Shang Palace Presents Year of The Rat 2020 Chinese New Year Menu

While Shang Palace Shangri-la Dubai has been delivering its Chinese gastronomy for the Chinese and Asian community in Dubai as well as the locals alike in the past decades, entering the Year of The Rat in 2020 Chinese lunar calendar with most anticipation, the restaurant has specially crafted a prosperous 11-course menu symbolizing good luck and good wealth to whet your appetite for some delightful Chinese New Year dishes. Celebrating lunar Chinese New Year in a foreign land can somehow be a challenge especially when and where to look for a traditional Chinese New Year’s meal that translates nostalgic memories and emotions that makes you feel less home-sick while craving for those salivating home cooking Chinese New Year dishes to satisfy your yearning. With the Shangri-La, you are very much on a safer ground even the Shang Palace Chinese restaurant that is not in Asia but yet maintains the consistency to deliver the close-to-home comfort palate to satisfy your craving. When it comes to personal taste, it is variable from one to the next, but at least we knew we were in for a treat this Chinese New Year in Dubai. Finding the right ingredients from the local market can be a challenge by the culinary team due to some import restriction and also limits their talent with the know-how and skills to bring out the best taste and flavours from their talent. Hence, it may lose the authenticity from the taste of its origin.  Most of the time, the chef will improvise with an alternate version by introducing their most traditional way of cooking and presentation to suit the local palate in which many may not know how to appreciate the best of flavours. If it is done properly, a fusion alternative could be another great invention, but failure to which, it could then turn out to be a disaster and being like the locals and many other by consuming food that they think its best suits their palate but definitely has lost its charm from its authenticity flavor. The culinary team at Shang Palace Shangri-la Dubai has done a great job in maintaining close-to-home flavours, even if occasionally the taste is not what we expected, but streets ahead of many other competitors. mylifestylenews writes. 

<Chinese Rainbow Combo Fish Plate>
The Chinese New Year Dinner begins with “Lo Hei” or “Yu Sheng” – a tossing salad with raw fish to be reminiscent as the wishes for a better achievement for your work as well as better wealth and prospect. This combination of ingredients has to be raw for its activeness, alive and better achievement in work and life, ranging from a combination of julienned greens and salads such as carrot, chili, turnip, cucumber, pickle, pomelo, onion, parsley, spring onion, ginger and etc to get the colorful rainbow effect and with a bed sliced raw fish (salmon are used here) being marinated and cured with hard liquor. The salad is to be tossed together by everyone on the same table as high as possible with homemade plum sauce. Every toss spells out with good wishes and blessing in bustling noise to share such jolly time. Shang Palace version of Lo Hei may not have all the right combinations and the right sauce to stimulate your palate, and the salmon was sliced into a thick cut and chewy that lost that delicacy of touch. But, the intention by making this festive dish and present it onto the table especially in this region counts, as there were lots of mise-en-place involved to make this a truly memorable dish to celebrate in such festivities.

<Shang Palace’s Delicious Platter>
This cold platter dish is a selection of chicken, shrimp, blueberry yam and marinated radish. This presentation was perfectly done and surprising in a way. The shrimp was so fresh, springy texture and perfectly cooked. The marinated radish was very piquant and with sweet and sour elements on the tongue. The blueberry yam was a welcome surprise in presentation and flavour and utterly delicious. The Sichuan style chicken was equally delicious with a hint of the heat from the chilies.

<Signature Dim Sum Platter>
While steamed Dim Sum dishes are not exactly for Chinese New Year, restaurants these days would do it as an extra value and for the courtesy by popular demand.  The signature Dim Sum platter is the first main course dish served with a gorgeous presentation that is colourful and eye-catching. The Scallop Sui Mai was excellent in texture despite chicken being used for its filling. While the fish dumpling looked great in presentation that came as a fish model but the wrapping dough was too thick and made for an unpleasant palate in the mouth. The duck roll was pleasant in flavor, but the pancake was cold and a little too heavy – some lightness in touch here would have made this a winner too.


<Emperor Steamed Sea Cucumber and Abalone Soup>
While soup dishes are an essential must-have when it comes to Chinese dinner, the ancient Chinese knew how to make good clear soup for its wellbeing intention in the past and old and traditional recipes are being shared among good chefs and many others till present. The clear broth is quintessential with a light taste derived from all the essence of the premium ingredients used and is an absolute winner. The delicious soup stock was a chicken base, with one whole steamed abalone and small crunchy morsels of sea cucumber for texture. A good way to warm up your appetite!

