Hermès Presents SS2022 Silk Collection - mylifestylenews' Top 10 Pick

On Leon : A Puzzle II scarf 180 ×60cm in wool.

On Yilan : Hermès Story scarf 90×90cm in silk twill and a belt in Epsom calfskin.

On Babacar : 160×40cm cashmere scarf.

On Babacar : Cheval à la couverture rectangle 180×63cm in cashmere and silk, a hat in linen and cotton slub canvas, and a belt in rope. Yilan wears an Hermès Story scarf 90×90cm in silk twill and a belt in Epsom calfskin. 

On Leon : A Garden of Harnesses rectangle 180×63cm in cashmere and silk, a Bolide Skate bag in Togo calfskin, natural cowhide and Swift calfskin, and two bracelets in Swift calfskin and palladium-finish metal.

On Aivita : Splash Park shawl 140 ×140cm in cashmere and silk, a pendant in lacquered wood, a belt in Epsom calfskin and Doublure calfskin, 8 and a belt in Madame calfskin and Doublure calfsk

On Aivita : Two La Selle imaginaire scarves 90×90cm in silk twill, a hat in cotton canvas, and a pair of sandals in calfskin.

On Yilan : Charmes des plages normandes rectangle 180×90cm in silk twill.

On Leon : Maillon effervescent losange 200×75cm in cashmere and silk, a belt in rope, and a pair of sandals in calfskin.

On Aivita : Regard de soie scarf 70×70cm in vintage silk twill and a scarf ring in lambskin.


COACH Introduces “I Got It From My Mom” Mother's Day Campaign

COACH introduces “I Got It From My Mom,” its campaign for Mother’s Day, starring COACH Family including Jennifer Lopez, Noah Beck and Jessica Kelly, along with their loved ones.

Captured by Joshua Woods, the campaign introduces portraits of the cast with their family members and a video series where they share the unique gifts, talents and traits they got from their moms.

A playful reference to COACH’s legacy and bags handed down from one generation to the next, “I Got It From My Mom” celebrates the role mother figures play as mentors, muses and sources of style inspiration.

“This Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize all the ways mothers inspire and shape us,” said North America Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer of COACH Sandeep Seth. “We also wanted to celebrate the joy found in the things we pass from one generation to another, and our brand’s role in creating special memories for our customers over the years.” “I Got It From My Mom” highlights the house’s Pillow Tabby and Madison Shoulder Bag.


Montblanc & The Beauty of Writing Craftsmanship at Homo Faber in Venice

Montblanc showcases the artistry and beauty of its writing instrument craftsmanship at Homo Faber , the ground-breaking cultural experience in Venice from April 10th to May 1st 2022The event brings together international master artisans and rising stars to illustrate the diversity of materials, techniques, origins and skills behind functional everyday objects and outstanding decorative pieces. The immersive experience curated by Montblanc spotlights the art of nib craftsmanship, one of the purest expressions of Montblanc craftsmanship, with a skilled process that transforms gold into the nibs of its celebrated writing instruments.

Inside the Montblanc space at the Fondazione Giorgio Cini on Island San Giorgio Maggiore, guests are invited to learn about the anatomy of a fountain pen and the ingenuity behind the tool’s functions and elements. The immersive experience features a step-by-step guide of the 12 production phases to masterfully craft a nib, with craftspeople on-site making nibs. True to its mission to Inspire Writing, visitors can discover or rediscover the wonder of writing by hand at the Montblanc Writing Station with a bespoke nib presentation and through the testing of different ink colours. Montblanc experts are on hand to make recommendations around specific nib and ink choices to achieve the optimal writing experience.

