If you have the intention to find out how human were created "scientifically", have a sail with the Prometheus to an unknown planet to find your root. It is rather more adventurous then religiously believe in Adam and Eve. Mind you, it is only science fiction, nothing personal and yet over the 2 hours great journey with the entire team, your ticket worth believing in Ridley Scott' version of the human vs aliens invasion. <Prometheus> is certainly one of the most anticipated film for the 2012 summer blockbuster and it had created so much of noise since the teaser thriller was out on YouTube. It is rather entertaining and without any moment of dull with great screen play and 3D (one of the best since 3D were badly implemented to make more money than providing the special effect). The valorous Noomi Rapace and Creepy Michael Fassbender acting is impeccable. Endless surprises and mysteries to be solved with great action and adventure, horror and suspense. Ridley Scott's serious-minded and thoughtfulness effort put in this film deserve to have our hats off especially with the real extreme location shot in Iceland, Morocco and others. It is certainly one of the not-to-be-missed movies in 2012.

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