A thrilling action and unstoppable excitments. A well scripted with good direction to almost no "dead air" on the run. With Denzel Washingtong's usual's serious and intense role, it adds up lots of tension to the film.

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《Under the Howthorn Tree 山楂樹之戀》

To the respect of Zhang YiMou, this true story takes us back to the basic and knowing the nature of real love that happens in the 1960's China which was so restricted and stubborn. Rated the purest love story ever, pure new fresh faces acting doesn't mean bad but surely would leave the audiences something to talk about. Have your hanky or tissue ready. 

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《Paranormal Activity 2》

Was this scary?! Yes and No but it does have a few surprises and the storyline lined up are more complete and better scripted. And this time "it" came out during the day a couple of time but not only the night owl's hours. You perhaps may need more concentration if you are not watching it from the big screen as the "hidden" camera's angles distortion can be interrupted. Not a bad past time and shall watch it while you are much more awake for not missing any movement from "it".

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