“We are delighted to return to Homo Faber, bringing with us the artistry and virtuosity of Montblanc artisans who oversee 35 skilled steps to handcraft our gold nibs. It is their enduring passion and expertise that have sustained Montblanc’s status as the great pioneer of writing culture as well as a custodian of the traditions of craftsmanship through the generations. A nod to the opening of Montblanc Haus in Hamburg this Spring, we are thrilled to spotlight the exceptional creativity of Studio Marianne Guély’s with a new work connected to the work she has created for our new brand destination that celebrates the wonder of handwriting,” says Nicolas Baretzki, Montblanc CEO.

As part of its participation in Homo Faber, Montblanc has partnered with Studio Marianne Guély’s on her project 'The Imaginary Alphabet' with the installation "ABCD’M" that echoes the cultural diversity of Venice, a city that over the centuries has made its mark in the world of art and craftsmanship. This contemporary tribute to Aldo Manuzio, the Venetian printer of 1515, is a subtle blend of cultures and savoir-faire transmitted through writing.  The original installation is a reflection of this cultural place through the prism and values shared by Homo Faber, Montblanc and Studio Marianne Guély.

The space is a metaphorical representation of this savoir-faire: the shelves of books represent this knowledge and know-how accumulated, written down, and transmitted over time like a precious treasure. The arch is a symbol of these ancient libraries and the bridges of Venice as links between cultures and knowledge. The mirror reflects endlessly the library and the letters evoking the perpetuation and evolution of knowledge through time. The imaginary alphabet represented by the paper letters that float in space as if escaped from the books, is a graphic and physical representation of thought and creation, formalized by writing. Thanks to the work of Lorenz Boegli, a printer beyond compare, and his unique silkscreen printing skills, we have created a bold and immersive experience. Through its treatment and the application of phosphorescent inks, the alphabet reveals itself to the visitor in two different ways, giving freedom to his imagination to absorb the artwork.

As part of its ongoing commitment to craftsmanship, Montblanc Haus opens its doors to the public at its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany this May. It tells the story of Montblanc from its founding days to the present, of the women and men that craft Montblanc’s writing instruments and of those who have used them to share their imprint on humanity. The immersive brand experience brings to life Montblanc’s belief in the value of writing and the ways in which it helps people express their full potential and ultimately leave their mark on the world.


Giorgio Armani S2022 Eyewear Collection

Giorgio Armani S2022 Eyewear Collection  features iconic silhouettes in warm soft colours from amber honey to tobacco.

The design is sophisticated and contemporary, and selected models have been handcrafted using sustainable materials.




自由精神與家庭情感一直是ETRO的核心價值,家庭既是個人的根基,也是社群的基本元素,家庭成員的夢想與熱情編織出親密無間的情感紐帶,折衷主義理念和多元文化精神營造出一種氛圍和態度,欣然地帶出以「自由王國」(Empire of Freedom)為主題的ETRO 2022春夏廣企。由意大利時尚攝影師Mario Sorrenti執導,探索年輕一代的生命能量,描繪了獨處與群居時的個體,帶出社群意識的自發與真誠。透過色彩與迷幻光影捕捉每個人的獨特個性,在縱情快樂中建立默契,提供一種重塑的可能性,以全新方式看向未來。

Dior2022 春夏季女裝成衣系列廣告大片,向意大利藝術家Anna Paparatti 的作品致敬,以色彩繽紛和遊戲為媒介反思藝術和生活的趣味。系列重新塑造各款經典,包括微型版本的Lady Dior 手袋,和一系列的 Dior Vibe 款式,均以嶄新格調展現獨有美學﹔而 MissDior 太陽眼鏡的 50 年代風格更是相輔相成,在 Brigitte Niedermair 的掌鏡下,各個Dior造型再次絢麗並富有活力地呈現出來Is Dior orange the new black for this season?你心裏有數?!

