VALENTINO Haute Couture SS2021 Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

VALENTINO Haute Couture SS2021 Collection celebrates the human: the mind that conceives and the hand that creates and gives value. Through a work process that sits above time, they produce timeless objects molded on the individual.

The rituals, the process, and the values of Couture are timeless.

Time as a code and a value, to reset and reprogrammed in a Couture of today that updates classic rituals and processes through garments designed to express oneself, as anyone desires.

Women, men: naturally, smoothly. A wardrobe that draws and opens up possibilities. Verticality as a tension in which what is complex is resolved into vibrant simplicity. Fabric as a material elevated by handwork, as a texture that incites discovery and surprise.

Raised on the highest heels, the long and lean silhouettes are accumulations of elements, stripped of every evident artifice, of prints and decorations, which up close appear different from how they look from afar. The pullover is in fact woven fabric; a solid surface swarms with petals, or dematerializes into folds of ribbons.

Line, the texture of the fabric, the warm and cold neutrals and the acrylic glares, do all the talking. The apparent preciousness becomes silent, intimate, just as the interchangeable and protective simplicity of the pieces is intimate. Sudden, flashes of daring.

The temporal code of this recoded Couture becomes a digital tale in the collaboration with Robert Del Naja: a self-standing, complete document of the long process of the Atelier.

The information on the making of, of the collection, the faces of the artisans, the time lapsed photo shoots of the work in progress on the tailoring dummy, become algorithmic sequences elaborated and set to music by the machine; trained by creative partner Mario Klingemann.

The human feeds the mechanic, the manual activates a neural and digital process, in the quest for a new humanism. Through the synthetic filter of artificial intelligence, the emotional aspect of Couture emerges, with the celebration and enhancement of human quality: a code that regenerates itself endlessly while remaining timeless.


Giuseppe Zanotti SS2021 Metamorphosis Collection

iuseppe Zanotti’s SS2021 collection brings the idea of transformation to a new level. It’s a step-change that started by first reflecting on the results of the past few years and all the unexpected and diverse experiences that have fed into them up to now. As we hold a mirror up to the societal changes we are experiencing, the collection seeks to break down every barrier, every limitation and aim for the absolute. In this new dimension, the concept of seasonality gives way to a constant flow of ideas that transform a story into multiple chapters. The desire to rewrite one’s own stylistic code translates into a language that is insistently of-the-moment. The choices behind the women’s collection are clear, precise and categorical. Starting with the silhouettes and continuing through to the color scheme, which alternates from pure black to bold, bright colors to subdued tones, like antique pink and light brown

The new NORTH booties crafted in suede, with a 6-inch heel, they feature American Western details yet exude a certain Parisian chic. From their gold star embellishment to their pointed silhouette, these boots exude the collection’s seasonless statement with their strong, androgynous energy.

From booties to sandals, it’s all about hidden gems. The new AGATA jeweled sandal, featuring a massive golden chain, channels a certain Broadway musical bravado. With its oversized decoration, block heel and square toe, it’s ready for its on-stage spotlight.

The evening 
NAUSICAA sandal on the other hand is wrapped in a cloud of organza and chiffon that exalts its time-honored craftsmanship. While the new “ring” flat evokes an edgy new spirit with its spiked rhinestone and asymmetrical square shape.

Turning to men’s, the season unfolds with similar stylistic changes. Shoes that appear heavy are actually crafted with ultra-light treads and embellishments. When it comes to proportions and balance, the seemingly disproportioned plays a leading role.

At the center of the men’s collection are the season’s new loafer and sneaker. The former IBISCO loafer is crafted in a floral silk jacquard reminiscent of patterns from the early 1900’s and is further enhanced by bold colors and luminous crystals.

The latter transforms sneaker culture into pure experimentation. Named the FEROX, its silk upper juxtaposes pop art motifs with classic florals for an unexpected graphic mash-up. By utilizing silk - a traditional evening material - the standard bearer of streetwear becomes something more transversal, lighter - a step closer to evening.


Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 NATURE | MAN | MACHINE Collection

Ermenegildo Zegna XXX Summer 2021 collection, a project that includes both clothing and a different way to present them fusing a digital and a live experience, is an exploration of the unique bond between nature and machine whose connection is the man himself, as a sensitive and sensible being.

