《GREAT Food Hall @ Goes American》

GREAT Food Hall Presented an American Food Festival recently featuring coveted beef and poultry ethically reared by ranchers inrural America, as well as grain-fed lamb of outstanding quality, responsibly line-caught Pacific halibut, flavoursome air-popped potato chips, handmade popcorn, gourmet frozen desserts, and a refreshing apple cider mix.
Over 300 choice American products including Organic Pitted Prunes from the nearly 100-year-old brand, Taylor Brothers Farms. As one of world’s largest organic prune suppliers, they proudly comply with strict California USDA and CCOF certifications. Organic Farm Fresh Milk from Clover, authenticatedby The Humane Society of the United States, proves that their dairy products are produced through the humane treatment of farm animals. Other gourmet items include Sweet Street Desserts, offering a variety of delectable cakes,pies, brownies, and more. These desserts, including their classic New York Cheese Cake and 13th Street Carrot Cake, are a favorite choice atboth the U.S.A. White House and GRAMMY Award Presentation Ceremonies.
Popchips Potato Chips, which are all natural, not fried and not baked. A variety of other food will display the many high-quality U.S.A health food choices. The festival will also feature Country Natural Beef and Field to Family Chicken, the very first true range-grown US meat available in Hong Kong following the Global Animal Partnership standard.

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