設計師 Michael Kors讓愛征服世界,將愛進行到底,時刻充滿著熱情和浪漫情感的紐約市某個晚上,市中心的Prospect Tower頂層,帶領著Kendall Jenner一同踏上充滿愛和歡樂的夢幻旅程大膽演繹風格及強烈Michael Kors Collection 2022春夏系列。流線的剪裁配以巧手打造的布料,突出嫵媚多姿的線條美,散發攝人的女性魅力。從鉛筆裙﹑短身上衣到手工刺繡的華麗晚裝,Jenner以動人的姿態於燦爛的紐約市日與夜間,散發著具現代感的知性美,帶出廣企的不對稱視覺效果,綻放誘人的魅力。……無所不在 、愛是永恒、浪漫的愛﹑朋友間真摰的愛﹑家人無私的愛,及對自己城市-- 紐約市的熱愛,就是永恆不斷的靈感泉源。」Michael Kors坦言。

Pierre-Ange Carlotti掌鏡Hailey Bieber自信演繹JIMMY CHOO 2022春季系列廣告大片,將品牌迷人、大膽的靈魂融入此次鞋款與配飾中全新VARENNE QUAD小方塊單肩包,超大VARENNE托特包,及霓虹亮黃色BING高跟鞋的摩登姿態;ORIEL短靴搭配JC logo印花化妝手提包,CORA短靴與BONNY緞面手提包交相呼應,SATYA印花絲巾繫帶涼鞋展現優雅魅力和「敢出色,耀進取」的品牌精神,與身後洛杉磯城市全景形成鮮明對比。

Zendaya演繹全新VALENTINO 2022春夏廣告Valentino Rendez-Vous系列隨動而行,展現內與外的交流碰撞,貫穿於獨處和社交之間Marcell Rev(美劇《Euphoria》攝影師)與Scott Sakamoto掌鏡,於洛杉磯的華納兄弟製片廠中拍攝完成。Zendaya從後台輕盈踏出,隨即步入灑滿陽光的街道,與朋友熱情互動,留下歡快靈動的身影。伴隨The XX樂隊的《Crystalised》音符,作為舞者,Zendaya的旅途愈發充滿活力,飽含著象徵意義。舞蹈動作由動作創意總監Stephen Galloway傾情設計,隨時跟隨鏡頭中捕捉一切,探索著光線的無限可能,賦予視頻以復古觀感,讓人聯想至上世紀80年代的電影畫質,生動詮釋藝術表現力,擁抱開放的世界。


Chloé SS2022 Advertising Campaign

Chloé SS2022 advertising campaign transports you to the sun-drenched beaches of Mexico. With the introduction of Chloé Craft, which sees the Maison increase the number of its products handcrafted by independent artisans; 58% of the collection made from lower-impact materials, and several collaborations with social enterprises, that love encompasses both people and the planet.  The collection is “all about love.”

Lensed by photographer Zoë Ghertner on Playa El Tecolote in Mexico, the shoot was styled by Camilla Nickerson and art directed by Peter Miles.

The campaign features dresses constructed using tubular laces made from deadstock printed silk, which have been macraméd together by World Fair Trade organisation guaranteed member Akanjo; ponchos hand painted with indigo stripes, and the Edith bag in multicolour patchwork amongst other designs.


VALENTINO SS2022 RENDEZ-VOUS Advertising Campaign

VALENTINO SS2022 RENDEZ-VOUS Advertising Campaign relies on the concept of motion, the encounter between the inside and outside, between a persona’s intimacy and social relationships. This is the leitmotif of the New Valentino Advertising Campaign starring Zendaya, shot and filmed at the Warner Bros. Studios, in Los Angeles. Zendaya floats from the backstage to the sunny streets encountering her community in a joyous polyphony of bodies in motion. A vibrant metaphorical journey permeated by a dancing soul on the notes of Crystalised by The XX. Stephen Galloway, Creative Movement Director, designed the choreography. Marcell Rev (from Euphoria) and Scott Sakamoto on an ever-following camera, explore the infinite possibilities of light, giving the video a vintage cinematographic taste that evokes the frames of the movies from the ‘80s. The vivid and radiant colours of the Valentino Rendez-Vous looks clash like brushstrokes with the neutral and timeless territory. An artistic expression and an opening to the world. The backstage, conceived by Happy Massee, is a factory in-between a photographic studio and an intimate loft. It is the interior place where the community of the campaign works, talks and shares moments of Joie de Vivre. In the continuous upside down of the production and making of all artists are actors of the campaign and at the same time spectators, including Pierpaolo Piccioli together with stylist Law Roach. The street enters the Maison with a diverse and magnetic humanity. The reciprocity of identities and the power of curiosity are the consequences of this human connection.