2020 marks the 110th anniversary for Ermenegildo Zegna. The occurrence, which prompts to reassess and strengthen the core values of the brand and its responsible outlook, happens in quite a singular moment for the whole of humanity: a challenging time which is also the occasion to reconsider the reasons of one’s own presence in this world, and the worth of one’s own actions for the collective wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants.

Having started as a textile mill to later encompass clothing manufacturing, Ermenegildo Zegna since its inception has had a strong connection with nature, seen not just as a provider of resources and raw materials but also as a unique richness of diversities to preserve - hence the Oasi Zegna.

Filmed in the archetypal Lanificio Zegna of Trivero and in the Oasi, the meta, or rather hyper fashion show is a subjective flow that seamlessly crosses lands and aisles, open air and operating plant to finally create a singular reality where the natural element and the textile loom merge in dynamic harmony while clothing perfectly defines new categories and new solutions.

True to the #UseTheExisting mindset which keeps informing the Zegna actions not only when it comes to the production of fabrics, the show happens in places that exist and that are profoundly telling of the Zegna ethos. As such, it is a responsible production.

A sense of fluidity and precision pervades the collection, both in the shapes and the chromatic choices. Volumes are liquid and generous, in ineffable and impalpable amalgamations of clay, cowslip yellows, hydrangea pinks, sienite greys, river stone blues, carabus greens and slate blacks; materials are lightweight yet firm - wool, hemp, raw fibers, linen, paper/silk, papery nappa, #UseTheExisting wools.

Experimenting with dropped shoulders, lowered collars, layered forms and a poetic sense of functionality expressed by outsized pockets and zips that allow volumes to expand, Alessandro Sartori extends the sartorial quest for new hybrid categories that defines his vision of Zegna.

Inspired by the osmosis of different worlds, he cuts outerwear in shirting fabrics, and vice versa, allowing the wearer a complete freedom of combination and interpretation when it comes to items.

What comes across is a sense of ease that is fluid and uncontrived, underlined by the mock turtleneck underpinnings that replace shirts under blazers and shirt jackets, by the duster coats and the liquid trousers that draw an elongated and nonchalant silhouette.

Rounded loafers with massive soles and sandals ground the looks. Tie dye prints enrich the layering of colors and textures, suggesting a further mimesis of man and nature.

“A moment like this can easily lead to a glorification of flawless precision of the machine - says Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori - but at Zegna, in respect of a humanist tradition that is profoundly Italian, we believe that the human being always sits at the center, in harmony with nature. It is sensitivity and creativity, human qualities par excellence, that get the best out of machines. Without man, everything would be soulless. This project reflects this union of sensibilities, which is also a balance of past and future, of inside and outside, in a cohesive yet multifaceted opus”.


OMEGA Adds Five Head-Turning Dials To Its De Ville Prestige Collection

OMEGA’s De Ville Prestige has attracted a large and loyal fan base, thanks to its elegant blend of first-class materials and no-frills design. Common to almost all watches in the collection is the beautifully restrained dial, with “railway" minute track, date window at 6 o'clock, applied OMEGA logo - and alternating Roman numerals and cabochons.

Only the essential elements, which leaves OMEGA plenty of room to play with colour and texture. In line with this spirit, the brand has added five colours to its 39.5 mm De Ville Prestige collection, with refined new dial finishes that combine vertical and sun brushing in one.

There are two stainless steel and 18K red gold models, with silvery or PVD linen colour dial.Two stainless steel and 18K yellow gold models, with PVD Moonshine™ Gold or PVD greened dial. As well as one stainless steel ‘power reserve’ model, with PVD blued dial, power reserve indicator at 6 o'clock and small-seconds subdial.

The driving force behind the dials is OMEGA’s Co-Axial Calibre 2500. With the exception of the power reserve model, which draws on OMEGA’s Co-Axial Calibre 2627. All of the new watches, with matching bracelets or leather straps depending on the case material, come with OMEGA’s 5-year warranty.


TOM FORD SS2021 Men's & Women's Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10's Pick

"When I began working on this collection, we were under strict lockdown. The Coronavirus pandemic was in full swing. Social unrest was filling the news every day. I had been wearing the same dirty jeans, jeans shirt, tee shirt and trainers for weeks. I had not left the house in months. I was irritated when I had a Zoom meeting because it meant washing my hair and perhaps trimming my beard.

At that time, the thought of designing a collection seemed frivolous when so many important and disturbing things were happening in our world. Our stores were all closed and fashion itself just seemed like an extravagance. It was hard to focus, to concentrate, and to be inspired. My sample rooms in Italy and in Los Angeles remained closed for months. I honestly wasn’t sure if I could make a collection even if I felt inspired to do so.

