《HUDSON Jeans @ SS2012》

HUDSON jeans has arrived in Hong Kong ifc mall.......finally and brought along its latest SS2012 jeans collection for denim lover. Traditional British design concepts inserted within American Jeans technology can be found in the lastest SS2012 HUDSON jeans collection. HUDSON Nico Rise Super Skinny color jeans second skin denim is a light super-strech fabric that hugs your curves down to the last inch. With a special blend of fibers, this baby has more strecth and resillence than ever before in these delicious colors. It comes in watermelon, lemon, tangerine, chery and lavender colors.
The laser print embrace the new technology of denim laser printing using a laser beam directly on the surface of the dnim attains the unique effect, This technology is being perfected to replace the more abrasive dying techniques, saving in average 97.5% of water used in a regular stone wash.
HUDSON also introduced a subtle sheen lends sparkle Metallic jeans, each pair is hand sprayed with a special finish that gives the metallic look without compromising comfort or softness. They'are fun and easy to wear all day long, but this brilliant look especially shines at night.
HUDSON jeans product is to make you feel good by empowering you to feel like you can do what you are supposed to do with your life and achieve anything you set out to do. It defines the best product as highest fashion with top quality and impeccable fit.

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