A|X Armani Exchange SS2022 Advertising Campaign

A|X Armani Exchange SS2022 advertising campaign is a strong sense of individuality bonds the urban tribe: diversity and freedom of expression connect through gestures, clothes, and attitudes.

Shot in graphic black and white by Oliver Hadlee Pearch, art directed and styled by Carlos Nazario, celebrates those who audaciously and unabashedly choose to explore style as an outward sign of their own personality. 

Portrayed alone or in small groups against a white backdrop, models and tiktokers India Rawsthorn, Anna Villemoes, Yuancen Xia, Daniel Millar, Desire Mia, Mathieu Simoneau move, dance, run in front of the camera.

Clothes, accessories, watches and glasses become tools of a personal story made of fun and energy, with music as the ultimate connector. Music as an aggregating factor characterises the video that accompanies and expands the campaign.


MALUMA - New Face of SS2022 VERSACE Man

Versace announces Maluma is the face of the latest Versace Men’s advertising campaign, wearing looks from the SS2022 collection in images by photographic duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Approachable yet immediately iconic, Maluma is portrayed in a number of different images in which he is pictured with his own dog, Buda, and the mega star shows himself to be #TeamVersace and #TeamDV in a varsity jacket finished with a range of brand motif patches and “Donatella” embroidered across the heart.

“When I met Maluma for the first time, immediately I felt his energy and his engaging personality. He is a forward thinker and never scared to challenge himself. He’s the kind of man that makes a difference and makes the world a better place, this makes him the perfect Versace man! I’m so excited to have Maluma in my new Spring Summer campaign.” - Donatella Versace

“For me, this is a dream come true to be the face of an iconic fashion house like Versace and continuing to represent Colombia globally through music, fashion and much more. Fashion is one of my biggest passions outside of music and being part of Donatella’s vision, and the Versace family, is an honor. Together, we have created memorable moments with custom performance and red carpet looks, magazine covers and the amazing Met Gala 2021 design. With this campaign, we are creating more memories as a fashion family together. One of my greatest highlights for 2022 will be my dog Buda in his first campaign with me - a man’s best friend joins fashion. This is to many more memories with my Versace family.” Says Maluma.


dunhill SS2022 Legacy Collection

dunhill Introduces the legacy collection – a celebration of House heritage and the iconic dunhill logo. Featured throughout SS2022, the updated Longtail logo pays tribute to dunhill’s rich history, with the addition of the home city and founding year of the House. Applying this logo to casualwear, footwear and accessories, existing styles are evolved, whilst new pieces are introduced. The canvas Utility tote from SS2021 has received a graphic makeover for the new season, now accompanied by signature dunhill shapes including the N/S tote and zipped pouch. A selection of small leather goods complement this bag range, also showcasing the design in striking monochrome. Further broadening the House’s sneaker offering, the Court Legacy trainer combines 80’s tennis shoe references with an automotive-inspired racing stripe, upholding dunhill’s longstanding connection to the motoring world.


Hermès Summer 2022 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection

Hermès Summer 2022 Men’s Ready-To-Wear Collection 
is about a sense of lightness, relaxation and freedom. It is a response to our need for wider perspectives, for the great outdoors. It is an invention and reinvention of a wardrobe in which different fabrics are interwoven, and where technical innovation finds inspiration in craftwork legacy.