I felt that honestly fashion should simply go into hibernation for a year. As this terrible pandemic wore on and the social unrest grew even more upsetting, my usual 24 hour per day habitual toggling between CNN and MSNBC started to make me feel physically ill as the news was increasingly dire. I found myself more and more drawn to old Hollywood films on TCM or even the mind numbing constant stream of renovations taking place on HGTV where the solution to all of life’s problems seems to be about “blowing out a wall” and creating “an island” in the kitchen.

Quite simply, I found myself wanting to escape. Once full lockdown was eased a bit in LA and I was able to have close friends over 2 at a time for a strict socially distanced dinner outside. I started to feel for a slightly more dressed world. A still casual world but one where I actually felt like making a bit of an effort to get dressed and I noticed that our guests seemed to feel that way too. Caftans [yes, I live in LA] or simple dresses and flat shoes but at least it was a start. Men too, seemed to want to put on a clean shirt, a nicely cut pair of pants and to actually wash their hair.

There was a light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least an imaginary light: the hope of a happier time to come. That is what this collection is for me: the hope of a happier time. Still a somewhat casual moment as it relates to fashion but a time in which we need clothes that make us smile. Clothes that make us feel good.

One of the hundreds of television shows and films that I watched over the past six months was a documentary about the fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez. This film was released several years ago but I somehow never had time to watch it. It was brilliant and inspiring. I was the most inspired by the smiles of the models from the 70’s like Pat Cleveland or Donna Jordon.

The exuberance of those years between the pill and AIDS where life seemed to be more carefree. I was lucky enough to have photographed Pat Cleveland once and her energy left me literally high. We finished shooting at about 2:00 am and it actually took me hours to calm down enough to sleep. I felt like I had been doing cocaine all night and this was years after I had become sober. Pat is an inspiration. Her energy is an inspiration. She is joyful and inspiring.

Her makeup from the 70’s was also inspiring. I think that months and months of looking at people on Zoom with no makeup, dirty hair and bad lighting have made me long for the indulgence of full on makeup. Not only did I want to see smiles on the faces of the models but smiles with fully made up lips. I opted for vivid makeup in this collection as an expression of joy and happiness and a kind of extravagance that is not really extravagant at all as even in jeans and a tee shirt makeup can be an inexpensive way of feeling like perhaps there is a party to go to even if there is not. And it does of course look great on Zoom.

Sadly, not much has changed in our world as I show this collection: social unrest is worse than ever, and the pandemic seems to have simply paused for a moment waiting to pounce again in the fall in what many scientists predict will be an apocalyptic winter. Hopefully a vaccine will begin to change our lives by early 21. So I can only hope that by the time these clothes reach the stores in Spring 21 that it will be a more optimistic time. A time when we can all perhaps breathe a sigh of relief and begin to return to our lives as we knew them. The global zeitgeist always effects fashion and for me this longing for a hopeful spring translates into somewhat classic relaxed clothes but clothes that make me smile. Clothes to have a bit of fun in." - Tom Ford


Palm Angels Debuts First Eyewear Collection

Palm Angels debuts its first SS2021 eyewear collection developed in the New Guards Group design workshops and creativity hubs, the new Palm Angels shades are pervaded by the codes of the brand, born through the innate dialogue with the ready-to-wear collection and a natural evolution of its continuous extension.

The firm geometric shapes of the acetate frames merge or collide with the metallic Palm Angels logo, bold and visible, to state the debut of the brand in the eyewear panorama. Essential yet audacious, the collection presents two unisex styles, available in different colors: Palm and Angel, a conversation of two complementary souls.

Unexpected is the key word for Palm. A dissonance staggers the structure, breaking the temple linearity and creating a distortion in the frame. A subtle 90’s feeling matching with a rock attitude: Angel presents a solid structure, where the maxi Palm Angels logo in the iconic goth font of the brand steadily marks its personality, clashing the ordinary.


Mondoux Delights Your Luscious Lifestyle

When dining out without having to worry about any extra calories intake, it is a blessing! With the picturesque Burj Khalifa and Dubai city skyline as a backdrop right on the new Dubai Creek Harbour waterfront boardwalk, Mondoux promises a modern and hearty menu that truly is worth tasting. mylifestylenews writes.

