Roger Vivier AW2019 Presents The Courbette

Gherardo Felloni, continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic. One such archive piece is the Polichinelle, a heel that curves inward and extends towards the foot, created in 1960 by Monsieur Vivier and inspired by 18th century pumps. During this time, the Polichinelle transformed the silhouette of a conventional heel by challenging the idea of a narrow shape and replacing it with a wider, thicker version in what can be considered as the very first block heel for women’s shoes. Today, more than 50 years later, the archive heel is reborn as the Courbette, designed by Felloni as a bicolor, chunky heel with a curved interior. The Courbette continues Monsieur Vivier’s legacy of innovation and creativity, its shape as unique as its predecessor but with the added dimension of a distinct metallic curve. Roger Vivier is a Maison that brings out the feminine side of every woman, whether through subtle accents or bold statements, and the Courbette styles for Fall/Winter 2019 embody this trademark of the Vivier spirit. The Courbette Bow pumps, hand crafted in exquisite satin or velvet, come adorned with an opulent silk ribbon that decorates the center of the foot – a daring expression of ladylike style. Elegance, another of the Maison’s pillars, is also exemplified by the Courbette Grand Soirée. Inspired by the intricate jewels from Monsieur Vivier’s most exclusive creations, Felloni designed this special pair in silver, with a crystal-encrusted band, perfect for extraordinary occasions. Striking a perfect balance between fantasy and innovation, femininity and functionality, the Courbette is the absolute signature heel of the season.


TIFFANY & CO. Presents A Day of Splendor: The Archival Collection & The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger

Tiffany & Co.’s new flagship store at One Peking Road hosted its very first official event recently to celebrate the past and present by presenting A Day of Splendor: The Archival Collection & The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger exhibition.

An exposition of the extraordinary, Tiffany’s grand flagship store became home to the innovative creativity of one of Tiffany’s most visionary jewelers - and like a museum displaying masterpieces, it allowed guests to view both the exclusive Jean Schlumberger Archival Collection as well as Tiffany’s latest pieces in The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger Collection.

Jean Schlumberger Archival Collection
Jean Schlumberger Archival Collection is most essentially the collected extent works of the legendary designer – the products of a lifetime of dedication and imagination in the art of jewelry. More a portrait of an artist than that of a mere manufacturer of goods, 15 pieces from the Archival Collection encapsulates the unique personality and creative perspective of one of the 20th century’s greatest jewelers.

From the delicate Trophee de Vaillance Clip – designed for Diana Vreeland, the celebrated Editor-in-Chief of Vogue magazine, and rendered in gold-mesh, diamonds, blue enamel and amethysts – to the incredible Tassles Suite – a necklace of twisted gold rope chain set with emeralds, diamonds, and golden tassels of intensely varying designs – the Archival Collection expresses the beautiful and irreverent, indeed the daring aesthetics that made up Jean Schlumberger’s artistic vision.

The innovative mind and connection with nature
From such dramatic pieces of high jewelry, the Archival Collection moves to also display his more sympathetic, whimsical pieces that show his unique sense of humor. Hexagonal Gold Boxes with triangular facets in gold and white enamel are emblematic of this exceptional approach to design. So too a set of Brooch and Ear Clips which feature large central rubies in collet setting surrounded by concentric circles of diamonds and rubies. Striking compositions, the enamel Concombre Cigarette Case and Lighter displays the profound connection of Jean Schlumberger with nature, his unique point of view on details and visual rhythms – a trait that allowed this great jeweler to capture the hearts and minds of such storied individuals as Lady “Slim” Keith, the New York fashion icon, and the aforementioned Diana Vreeland during his lifetime.

The Archival and Legendary Masterpieces
The link between past and present can be found in The Legendary Designs of Jean Schlumberger Collection, an homage to the fantastical imagination of renowned jeweler Jean Schlumberger, whose imaginative and passionate approach to jewelry design has been captured in four distinct themes in this collection: ‘Fantasy’, ‘Flora’, ‘Fauna’ and ‘Icons’.

A classic design, Schlumberger’s choker necklace features diamond-covered platinum leaves from which hang 20 amethyst drops mounted in gold and set with 715 diamonds. As sophisticated as it is daring, the basic unity of design becomes an inspirational force in the new Star and Moon Necklace, which mix asymmetry with new focalizing gemstones and motifs to breathe exquisite new life into the innovations of Schulmberger himself.

