《Maison Martin Margiela @ New Website》

Maison Martin Margiela is cetrainly one of the fashion forward brands but not only for his clothings. The brand is always keep up to date with the current trend and in fact move forward before the others. Their latest website is totally and socially keeping up with the latest multimedia techonology to deliver the most informed and trendy news. The website, conceived in partnership with “La Chose” ( a new format of communication agency founded in 2006) uniting advertising, crm and internet under one roof.
“La Chose” and Maison Martin Margiela have been devout partners since the very beginning., uses the most current and widely visited social media websites as its own personal tools. The Maison’s first site used an original PC formatting style and typeface typically associated with the 80’s. This vintage image, complete with early FTP webpages and retro pop-ups, created an altogether radical and innovative website.

Today, Maison Martin Margiela looks towards the future in employing already existing websites as cyber hosts of its content. While the homepage appears to be dismantled, it actually represents a unique virtual hub, enabling visitors to be redirected to numerous sources of information. Various pop-up windows display file-sharing and social network sites with all the necessary information to swiftly transport Maison Martin Margiela in to generation 2.0 such as Facebook shares updated news, Wikipedia details the Maison’s history. Youtube becomes MMM’s personal video channel, broadcasting fashion shows, special projects and events, Tumblr presents the Maison’s collections, both current and past ones, GoogleMaps enables one to locate Maison Martin Margiela stores across the world and both the e-boutique and the fragrance platforms remain in their original format.The homepage can be personalised, allowing the visitor to create their own welcome page by prioritising certain pop-up windows. From now on, Maison Martin Margiela will be accessible to all: fans, friends, followers, customers, new clients.

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