From Bratislava, Prague, Košice and now Dubai, Mondoux set its foot last year in this friendly waterfront residential neighborhood. The new lifestyle bistro-café concept is now in full swing to delight your gluttonous taste buds with tasty foods and refreshing homemade drinks sourced from refined ingredients.

While there are many ways you can look at Dubai from a dining perspective - with the right location, the right ambience, the right outlook or view and obviously the right food, dining out needs to be all encompassing. Mondoux’s location may seem out of the way, but a good 15 minutes drive away from the bustling downtown Dubai, you are then surrounded by its tranquil and picturesque promenades with the uninterrupted view of the metropolis as well as another perspective of the iconic Burj Khalifa. With a total change of the scenery and surrounding, an excursion to this new precinct and if you go before dusk, then a preamble along the waterfront before dinner is quite enjoyable.

Being the first freestanding restaurant to open in this new hub, Mondoux is clear that this location is on its way to becoming a buzzing residential lifestyle precinct. Already well frequented by the locals especially for their wide selection of crafted fresh brew coffees, their almost all-day-dining expansive menu always has something to nourish your way either just to have a cuppa on the go or dining in for a relaxing meal. Mondoux opens its door as early as 08:00am offering hearty cooked breakfasts as well as fresh bakery from its very own in-house kitchen. Full menu is served for lunch and dinner, so any time is a good time to savor the delights of Mondoux.

Set it in a contemporary European Bistro-café style, the modern interior of Mondoux has been designed as an airy café that is part elevated living space in the use of warm woods with a nod to industrial take on without losing the warmth. Homey yet chic and decorated in a cozy ambience to please and flaunt with a playful touch of color vibes to stimulate and delight your senses.

The high ceilings not only create a more spacious atmosphere, but with the adornment of the long glass cylinders hanging in the middle dining area that are to be served as an operational apparatus for cocoa bean dispensers or roasters for chocolate as part of the essential fitout that certainly has become an iconic designed element for the entire bistro, both charming and eye-catching! 

The furniture setting is a combination of Scandic vibes and a warm touch with rattan chairs juxtaposed with slick upholstered chairs that are very comfortable and make you feel so relaxed. Long wooden tables mixed with small round and square table tops with solid heavy steel stands enhances the contemporary comfy indoor interior design, livened up by the carefully allocated mini table plants for a more sensible touch. A cozy nook for children is not forgotten, separated from the main dining room as well as alfresco settings to enjoy the gorgeous sunset while watching the world go by and tapping your toe along with the good soundtrack of chill lounge music that suits the ambience.

Mondoux – literally translated as “my sweet” from a French word – means that inevitably heartwarming dishes (as well as service) are to be expected here. The menu offers a modern and hearty experiential bistronomique dining concept. Fresh lemonades and smoothies are quite appealing on the menu and are the best summer drinks to quench our thirst on these hot and sticky summer days.

Upon being seated by our cheerful server Lauro, the refreshing mixed berries lemonade and passion fruits lemonade were ordered. Deliciously detoxifying seems to be the moment of truth while the first sip defined its justification.

<Orange & Carrot Soup>
It is so refreshing to have this combination and it did not disappoint. Its consistency was semi-thick and creamy and had such a delicious tangy palate from the citrus element and is served with some warm fined cut crispy toast. A good way to start for a pleasant meal!

<Spicy Prawn Toast>
A large piece of sourdough is slathered with avocado and hummus mash and topped with five meaty prawns in a not so spicy yet rather sweet sauce. Quite tasty and filling that comes in a generous serving, but the heat of the spice could be ramped up a notch for our taste.

The quesadillas was brought to our table by surprise when Lauro took the liberty to order one of the best seller dishes from the menu for us to sample. This dish hits the comfort food mark on the bullseye! Four large triangles of perfectly toasted quesadillas were stuffed with cheesy grilled vegetables and aromatic mushrooms, served on the side with the ubiquitous sour cream, tomato salsa and avocado mash and is a winning combination.

<Chicken Avacado Salad>
Despite the salad was overly tossed with the dressing and became quite soggy upon arrival, it was topped with a generous portion of juicy, tasty and meaty grilled chicken breast as well as well sliced chunky avocado. It needs to be eaten as soon as it arrives, as the salad will even ‘collapse’ further due to the heat and weight of the chicken and avocado. An “on point” salad that is definitely worth ordering!

Scrumptious eye-filling lemonades in Mondoux not to be missed.

