part of the universe were converging towards the stone dial, at last within reach.

SUECOMMA BONNIE SS2015 @ Unique Sportism Collection

SUECOMMA BONNIE SS2015 Unique Sportism Collection is more outstanding than ever with SUECOMMA BONNIE’s newly showcased unique and original illustrated prints and sporty materials matched with each line of products.

The illustrations are collaboration work of Bonnie and Korean artist Balko Kim, who has worked with celebrities on art-work styling such as painting on G-Dragon’s jacket. Bonnie said, “I hope to include the element of pop art on various shoe styles such as glamourous high-heels and casual sandals and flip flops. The strong contrast makes the whole collection very interesting and eye-catching.”

Known for its capacity to maximize beauty only possessed by women and popular among Korean celebrities and the fashion community, also the stripe patterned super-light EVA wedge pumps which were internally developed by SUECOMMA BONNIE and first ever showcased at the 2014 S/S Collection, will be newly presented with jewelry decorated sandals and sporty strap sandals which is one of this season’s highlights.

Vivid colour blocking is used on casual sneakers, spicing up with metallic silver and colourful stones. The exceptional designs offer fashionistas a range of footwear that is chic and playfully mischievous for this season.


TEMPLE TREE Langkawi @ A Unique Resort With Many Cultures

A resort of many unique cultures with a collection of stately antique houses from all over Malaysia, TEMPLE TREE Langkawi is an oasis on the legendary island that is not short of fabulous accommodation but dedicated to heritage architecture that sets it apart from everyone else.  mylifestylenews checks-in to discover the light, color and sound around the estate……

Temple Tree Langkawi is one of the most delightful boutique resorts we have been privileged to review. Within the eight grand villas of Chinese, Malay, Indian, Arab & Eurasian origin, are twenty unique & luxury suites. Combined with the intimate dining at Straits Club and two long swimming pools, it is a relaxing escape and conveniently located ten minutes away from the airport and set back enough from the main thoroughfare that you feel you are in the isolated countryside.

Our arrival and check-in was quite late and probably the last guest to arrive for the evening, but the manager was waiting for us and gave us a very personal and warm greeting.  We were then duly escorted and introduced to our new house for the next three days - the black and White House from Negeri Sembilan. YES! We had a whole house to ourselves without having to share the common area eg: the living room with other guests in the other seven houses accommodation.

Temple tree houses are beautiful remnants of colonial Malaysia, an era when the architecture styles of many different races featured prominently. It’s beautiful antique wooden houses are sourced from all over Peninsular Malaysia.

The houses are as old as 110 years and are constructed of rich aged timber, featuring original touches, such as heavy hanging double doors and intricately carved wooden panels.

The wooden houses are acquired and transported to the property and restored one-by-one for the resort. The structures have now been preserved for future generations and from the outside, it is an imposing heritage house with beautiful details that you do not see in modern houses, but inside we were overjoyed to have such comfortable quarters with some carefully picked furniture mixing of modern and period elements design details contrasting the interior by giving a real feeling of a home.

The double shower and basins in our bathroom are very much appreciated and the freestanding wooden bathtub in the bedroom is also a nice added touch. The spare bedroom means that this house really can sleep a family of four comfortably and plenty of drawers and shelves for unpacking your suitcase.

The interiors are inviting, particularly the high pierced woodwork window screens letting the air and light circulate from outside and within. Without affecting your comfort, air-conditioning systems as well as multiple ceiling fans are installed for greater relaxation. With a nod to local elements, a mosquito net is set around the bed, a shower that drains through the floorboards since the house is built and raised above the ground, carved wood panels, plantation-style shutters, color-stained glass windows and a large balcony at the house entrance. The windows look stunning in the sunlight, open or closed and the first thing you want to do when you arise is fling them open!

 A continental breakfast is delivered to your room the night before, so no need to set the alarm to make breakfast like you do in most hotels and resorts if you want to sleep in, so you are at leisure to eat whenever you want (the selection may not appeal to everyone, but that is always a game of chance in any resort and this one just decides that if guests want more, they will need to head out).

Walking around the resort gives you the feeling you have walked into a fabulous museum with authentic, beautifully maintained houses from the early 20th century, with a few updates and mod-cons. There is no sense of time standing still though or look but don’t touch attitude, as everything is meant to be utilitarian and to be enjoyed at all times. In fact, you feel compelled to spend time enjoying yourself, sitting having a cup of tea or glass of wine in the sitting room, or lazing by the fabulous pool, because the surrounding environment is so agreeable!

The rustic and raw design long swimming pool is surrounded by quite a spread of well molded grass, overlooking the second highest mountain in Langkawi where the cable car ride attraction is located with more than enough supply of sun bathing lounge chairs and umbrellas parallel aligned to each other.

 Honestly, we would love to own this house! That’s the wonderful feeling we had throughout the stay, treat it like your home and it could be your home. The staff are always accommodating and think about your needs at all times. In short, an experience that is so unique and really does have a point of difference that we urge anyone looking for subtle luxury in a ‘recycled’ way to book this resort. Who would think of relocating and preserving entire houses for guest accommodation? Make this your destination in Langkawi for a stay that has charm and size to deliver on all fronts!

Temple tree promotes heritage conservation and provides funding for LASSie, the Langkawi Animal Shelter and Sanctuary Foundation. Stray cats are adopted and can be founded everywhere on the estate. Do not be afraid by making new friends during your stay as they are so adorable to be with, you may even want to bring them home adding one or two new company to your family.

Tried & Tested
Location : 4/5
Ambience : 4.5/5
Design & Decor : 5/5
Service : 4.5/5

Highlights :
100 years antique houses
Long Swimming Pool
The Cats

Pantai Cenang Langkawi 
Tel: +6 04 955 1688