To celebrate the opening of its store in Bologna, Italy, Prada had restored four statues in the city's Accademia delle Belle Arti and three arcades in the Palazzo dell’Archiginnasio; now, the brand once again co-operates with FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano) to highlight its connection with culture in the refurbishment of the Sacello di San Prosdocimo in the Abbazia di Santa Giustina of Padova.The store, designed by Architect Roberto Baciocchi, covers a total area of 270 square metres on two levels and it carries women's ready-to-wear and women's and men's bags, accessories and footwear. The storefront, looking on Piazza Garibaldi, features an entrance and two windows, whilst on the via S. Lucia side it has two more windows and two light boxes. The store is located in a historic palazzo, its architectural elements highlighting the elegant and sophisticated materials used; this project was designed to create a skilful balance between the historic features and the distinctive design elements that characterise Prada's brand identity.
The ground floor features marble and carpet floors, pale green fabric walls and mirrors on the walls. The first floor has an intimate, private atmosphere and it is finished with chequered carpet floorings; its walls are covered with green saffiano curtains. The black marble staircase offers several perspectives on the store from its top, and it connects the two floors whilst dividing the women's and men's areas. On the first floor, a skylight opens that looks on the footwear area.
The Sacello di San Prosdocimo, which was built in the 5th century, is the oldest Christian place of worship in the city of Padova. The project title, “Ridiamo la luce a San Prosdocimo” - "Let's bring light back to San Prosdocimo", is a fitting synthesis of the restoration's purpose: in fact, the current electric lighting system - in particular that of the dome, of the four webs and of the lunette - poses a potential threat to the colours of frescoes and mosaics. Hence, the refurbishment project will serve to install correct lighting designed to preserve the paintings, but not only that: light will also allow an appropriate perception of the architecture, that is outstandingly powerful and evocative. (The project will also involve the Superintendants of Architectural and Landscape Heritage, and of the Historic, Art and Ethno-anthropological Heritage).  
 Besides this project, Prada will also co-operate with FAI in the Foundation's everyday protection and enhancement efforts in the Italian region of Veneto. Two significant gestures that Prada wishes to perform in its first contact with Padova, to celebrate the opening of its first store in the city.

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