Depth and fantasy: a duality of spirit shaking up appearances. Paper becomes fabric, Toilbright and a cotton cover fuse together, leather is enlivened with bursts of colour and stitching graphics. Forms in trompe-l’oeil: overshirts, double jacket-cardigans, coats and parkas in two materials.

 This hybrid approach ushers in a renewed elegance synonymous with energized and flexible shapes: the seemingly casual style belies a structured sophistication to the night as it fades in from the day. Innovation and precision, a dialogue with legacy patterns devoured, blurred, perforated and otherwise transformed by modern techniques.

A harmonious play on contrasts accentuate the colours. Celadon-green, algae, chocolate, and carbon hues blend with the softness of faded rose, stone-grey and raw-silk. A bright, soft sweater, a daisy pattern and large Bermuda shorts embody this liberated relaxation. Suffused with optimism and energy, this creative collection is bursting with the vitality of a world reclaimed.

Greyish pink, tender green, celadon-green, algae, pale blue, bright yellow. White, off-white, steam, stone-grey, raw-silk, hemp, chocolate, carbon, black.

Lines and Fabrics
 Reversible double-jeu parkas, straight blousons or with ribbing, vests and straight jackets in Toilbright and cotton cover, in plume calfskin and water-repellent technical canvas, or in crackled cotton poplin and crispy technical canvas. Hooded parkas, zipped sweatshirts and blousons with ribbing in armoured technical canvas, millimetre printing. Double vest-blousons in techno-paper and double vest-jackets in flamed crispy canvas. Parkas, hooded sweatshirts and straight blousons in armoured technical canvas, playful topstitching.

Zipped sweatshirts with high neck in Toilovent with Mors et Gourmettes print. Straight blousons in washed linen canvas. Straight coats, hooded zipped sweatshirts, zipped tee-shirts with V neck in suede deerskin, coloured zips and saddle nails. Short-sleeve shirts with sailboat stitching, Bermuda shorts with drawstring waist in metis goatskin.

Over-shirt and straight blouson in shadow crocodile. Zipped parkas with high neck and over-shirts in rubberized lambskin with scribbled stitching. Round neck pullovers, tee-shirts with Tunisian collar, short-sleeve shirts with floral puzzle motif in cashmere or in sea island cotton.

Pullovers with twisted neck or with Tunisian collar in linen and silk. Cardigans and round neck pullovers in tangy mouliné cashmere. Short-sleeve polo in 180’s wool, leather pocket.

 Large shirts in cotton poplin with double 3D Mors et Gourmettes print, in technical cotton canvas or in silk twill, with perforated Quadrige motif. Large tee-shirts with Tunisian collar in cotton with double Mors et Gourmettes dévoré print.

Pleated trousers in stretch cotton serge or in cotton drill. Pleated trousers with drawstring waist in crackled cotton poplin, playful topstitching. Large trousers and pleated Bermuda shorts, coloured zips and saddle nails, in cotton drill, or in flamed linen and cotton canvas. 

Zipped tee-shirts with V neck in cotton poplin, in cotton and linen voile, or in crackled cotton and silk canvas. Large collarless shirts with pockets in cotton poplin, or in cotton cover. Zipped tee-shirts in technical cotton canvas with sailboat stitching.

Large trousers and Bermuda shorts in stretch cotton serge. Bermuda shorts with drawstring waist in plume calfskin. Two-button suit in travel wool canvas, details in satin.

Bolide Skate bags in Togo calfskin, natural cowskin and printed Swift calfskin, bags in military canvas and Togo calfskin, pouches in Barénia Faubourg calfskin or in Volupto calfskin. Jardin de Calypso 65cm scarves in silk twill. Pendants in palladium metal and enamel or lacquered metal, double tour bracelets in braided Swift calfskin. Belts in rope and snap hook clasp, belts in technical knit and H buckle in rubber. Hermès H 08 watches. High top sneakers in canvas, ankle boots in suede goatskin, sandals in calfskin.