《LC Lovecosmetic Opens @ Causeway Bay》

LC Lovecomestic set foot in Causeway Bay Hong Kong recently after its Tokyo store. Established in Tokyo Japan in 2003 with only two staff members by selling only herbal soap and a homemade website and now hoping to support more females as woman's body is very delicate. Each woman has at least one problem they want to keep as secret. These include odor problems from armpits and fluid from lower body, under hair, menstruation, body shape and many others different issues. Use natural cosmetics to get rid of these problems with ease. There will be no more shame with your partner, family and relatives. Your confidence increases, and you will be more active in love.This brand is established to satisfy women's needs in this aspect.
The specially designed various unique cosmetics includes the popular items like natural cosmetics, food and beverage, ice-cream and alcohol. Besides, LC lovecosmetic also provide aids to solve their problems - body shape, romance, kiss, sex and other delicate female issues.

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