<Deep-fried Garoupa with Sweet and Sour Sauce>
Mandarin fish were commonly used in China for this prosperous dish. The fish were supposed to be sliced to a diced cube size and battered well with flour and deep fried to its light crispiness and topped with sweet and sour sauce. While the presentation of the fish was rather strange and it seemed looking like an ‘Alienized” fish appearance, yet the garoupa meat was tasty, but did not come to the table hot and it was soggy and did not have one bit of crispiness to be expected.

<Sliced Wagyu Beef with Mushroom>
A very flavoursome dish, but we would not describe it as a Chinese dish in this incarnation, as it tasted more Japanese influence instead. It was delicious nonetheless.

Traditional Face Changing performance 

<Shang Palace Fried Rice with Seafood>
Unlike the regular fried rice dishes that are usually being served dry and fluffy, this version of fried rice from Fujian province has been well liked by many other Chinese and Asians for its light starched gravy for alternative enhancement. A good dish in all respects and well prepared.

<Hong Kong-style Barbeque Chicken>
This chicken did not have a BBQ taste or texture, but rather deep-fried and below lukewarm temperature. Something less and the menu description did not match what one tastes on the palate.

<Steamed Canadian Lobster with Sichuan Sauce>
Excellent presentation but the lobster was a tad overcooked and bland in flavor and the glass noodle did not absorb the supposed tasty sauce that usually becomes the highlight with such a superior dish being served .

<Stir-fried Kangkong with Garlic Sauce>
Despite Kangkong (Chinese watercress or morning glory) shall not be used over Chinese New Year menu for its hollowness in its stems that is representing emptiness and poverty in the superstitious belief, the taste of this dish was absolutely spot on! The Kangkong was finely cooked with high heat in seconds with the great touch of black fungus and minced garlic.

<Steamed Mushroom Bun>
Technically this was not on the menu, but we wished to include this as the presentation looked great that it was being made to look like a real giant mushroom instead of a bun. As it transpired, this is a signature dish that you have to try and quite tasty with a hint of truffle oil.

<Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame Seed Paste and Rice Cake>
A good finale to round up the entire crafted Chinese New Year menu with a lot of effort on presentation and the taste was fantastic! 

The Chinese New Year menu was in no doubt carefully crafted to fit in to the festive mood despite every dish not being executed to our taste nor authentic flavors being delivered due to numerous challenges mentioned above, at least the detail and intention as well as the effort being put in to make this work was more than a plus as well as a small performance of Kung Fu Tea presentation and traditional Face Changing performance. With the attentive and prompt service from their service team after they re-opened a week ago from a soft renovation, the new look is there to enjoy a ubiquitous Shangri-La ambience.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Experience: 4/5

Emperor Steamed Sea Cucumber and Abalone Soup

Sheikh Zayed Road,
P.O.Box 75880
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971 4 405 2703

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated.


Marimekko 2020 初春的生命之花

芬蘭冬天的氣候,天早灰藍,日長夜短,簡約的hygge 優質樂活、慢活的生活模式感染北歐大部分家庭共享天倫之樂,從而得知,快樂是可以被感染的。從生活起居,料理美饌到家具設計,甚至延伸到時裝也可窺看得到其時尚生活哲理的一些慣例,而花卉的色彩與圖案更可為漫長的嚴冬帶來繽紛的生活樂趣。花開花落亦有時,北歐人深懂此理,巧妙地運用大自然賦予的資源和創作靈感,去延續春夏的繁花盛放,將之融入生活,自得其樂。芬蘭設計品牌Marimekko以其「圖案創作藝術」聞名於世,透過將奪目原創圖案及色彩配搭,呈現在洋溢北歐色彩的家品及賦予現代女性勇氣力量的衣飾之上,為人們日常生活帶來歡欣。

Marimekko 2020初春系列以大自然亮麗鮮明的色調及變化萬千的形態為Marimekko色彩繽紛的印花提供無窮無盡的靈感泉源。今季的系列以歌頌花朵為題,以各種不同的印花象徵每個美好人生的要素具創造力、玩味卻又帶點不完美。Marimekko的創作團隊於2020年初春系列透過檢視人們不同想法獲取靈感,發現園藝可以激發人們對生活的熱情,因為栽種及等待植物茁壯成長的過程就如我們每個人的成長歷程,滿佈驚喜且讓人充滿希望,我們在享受園藝的過程中如同細味人生一樣,令人期待不已。 新一季選用活潑的薰衣草紫色、靛藍色及草綠色為單品注入春日氣息。設計方面集現代及復古元素於一身,衣服的廓型參考1960年代的造型,上衣加入鐘型衣袖及大口袋、連身裙則以飄逸的剪裁製成等,打造一系列不論是園藝或花園派對都合適的衣飾,締造浪漫的花園時光。

