《G-STAR @ RAW Tailor Atelier》

Being the first to launch the 3D dimensional jeans, the Dutch fashion brand G-Star has been known for its high-level craftsmanship and constant innovative designs in the denim world.  "Just the product" has always been G-Star’s core philosophy to follow in its commitment to developing the finest denim products. The brand continues to influence the world with its strong passion for denim today.
This year, G-star RAW wants to share its passion for denim with the customer in the showrooms and inflame its consumers through G-Star excitements on high-end craftsmanship, detailing and tailoring. To completely experience denim in store, G-Star creates RAW Tailor Atelier where customers can customise a 3301 denim themselves. Being first introduced in Amsterdam, the atelier was presented in Osaka, and now comes to the third stop – the world largest G-Star flagship store at Leighton Centre for a limited time with appointment only.
Everyone can create his/her unique personally styled denim at the world largest G-Star flagship store with 3301 Style Neutral! Understanding the need for strong and basic denims, G-Star launched 3301 range last year re-imagined the traditional 5-pocket style, offering a high-quality base for any type of look, from hardcore street to uptown gentleman or city business woman.
The 3301 denim is crafted from Red Listing raw denim. Raw denim is an exceptional fabric as it will transform and age accordingly to how each person wears it, becoming a true record of their lives. The G-Star Red Listing denim is woven on vintage shuttle looms. These small looms create irregularities in the fabric, providing the denim with more depth and structure. Genuine Red Listing denim can be recognized by the red thread on the inseams.
Available in both straight and slim fits, 3301 offers six timeless washes, ranging from raw Brooklyn Denim, through mild abrasion, to Kruce Denim, with its permanent, baked-in texture. Additional visual interest comes from variable weight stitching in a range of bright, authentic colours. 3301 represents G-Star’s cleanest denim style and an essential building block for any man or woman’s wardrobe.
At the RAW Tailor Atelier, everyone can customise a G-Star 3301 Red Listing denim by choosing buttons, zipper and studs. In just 30 minutes, a professional RAW tailor will hand finish the denim and add a personalised label on the inside, resulting in a unique personally styled denim.RAW Tailored Atelier will travel to Los Angeles after its Hong Kong stop.

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