The Ribbon Powder Case features intertwining gold ribbons, that all meet at a central point – the simple yet effective statement in gold capturing the eye with its restrained sense of beauty. Opening the center of the basic design, the Ribbon Bangle breaks up the tight design of the compact into glimmering lightness, the addition of empty space and diamonds giving the piece a sense of freedom.

Overlapping gold strands are part of the classic piece, each centering a diamond and elaborating on flame-inspired motifs – the Gold and Platinum Necklace being made for Hattie Carnegie. Drawing from Carnegie’s necklace, the Fringe Necklace takes the elegance of Schlumberger’s strands and straightens them into a modern silhouette, the classic made new through the addition of exquisite gemstones.

From exploring his most irreverent designs to illustrating his masterful aesthetics, the pieces of the collection demonstrate the breathtaking virtuosity with which the legendary jeweler renders the natural world into bejeweled form – from the prismatic interplay of color and texture, precious gemstones and exquisite settings that elucidates his whimsical point of view, to the fluid shapes and sophisticated forms that captures nature’s poetic grace in everlasting beauty.


A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW - An Epic Steak Night Out

Tucked away in a hidden graffitied laneway with a name that is intriguing in itself is A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW in Duckboard Place, which is home to a fresh, Nordic inspired steakhouse. mylifestylenews writes.

Exploring laneways in Melbourne is like finding a hidden treasure - you don’t know exactly what you will discover until you dive into the unknown! These laneways have a plethora of experiences, ranging from unique shopping, to hip bars and word of mouth eateries, to name but a few of such delights. What we love the most though, are the culinary rich experiences, as going off the grid is what creates that wow gourmand moment.

Being a Danish steakhouse, A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW exudes a chic dining concept created by a Dane that really wanted to create something special. Nestled amidst cobblestones and street art is an entrance that is distinguished by a hanging sign of a cow that looks old European in its execution.

Tim Burvill and his Denmark based partner Lars Damgaard have completely reinvented a tired inner city former office space. Many of the A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW family of designers and artisans were in Melbourne for the build, which includes everything from lighting and cabinetry to tables, plates and cutlery. Tim and Lars already owned one A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW restaurant together in Adelaide which has built a stellar reputation over the past six years for serving high quality steak. Lars also owns another 14 A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW restaurants across Denmark and Scandinavia, with the first established 45 years ago on a family property at Lund, near Herning in Denmark.

Tim has been producing dry aged beef (as A Hereford Beef) since 2014, primarily for A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW Adelaide and also for a select few chefs and a small number of specialty butchers in Adelaide. A Hereford Beef has been recognized nationally for its quality as a finalist in the Delicious Produce Awards (2014 & 2015) and by the Melbourne Fine Food Awards (Bronze 2014). In 2015, Tim built a state of the art dry ageing facility in the Adelaide Hills to meet the growing demand for dry aged beef at his Adelaide restaurant and in preparation for A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW opening in Melbourne. Needless to say, this establishment in Melbourne is a mecca for carnivores.

Now before we get into the details of every morsel we ate and the fabulous wines that were served, one of the drawcards of A HEREFORD BEEFSTOUW is the dry-aged beef. Tim is an industry innovator and he is spreading the good news of the virtues of Dry Ageing, embracing production methods of old to achieve optimum flavour and texture results from the finest cuts of meat. In Dry Ageing, the meat is hung in a cool room until the outer surface hardens, protecting the valuable meat underneath, while the flavour intensifies and natural enzymes begin to change and tenderise it. The result is a much more tender, naturally ‘beefier’ tasting beef. Tim uses only grass raised beef for dry ageing delivering health benefits of a leaner cut than grain fed alternatives.

Looks can be deceiving and the grungy laneway entrance opens up to a world of chic, with an open kitchen, a sense of space, exposed brick work and a vibe that is perfect for that catch-up or business lunch. Separated by a thin corridor hallway from the overwhelmingly blonde wood dining room that looks out over Flinders St foliage, there is a taste of magic and an exciting wine list to explore and this is definitely the go to place for meat aficionados in Melbourne, especially premium quality of steaks.

The restaurant design and fit out has some unconventional yet quirky table shapes for larger numbers and a trail of lights that might be referencing the Nordic lights. The furniture design is very distinctive with at least four chair designs that are what you could term Nordic chic. All is showcased on a base of simple wooden floors, with striking art works that add a pop of colour to the sleek designs. There is a fish sculpture and a hand sculpture that really adds an eye-catching element, plus wines racked on walls down the hallways.