Marimekko每季都會帶來全新花卉圖案,今季設計師Lotta Maija Paananen 特別設計了三款印花﹕以對比強烈、不同大小形狀的花朵組成充滿生命力的Herbaario印花及於風中搖曳的茂盛花海圖案TahtiniittyTuulahdus,讓您的春夏衣櫥化身成春意盎然的庭園。創作團隊繼續從不同花朵中探索靈感,並從美國時尚攝影師Iving Penn1980年出版的著名花卉相集《Flowers: Photographs》中得到啟發。精選從1960年至1970年代與Irving攝影集配襯的印花作元素,並以現代物料重新演繹如選用柯根紗Organza表現出牡丹Pioni 脆弱的花瓣、皺褶元素呈現菊花Rakastaa ei rakasta的紋理,配合富活力的紅、黃及綠色呈獻一個洋溢夏日氣息的系列。

奪目的花朵與具代表性的條紋於全新系列中互相交織,並以參考經典款式設計而成的飄逸單品與堅挺的西裝套裝及其他功能性服飾帶來對比強烈、剛柔並重的多元化作品。同時, 貫徹Marimekko1951年「令人愉悅的的Mary裙子」(Mari’s dress) 的宗旨,希望透過一條印花連身裙鼓勵世界各地的女性要勇於表達心中所想, 從打扮中表現真我。今季同樣備有一系列百搭易穿、適合日常至不同場合均可穿着的連身裙,雖然裙款的設計、色彩及印花均作出了變化,但所象徵的意義一一鼓勵女性要活得自由、舒適自在卻永遠長存。

OMEGA Dubai Desert Classic 2020 Winner Goes To Australia Golfer - Lucas Herbert

Following four days of enthralling golf, with the final day concluding in a windy finish on the course, the 2020 OMEGA Dubai Desert Classic has resulted in a stunning victory for Lucas Herbert of Australia.

The OMEGA Dubai Desert Classic has been a part of the European Tour since its inception in 1989 is considered the top professional golfing tournament in the Middle East and in recent years has risen to become a widely recognized and reputed tournament on the world circuit.

The event played out on the renowned Majlis course at the Emirates Golf Club and included a number of world famous players including OMEGA’s own Sergio Garcia and Tommy Fleetwood.

Herbert received a brand new OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra, along with the championship trophy and winner’s check for his prize. The timepiece embodies a visionary design and sophisticated style.

Presented on a brown leather strap, the symmetrical 41 mm case has been created in 18K Sedna™ gold and features a brown sun-brushed dial distinguished by a horizontal ‘teak’ pattern, which is inspired by the wooden decks of luxury sailboats. The timepiece is powered by the OMEGA Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 8901, certified at the industry’s highest level by the Swiss Federal institute of Metrology (METAS).



New Year



SAINT LAURENT Spring 20 #YSL26 By Anthony Vaccarello


Art Direction: 
Anthony Vaccarello

Gray Sorrenti

Anok Yai
Mads Mullins
Simona Kust
Vilma Sjoberg
Erin Mommsen
David Prince
Simon Prii
Fran Summers
Dylan Christensen
Skyler Pruet


ETRO HOME Opens At Ho Chi Minh City

ETRO HOME opens at Ho Chi Minh city recently in partnership with Eurasia Concept, an exclusive store dedicated to its ETRO Home collections in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The newly-opened space, situated on the main floor of the renowned Times Square Building, showcases the latest novelties of the ETRO Home line: from textile and decorative accessories, created in-house, to a selection of furniture, produced and distributed under license by Jumbo Group.
Between nomadism and mythology, the ETRO Home collections embrace endless inspirations to offer a varied and colorful exploration of ETRO's eclectic soul.


