《FURLA @ SS2012 FURLA & I》

 FURLA SS2012 campaign is “FURLA & I” – the creative collection is all about building an intimate and personal relationship with each and every woman.  FURLA joins forces with renowned Italian artist Sissi, one of the most interesting emerging talents on the contemporary scene, gives her the opportunity to express through a sort of artistic installations showcased in the latest campaign.
 “Every great artist possesses the power to transform an idea into reality. And for our product campaign this season, Sissi transforms a refreshing, minimalist and elegant artistic vision into FURLA products. Her artistic ideologies are also core philosophies we share at FURLA. We want to share our values with women who realize their dreams and desires through our leather goods,” Giovanna Furlanetto, CEO of FURLA says of the collaboration with artist Sissi.
Elegant calf leather, vintage-effect leather, salt-and-pepper textured Canvas, python skin and high-tech rubber were among the elements found in the collection. The vibrant collection takes inspiration from nature’s blue skies, colourful flowers and warm earth tones and is accentuated with gold and silver accents. Guests enjoyed a pleasant afternoon as they indulged in delectable treats and soothing tones.
Furla is going a step further, giving Sissi the opportunity to express her creativity through a sort of artistic installation showcased by Francesco Carrozzini’s photographs. The result is an original campaign with a fresh, ironic tone. The words “Furla and I” are painted by the artist. A bizarre garment-structure, hand-woven with ropes, knots and metal wires in Sissi’s poetic fashion, makes an ironic statement about the characteristics of haute couture.
Furla sums up its journey and its values by launching a new method of communication, very different to stereotypical fashion advertisements. The concept is innovative, as is its very title: “Furla and I”.It is a declaration of complicity between Furla and every woman. The key word is simplicity, the result of considerable research, arriving at timeless elegance.

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