On perusing the menu, while primarily attracting diners for its specialization in the finest steaks, it offers more than this, including saltbush mutton, cured lamb shoulder, chicken, oysters and some fish options, house Armagnac and more. Given that we were spoilt for choice, it took us some time to decide what to choose, as one visit quite clearly was not going to allow us to try everything we wanted to try, but best we don’t overdo it, as some of the steaks are well over the usual 220 gram weight. Additionally, there is a great wine list that showcases Australian wines, but also focuses on New Zealand, France and beyond and range from the ridiculously affordable to the very special wines that have a great bottle age.

After some deliberations, we went with the octopus and calamari dish, a chicken liver pate, chicken wings, followed by the main attractions: 150 day grain fed eye fillet, a 45 day dry-aged rump and a 100 day dry-aged cote de boeuf. We may have bitten off more than we could chew, but this was all about sampling a variety of great meat and we were determined to enjoy at least three different styles of beef.

Wine pairing is a big plus here and Daniel Hemmengsen – the Danish restaurant manager - not only guided us through the menus but also proposed some stunning wines to pair with those superb meats. We started off with two Reislings – a 2010 German Reisling and a 2010 Theo Minges Spatlese Trocken Reisling, both were classic styles with gorgeous bottle age. These were followed by a 2010 Premier Cru Pinot Noir from Domaine Hubert Chany Pommard and a 2010 Cote de Beaune 1er Crus les Chanlins. These two contrasting wines with such an intense and different in character had so much pedigree and are absolute divine to delight your palate.

<Octopus with Calamari> 
Delicious, light in taste with deep fried shallots, the combination makes it a very harmonious dish.

<Chicken Liver Pate> 
Quite dense in texture and packed with flavor without being too rich in taste, plus the house brioche and raisin sourdough with apple chutney was the perfect accompaniment.

<Spicy Chicken Wings> 
Absolutely divine with incredibly tender meat along with the spicy chipotle sauce - they sous vide the meat and take off some of the unnecessary bits to leave the most juicy bits that were perfectly deep fried without any oily taste on the palate. Highly recommended!

<150 Day Grain Fed Eye Fillet> 
Amazingly tender and one can easily slice through the meat with a flavor that could not be beaten. A Must order! 

<45 Day Dry-aged Rump> 
A bit more complicated in flavor, with the meat being so different from the eye fillet and yet, this was like stepping into another level of gourmandizing. 

<100 Day Dry-aged Beef Cote de Boeuf - Ribeye on The Bone> 
We loved this Cote de Boeuf so much as the meat is with great chewy texture and more meaty character. All of our meats were beautifully presented on the trolley from which they cut and served the meats and came with the choice of your preferred sauce - garlic butter, herb butter, bernaise, mushroom and pepper. This may seem like they are harking back to the days of gueridon service, but it was done with a modern touch. Beer battered chips, potato gratin and rocket salad made the perfect choice for our side order to compliment those premium cuts. 

For the steaks wine pairing, Daniel suggested the 2016 Yara Yerring Dry Red, an Australian Cab/Sav blend, a 2016 Jasper Hill Georginas Paddock Heathcote Shiraz and to top it off, a 2013 M.Chapoutier ‘La Pleidel’. We felt privileged that we were able to enjoy the premium selection of different wines, which also complimented our meats so well and gave us much cause for debate as to which wine went best with which meat. We probably over-extended ourselves, but we really didn’t mind and of course, dessert just had to be tried, as we wanted to see how well rounded the kitchen was and they didn’t disappoint.

<Dark Chocolate Mousse with Cherries & Pistachio Ice Cream> 
This stunning chocolate mousse was incredibly dense in texture and without being too sweet, thanks to the fabulous combinations of the chocolate and the contrasting savoury flavour of the ice cream. A must try!

For the dessert wine pairing, Daniel recommended a 2018 Tasmanian Iced Riesling from Frogmore Creek and this delicately sweet wine was manna from heaven to not over compensate for the flavours of the dessert.

For those that wish to be more adventurous after dinner, they have an Armangnac wall, with vintages from 1959-1995. This is one element that demonstrates Beefstouw’s desire to stand out from the crowd and offer something a little more unique and tailored to diners that wish to have new and exciting experiences. Of course, all good restaurants have steak on their menu, but we would defy anyone to show us a more passionate purveyor of superb cuts of beef in so many different presentations and ageing processes and to have a kitchen brigade that renders each dish with perfection.