BLANCPAIN Presents A Chinese New Year Under The Sign Of Excellence

Blancpain's Traditional Chinese Calendar is a watchmaking masterpiece combining the fundamental principles of the age-old lunisolar calendar stemming from Chinese tradition with the date according to the Gregorian calendar. To celebrate Chinese New Year, the Manufacture is unveiling a new limited edition of this Complication featuring the Rat, the first animal of the Chinese zodiac, which heralds a year of luck and prosperity. With the Traditional Chinese Calendar, Blancpain took up the challenge of mechanically combining two different interpretations of time. Five years of research and development were required to associate within this timepiece the main indications of the Chinese calendar as well as the date based on the Gregorian calendar. Given that the basic unit of these two time-division systems is not the same, this represents a real technical feat. While the Gregorian calendar is based on the solar day, the lunisolar Chinese calendar is based on the lunar cycle, composed of 29,53059 days. A year of 12 lunar months is about 11 days shorter than a solar year. In order to maintain consistency with the seasonal cycle, a leap month is added to the Chinese calendar every two to three years. This distinctive feature is the reason behind the variability of the Chinese New Year date. But the complexity of this calendar does not stop there, since it uses a system of subdividing the day into 12 double hours, thus replacing the 24 hours composed of 60 minutes each featured in the Gregorian calendar. Each of these double hours is named, in successive order, after one of the twelve earthly branches and represented by one of the animals of the Chinese zodiac. All this information can be found on the white Grand Feu enamel dial of Blancpain's Traditional Chinese Calendar. The animal of the year, the Rat, appears in a window at 12 o'clock. Below is the double hours counter displayed in numbers and symbols. The ten celestial pillars and five elements are displayed at 3 o'clock, while two hands at 9 o’clock serve to read the month and date. They are complemented by an aperture dedicated to the leap months. The moon phases, which are used to determine the months of the Chinese calendar and represent an emblematic element of Blancpain's calendar models, are highlighted in a window at 6 o’clock. Finally, the date according to the Gregorian calendar, associated with these indications, is read off around the rim of the chapter ring by means of a blued steel serpentine hand.

This timepiece, which is even more complex than a perpetual calendar, is driven by the self-winding 3638 movement. The latter is distinguished in particular by a seven-day power reserve made possible by the use of three series-coupled barrels, equipped with high-performance springs. It is secured against inappropriate manipulation of the functions and equipped with a silicon balance-spring. This exceptional movement is housed in a 45 mm platinum case featuring a crown and oscillating weight adorned with a cabochon-cut ruby. It incorporates five under-lug correctors – a patented Blancpain invention – enabling easy fingertip adjustment of functions without the need for a correction tool. The refined and timeless aesthetics of the Villeret collection can be seen in the double stepped bezel of the case, as well as on the dial bearing gold appliques for the Roman numerals and hands shaped like cutout sage leaves. Issued in a 50-piece limited edition, this timepiece features a white gold oscillating weight engraved with the Chinese zodiac sign of the year, the Rat. Each is entirely assembled and meticulously adjusted by hand by a single master-watchmaker in the Grandes Complications workshop of the Manufacture in Le Brassus. Blancpain's Traditional Chinese Calendar is also available in an unlimited red gold version with a guilloché oscillating weight.


alice + olivia 2020 CNY's Pick

alice + olivia promises both fortune and joy by bringing in its stylish design codes and recasting them with the spirit of the season to celebrate on this Chinese New Year. Bold crimson serves as the dominant color of its offerings during the festival, echoing traditional Chinese aesthetics with long smooth silhouettes that flatter the body and express the self-confidence to take on the new year, come what may.

Red as red packets, as paper lanterns, as soft lips – from one facet of cultural beauty to one element of human beauty, alice + olivia’s gifts for the season use the same bright color to introduce its own leitmotif: perennially stylish, eternally unruffled, classic and tasteful. With ruffle mini-dress that combine style with utility, alice + olivia’s Chinese New Year pieces are certain to thrill and delight – bring joy to both the eye and the body in how they combine casual elegance with excellence in comfort.


LONG YIN Presents Year of The Rat 2020 Chinese New Year Menu

Entering the Year of The Rat in 2020 Chinese lunar calendar, Long Yin restaurant in Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre has specially designed a prosperous two days only 7-course “Year of The Rat” 2020 Chinese New Year Menu to delight your palate. Celebrating lunar Chinese New Year in a foreign land can somehow be a challenge especially when and where to look for a traditional Chinese New Year’s meal that translates nostalgic memories and emotions that makes you feel less home-sick while craving for those salivating home cooking Chinese New Year dishes to satisfy your craving. It is somehow a challenge for some restaurants to offer the best from its authenticity by introducing their most traditional way of cooking and presentation to suit the local palate in which many may not know how to appreciate the best of flavours. The culinary team may also have their challenge by finding the right ingredients from the local market or due to some import restriction that limits the talent with their know-how to bring out the best taste and flavours from their skill. mylifestylenews writes.

<Shredded Chicken with Black Mushroom Soup>
Warm your appetite with the shredded chicken with black mushroom soup. This thick soup is overly starched and overpowered the essence of the broth and the supposed fragrant black mushroom with dried and chewy “hand-pulled” shredded chicken. It tastes more like a regular foreign version of hot and sour soup without the heat and the presentation was a little messy with starchy stain all lover the rim of the bowl. Not as cleanly executed as we were expecting and a tentative start especially for a prosperous Chinese New Year meal.