<Mushroom Risotto with Parmesan & Truffle Oil >
The risotto is drizzled with truffle oil and punctuated with parmesan crisps. It may not be as aromatic as it should for the nose palate from its presentation but the mushrooms were extremely tasty and redolent of the forest floor. While the risotto was overcooked and had lost the rice grain texture for a small let down, the dish overall is quite recommended.

<Mussels in Spicy Tomato Sauce>
Tasty yet lacking of the kick from the chili may not justify what the name suggests. We began to wonder how much of the spicy level that the local can really accommodate as this is more than just mild. While the portion was quite good, the mussels were overcooked and the sauce was light and watery which obviously diluted the flavour.

<Chicken Supreme with Quinoa>
As though Lauro did read our mind, without us telling him that we were going to order this dish and he once again delighted us by another surprise to bring us this dish while we were still trying to enjoy our last few spoons of the risotto. The chicken breast is served on a bed of quinoa and a separate mini saucepan is presented with the yummy chicken jus reduction. The flavour was unquestionable but the meat had been overcooked and dry. Dipping the sliced cut chicken breast into the reduction jus is recommended to enjoy each morsel and not to pour it over to swamp the quinoa.

<Beef Tenderloin >
Juicy, tender meat slices are served with a chimichurri sauce along with blanched baby carrots and potato puree. The meat needed a little seasoning to elevate the flavor while the accompanying potato puree was also underwhelming, not pleasing by its less than creamy silky texture but rather chunky bite for that rustic palate.

<Lotus Madness>
There is always that conundrum of whether to share one dessert or order one each, but we opted for a sampling of three (1+2 to be précise), just to see the range of textures and flavours. While the name Lotus madness sounds exciting enough for dessert per se to catch your attention, finally the decision was made. This lotus concoction was a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream sat on some industrial production of speculoos Belgium made Lotus biscuits and a Lotus spread topping the ice cream. A pleasant cinnamon hint on the palate but not exactly what we expected by using the word “Lotus” for natural ingredients to be used instead.

 <Dark & White Chocolates with Fresh Forest Fruits>
The plus 2 “desserts” are more like a post dinner heavy concentrated beverages or can also be enjoyed as its own in Mondoux for a cuppa. Two full pages dedicated on the menu offering a wide selection of special coffees and milk, white or dark chocolates combination with additional add-on of other toppings such as fresh fruits, wild forest berries, assorted nuts and more as further enhancements. We opted for the Dark & White Chocolate with Fresh Forest Fruits which did not disappoint, rich in texture and warm on the palate and not as heavy as expected by making extra room for it after some pretty heavy courses earlier on. This is a simple dessert yet sweetly delicious and mixed well to excel, especially when premium chocolate is used, if warm chocolate is your “cup of chocolate”, this would be the perfect cuppa to linger in your mouth and sweet dreams are made of this.

<Espresso with Chocolate & Fresh Roasted Nuts>
A well balanced bitter-sweet flavour on the palate derived from the combination of both aromatic and luscious espresso and hazelnuts. A generous handful of hazelnuts floating and bouncing graciously on top of the glass with coated chocolate on the side that is reminiscent of an elegant tulip. A yin and yang dessert that is for serious coffee lovers who have a sweet tooth!

While true experience counts more than calories, exotic flavours may not be expected in Mondoux but more along the lines of hearty comfort food. Overall, the food presentation has a sense of gastronomy to impress and the menu has enough breadth to cover all palates and particular desires and something for everyone to liven up your day and seize that sweet intimate moment. The evening was a smorgasbord of heartwarming food and while not every dish hit the mark, we were well looked after by Lauro for his attentive and prompt service.

Feeling it, loving it and eating it…with love and passion from their dedicated culinary and service team brought to you this new neighborhood’s lifestyle vibe by ticking the right box for not being hungry….as it suggests on the menu cover. Enjoy your every mouthful and joyful moment spent in Mondoux at Dubai Creek Harbour with their vision well delivered…. All You Eat Is Love. P/S: We were told another Mondoux branch in Dubai Mall is in the making and have your anticipated appetite ready. 

Tried & Tested:

Location: 4/5

Design & Decor: 4/5

Food & Beverage: 4/5

Service: 4.5/5

Value For Money: 4.5/5

Experience: 4/5

Mondoux Dubai

Building 1 South Promenande

Ras Al Khor

Dubai Creek Haorbour

Dubai, UAE

Tel: +971 4 584 5177

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