We were blown away with every element, including superb floor staff showing their passion for this product and putting each diner at ease with a warmth that is not always easy to find. For a sublime taste to remember on an epic steak night out, A Hereford Beefstouw will definitely make your night worth while.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 5/5
Experience: 5/5

In House Dried-Age Meat
Premium Wine Selection

22 Duckboard Pl,
Melbourne VIC
Tel: +61 3 9654 8297

Reviews are based on actual day of visit and experience. mylifestylenews reserves the right of final decision in case of any disputes. All images are photographed by mylifestylenews team without any photoshop enhancement and are the property owned by mylifestylenews unless otherwise stated. 

EMPORIO ARMANI AW2019/20 Eyewear Collection

Energy and freedom. These are the keywords of the Emporio Armani Eyewear Collection for AW2019/20. Striking materials, shapes and details define a bold and eclectic collection that allows you to impress and to interpret your style in a truly unique way. Comfortable designs, interesting textures and bright colours make these frames look original, and ideal for everyday use.

EA 2091
This model, which appeared in the Emporio Armani fashion show, has an ultra-modern design and an unmistakable style that reflects the energy and vitality of the fashion collection. The mask front consists of a single lens. The profile of the glasses is printed in full colour on the back. The start of the metal and nylon temples features a printed logo. Available in red with red details printed inside and mirrored rose gold with rose gold details printed inside.

This futuristic model, which appeared in the Emporio Armani AW2019/20 fashion show, represents the collection’s dynamic and eclectic style and the brand’s continuous evolution. The perfectly smooth mask design reflects the modern, technological spirit of the fashion show, delivering a cutting-edge look. The front consists of a single lens with a rectangular shape and sharp corners. The profile of the glasses is printed in full colour on the back. The temples have a distinctive “graduated” shape that accentuates the model’s bold character. The Emporio Armani logo with the brand’s iconic eagle motif is stamped at the top of the temple. Available in matt silver with mirrored toneon- tone lenses, matt blue with tone-ontone lenses and rose gold with tone-ontone lenses.

These glasses are distinguished by their lightness, dynamism and comfort. Characterised by a minimalist design and modern finishes, the model is available in blue nylon.

These sunglasses perfectly interpret the brand’s casual style. The light nylon frame offers an easy-to-wear look, while the colour contrast on the temples gives the model a youthful and appealing appearance. The flat temples feature the engraved full logo. Available in burgundy with grey lenses and burgundy and grey temples, and dark green with lime details and teal mirrored lenses.

Inspired by the Emporio Armani fashion collection, this model plays with a clean and feminine design for a young and fashionable look. The cat-eye frame is embellished with metallic finishes that frame the nylon front. The temples display the full Emporio Armani logo, while the brand’s iconic eagle motif is stamped on the temple tips. Available in Havana with glossy pale gold metal details and brown lenses, and in a blue “jeans” colour with gunmetal details and blue mirrored lenses.


LOEWE Presents New Menswear Publication In First Collaboration With Tyler Mitchell

To showcase Jonathan Anderson’s Menswear AW2019, LOEWE has collaborated with Tyler Mitchell, the rising talent best known for shooting Beyoncé for the September 2018 cover of US Vogue.

Taking the playful masculinity that has characterised the brand’s evolving Men’s collections to a new level, Benjamin Bruno styled a group of young models for the latest hardcover look book. The collection, which had its runway debut in Paris last January, used the historic locations of Piedra del Rey Moro and Museo de Santa Cruz in the Spanish city of Toledo as its picturesque backdrop.

Known as the ‘City of the Three Cultures’, Toledo’s societal and monumental identity has been forged by the variegating influences of the Christians, Muslims and Jews, who have all co-existed there over the course of its long history.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (whose headquarters played host to the runway show) in 1986 for its extensive cultural heritage. Defined by this unique nexus of social, architectural and historical diversity, the city reflects the complex ideals of the collection and the look book concept.

Some images include strange inflatable white and yellow objects. Their abstract volumes sharply offset the stone textures of the natural and man-made settings. These shapes reconfigure the landscape of walls and rocks with a sense of scale and depth, all while creating a loose visual link to the silhouettes and colours
featured in the collection.