<Duo Dim Sum>
Next we moved on to the Steamed Scallops & Mixed Seafood Sio Mai (Siu Mai to be precised) which came in a steamed bamboo basket wrapped around with a yellow plastic lid and around the rim. The scallop was steamed to its perfection but the combination of the mixed seafood inside the thick wanton paste wasn’t as pleasant as it should be, being rough and dried. The Steamed Chicken with Coriander Dumplings also did not bring out the best flavor of the coriander and the entire bite was bland and the see-through flour paste was again too thick and less delicate.

<Steamed Fillet Hammour with Premium Soya Sauce with Ginger & Spring Onion>
Local Hammour fillet was steamed with specially pre-mixed premium soya sauce – a little too sweet (every Chef has their own secret recipe to create the sauce) and garnished with julienned ginger (hardly any) and spring onion (mostly Chinese parsley) and topped with sliced shitake mushroom laying on a bed of halved Bok Choy which is not quite a classic Cantonese way of a steamed fish dish. The Hammour may not be the best cut yet still quite meaty and cost effective and pleasant in tase. In most Chinese and Cantonese cooking, fish is steamed as a whole (with the head and tail) to be reminiscent in all kind of work that we perform shall be from start to finish, no quitting. Each Chinese New Year dish has its own special in depth meaning and representation that reflects to our daily life and routine.

<Sauteed Tiger Prawns with Honey Beans in Brown Garlic Sauce>
Two average size mashy-ish tiger prawns were served and lacking of the firm and springy prawn texture stir-fried with supposed honey beans but none can be found and substituted with broccoli and sliced bamboo shoots instead.

<Tenderloin Beef with Cashew Nuts in “Kong Po” Style Sauce>
A great quality beef tenderloin in texture and flavor and yet the same messy presentation with sauces spilled all over the rim of the serving dish.

<Diced BBQ Chicken Fried Rice>
To our surprise, this is the best dish of the evening. The rice was light and fluffy and each grain was separated from each other instead of sticking together for its texture on the palate. The color combination from the golden brown eggs, rice and diced BBQ chicken perfectly complimented the entire dish with spring onion. Good Work!

<Mango Exotica with Strawberry Caviar>
Not exactly a Chinese New Year’s dish but an improvisation of a mango pudding desert. This fusion dish has a biscuit crumb type base with a the mango mousse on top and was well executed in presentation as well as being a sweetly delicious dish! The strawberry caviar is rather “exotic” and bursts in your mouth with every bite.The service was quite attentive but yet a little disoriented and missing the promptness of attention to details. While the menu may need to be more carefully crafted, especially for a special Chinese New Year’s dinner, to be reminiscent of the lunar new year’ festivities, prosperities and wealth as most dishes can be found from its regular day to day a-la-carte menu.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 2.5/5
Service: 3/5
Value For Money: 3.5/5
Experience: 3.5/5

Diced BBQ Chicken Fried Rice

Airport Road
Dubai UAE
Tel: +971 4 217 0000

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 


MOYNAT 2020 CNY's Pick

MOYNAT Josephine PM bag in Taurillon Blush, madder & black and golden lock

MOYNAT Luggage tag "Stuart" in Taurillon Blush - Madder

MOYNAT Macaron Charm "Stuart" in Taurillon Blush - Tourterelle

Giorgio Armani 2020 CNY's Pick

Giorgio Armani celebrates Chinese New Year with a capsule collection for men and women crafted from refined textured fabric in an intense shade of red, the women’s range includes a dress, jumpers paired with matching slim-leg trousers, jackets and coats.

Applied to sleeves, pockets and hems, thin fringes add movement to the clean, feminine lines and enrich the pieces. In hues of ruby red, burgundy and blue, the men’s collection provides a wardrobe with sporty flair, made comfortable through the use of carefully crafted jersey, refined wool and cashmere.

In addition to sweatshirts, T-shirts and wool piqué polos, the line also features cashmere jackets and thin wool turtle-necks. The Giorgio Armani logo, surrounded by a graphic, Oriental-inspired inlay frame, stands out as a distinctive feature on the pieces.


TORY BURCH 2020 CNY's Pick

Tory Burch surprises you with the latest collection by sending their Chinese new Year's greetings with red products by introducing a rat mini shoulder bag as well as other festive accessories to embrace the "Year of the Rat".

Tory Burch Year Of The Rat Applique Sweater

Tory Burch Medium Wallet

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Top-Zip Card Case

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Espadrille

Tory Burch Rita The Rat Mini Bag