Jennifer Lopez - New Global Face of COACH

Coach announced Jennifer Lopez as the new global face of Coach recently. Her partnership with the fashion house will include global advertising campaigns for leathergoods, ready-to-wear and footwear, beginning with the Spring 2020 season. Lopez, a star who has built her career and redefined industry standards by forging her own path and doing things her own way, is shaped by her New York roots. Like the house which was founded in New York 78 years ago, she shares a belief in possibility and authentic self-expression. Known for its legacy of leather craftsmanship, quality and New York style, Coach today is defined by a spirit of optimism, inclusion and authenticity. “I’m so excited for this collaboration with Coach” said Jennifer Lopez. “It is a timeless brand that I’ve always been a fan of and the upcoming collection really speaks to my personal style - an uptown downtown mix.” “Jennifer is so authentic. She's determined and she’s an original who has followed her own path to do things her own way, she really embodies the attitude of Coach and our new campaign," said Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers. "I loved when Jennifer carried the Coach Signature bags in her 2002 video All I Have. She's from New York like Coach, which creates another authentic connection with our heritage, and I’m particularly excited about bringing Jennifer and Juergen Teller together.”


Roger Vivier AW2019 Cowboy Boots

For AW2019, Gherardo Felloni, continues the evolution of the Maison with new styles, still inspired by the archives, but reinterpreted in his own design aesthetic. With the boots trend taking over runways from New York and London to Milan and Paris, Felloni stays ahead of the curve for AW2019 with a diverse assortment of styles that are made for the global Vivier woman. “All the styles that I create are designed to fit the multiple personalities of each woman,” he says. “Each one is different and their needs are different.” Women are always at the forefront of Felloni’s inspiration and his inclination towards the arts and music feeds his imagination to create each collection.

This season, his inspiration takes us to the wild West, deep in the country where guitars and cowboys reign supreme. The Viv’ Tex boots are the perfect mix of country music glam and a tough Western attitude. Felloni’s interpretation of a classically masculine style, the Viv’ Tex is made, not only in leather but also in a range of soft materials, such as satin and velvet, and accessorized with a bejeweled crystal buckle – keeping one of the Maison’s codes as relevant as ever, and giving the boots an unmistakable feminine touch. Roger Vivier is a Maison that is steeped in history, with Monsieur Vivier’s unique heel inventions still being referenced by designers until today. Felloni takes pride in this heritage and pays tribute to Monsieur Vivier by reimagining his most iconic heel designs, giving them a contemporary spin. The Viv’ Tex is no exception, with its distinctly curved heel, inspired by the Choc heel created by Monsieur Vivier in 1959. With myriad options to choose from – leather, patent, velvet or satin – and the flexibility to be subtly elegant, with a classic metal buckle, or to bring on the glitz with precious crystals, the Viv’ Tex boots are designed to put your best foot forward when you step into this season.


HOGAN AW2019 Cold North Collection

HOGAN AW2019 Cold North Collection takes us on a journey to the northern hemisphere in search of new enchanted adventures. The landscapes are extreme, snow is falling, and we are all well-equipped in style and warmth.

The brand’s luxury-sporty heritage explores a magic world of wondrous glaciers with the AW collection. While the atmosphere gets colder, a charmed wonder brings the ultimate cosiness: it’s the hygge style.

  Are you ready for a new journey, gazing at the incredible hues of the northern lights…into the attractive Cold North?

 This season the Hogan collection makes casual winter-wear look fashionable and cool. At once sleek and sporty, beautifully crafted, sneakers and boots are as chic as they are practical. Striking faux-furs are fused with playful technical trims, soft rope laces and intricate textures inspired by ice-climbing. Transparent layers of mat-and-shine white pair with iceland black and glossy silver.

Bags are maxi and supple, simply designed and wisely accessorized. Structured over-parkas and winter down jackets make you feel cozy and warm while granting a true contemporary and urban look. A collection aimed to make an impact to those who want to dress comfortably and always look in style, bringing the effortless hogan aesthetic to a new level.

For Her:
The Hogan ‘MAX. I. ACTIVE’ - this signature luxury sneaker is a contemporary take-on the iconic Hogan’s interactive – couples a dose of cozy with a splash of cool, blending the brand’s quintessential urban spirit with a touch of sophistication. The design is clean and straightforward, volumes are bold, and the look takes you straight to the ice-pack.

For Him:
The hogan “URBAN TREK” - the brand new luxury sneaker takes inspiration from the outdoor world while reflecting the informal elegance of the modern man of the hour. The flawless design is a blend of form and function, while its soul makes it the ultimate cool.

Key colors are stone black, ice white, glacier silver, boreal pink and blue, a touch of hazel brown.

#hoganjourney #theurbangypsetter